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A series of tomatoes "Hybrid Tarasenko": a description of varieties

A series of tomato hybrid Tarasenko reviews, photos, yields all said that the varieties are loved by vegetable growers. They are grown, passed from mouth to mouth of their quality and characteristics, but they have not been entered into the list of breeding achievements.

Official information

The authorship of the Tarasenko hybrids series belongs to amateur breeder F. M. Tarasenko. In the 80s of the 20th century, a physics teacher worked on breeding his grades in sec. Voronezh, Sumy region, Ukraine.

For 30 years, the breeder has managed to give the world a whole series of varieties, although the name they have starts from the word hybrid. The second word in the title is the surname of the author, and then only the numbers. Those who once sowed and raised the Tarasenka variety always find a place in the garden for further cultivation.

Reviews of vegetable growers say that the seed fund does not undergo any changes for a long time and the people have been collecting their seeds for years and growing excellent tomatoes from them.

"Hybrid Tarasenko 2"

The variety is the most popular of the Tarasenko series. Many generators of vegetable growers are familiar with this tomato. The plant is early, indeterminate, tall, some describe it as lianoid. The height of the greenhouse can easily overcome 2 m.

On the issues of the formation of opinions experts are different. If the soils are very nutritious, it is recommended to lead in two or even three shoots. In this case, the variety will feed and pull the entire huge crop, but careful garters are needed. If the soil is fresh, and fertilizing is not carried out at all, then only in one shoot.

Reading the tomato “Hybrid Tarasenko 2” description of the yield, sometimes those who have not yet grown, doubt the veracity of the information, but having tried the variety on their beds, they are convinced that the tomato complex brush can carry up to 30 tomatoes on it. Some vegetable growers provide information that the weight of one brush can be within 2 kilograms.

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Variety universal purpose. Its fruits are not great, in the range of 65-70 g. They are great for salads and canning whole-fruit.

Tomatoes are round, with a distinctive spout, which makes them recognizable. The skin is smooth, without ribbing. At a section 3-4 seed chambers, but filled with pulp are visible.

Tastes of tomatoes are very high. Tomato flavor reminds many of those old tomatoes when they were saturated, with a characteristic tomato aftertaste and aroma.

Tomatoes behave well in a zakatochny bank. Thin, but durable skin well protects the flesh from temperature treatments, they do not burst in the banks and never crack on the bushes.

Having gathered a considerable harvest, the vegetable grower may not worry and not be in a hurry with processing. The variety has excellent keeping quality.

Disease resistance

There is not a single comment that the "Hybrid Tarasenko 2" has undergone any diseases in the greenhouse or open field.

The unique, genetically determined immunity resistance provides the variety with high yield and excellent product yield.


The list of advantages of the variety is undeniable:

  • great taste;
  • universality;
  • high yield;
  • interesting handicap;
  • pitfall;
  • disease resistance

"Hybrid Tarasenko 3"

Tomato medium ripening. The height of the shoots easily reaches 150 cm. The plant is indeterminate. Formation is preferably carried out in 1-2 shoots. Tomato "Hybrid Tarasenko 3" requires constant tying shoots. His hands are huge, and can carry from 8 to 15 fruits.

The grade is recommended for cultivation in greenhouses and an open ground.


Tomato of a pronounced cuboid shape. Red, dense, with a smooth skin and no hint of ribbing.

Being seemingly very dense tomatoes on the cut are sugar, fleshy. No one can say that the fruits are hard and at the same time they are quite juicy.

Although the weight of the tomato and reaches 140-150 g, but its shape allows you to crawl into the neck of the jar. Having tried canned products from this variety, some vegetable growers recognize it as the best. Quality is determined by the fleshy and juicy pulp of pickled and canned tomatoes, and also by the fact that the fruit does not contain voids. Pulling it out of a jar or barrel, you can easily cut it into pieces, which is rarely done with canned tomatoes.

Favorite this variety and those hostesses who spend harvesting salads for the winter. This sort of amazing keeps its shape. Slices are flat, identical, neat.

Tomato juices and sauces are thick, red and very fragrant.

Tomato does not give in to cracking of the corn cans in the garden.

The resistance of Tarasenko varieties to diseases extends to hybrid No. 3.


  • excellent yield;
  • excellent pickling qualities;
  • high resistance to diseases.

"Hybrid Tarasenko 6"

Mid-season variety in height below its hybrid counterparts and reaches only 1.2-1.5 m. The plant is indeterminant, requires strict management in one shoot.

The tomato "Hybrid Tarasenko 6" is less popular among the other participants in the series, and in fact it is completely in vain. Being large-fruited, and the weight of fruits sometimes reaches 350 g, it has a flat-rounded shape.

The variety is highly respected by gourmets. Its dense skin perfectly keeps fleshy pulp, and large-sized fruit allows to clear a tomato, both with a vegetable knife, and doused with boiling water. Getting into the salad, such a tomato is tender and pleasant, and its taste is simply unique.

Removing a tomato from the garden can enjoy its taste for a long time, since it has an amazing storage capacity.

With this hybrid often happens re-grading. When selling seeds, retailers draw oval and “nosed” tomatoes on sacks, too, with descriptions.

Like all Tarasenkovtsy, the variety is very resistant to temperature fluctuations and diseases.


  • excellent yield;
  • large fruits;
  • wonderful taste;
  • good keeping quality;
  • high transportability;
  • disease resistance.

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"Hybrid Tarasenko 7"

Among tall varieties there is one, bush and determinant, and this is a tomato "Hybrid Tarasenko 7".

The plant is a bush type, but due to high yields it requires tying. But you can refuse pasynkovka. Each tomato brush carries 4-6 fruits weighing 100-120 g. The shape of the tomato is rounded with a slightly drawn top.

The taste of the tomato is also very high, as well as its fellows. Many argue that today's market is overflowed with “plastic” tomatoes and only Tarasenkovtsy save those vegetable growers who appreciate the true tomato flavor.

Confusions also occur with this hybrid. It is served to vegetable growers as with oval fruits, so they draw and flat-rounded.

The color scheme is also different for each packer. However, the point is that the color of the fruit changes like a chameleon. One tomato bush can carry red, pink-red and pink fruits. But the size of tomatoes are very leveled, homogeneous with a high yield of goods.

Tomato medium ripening.If you grow it in a non-seedling culture, as some producers recommend, ripening is delayed and the brushes do not have time to give up their entire crop.


Belonging to the Tarasenkov family, hybrid 7 has the same high resistance to disease and weather anomalous phenomena as others.

There are no complaints about its soreness and poor fruit set. But the fact that this hybrid lazhe in the anomalous heat perfectly knits fruit repeatedly mentioned in the review.

The tomato tolerates well and drought. This variety is very fond of those growers who rarely visit the garden.


  • yield;
  • resistance to abnormal temperatures;
  • great taste;
  • without the need for pinching;
  • pitfall;
  • disease resistance.

Other varieties from Tarasenko

While conducting selection work, the author-amateur cared little about his heritage. To legalize what was done should have been in life, but leaving a large legacy to growers, the author left.

During his soy activity, the breeder produced a sufficient number of interesting varieties, but the Tarasenko 1 hybrid, a tomato of this kind, does not exist.

A series of Tarasenko hybrids can be extended with varieties:

  • Jubilee Trasenko;
  • Nadia (Legend);
  • Combitomat;
  • Gift Woodland.

Cultivation features

In addition to breeding varieties, the breeder has developed a technology for the cultivation of tomatoes. According to which the basis of high yields lies in a huge root system.

Starting from the seedling period, care should be taken to build up a huge, fibrous root, which will provide the area of ​​absorption of nutrients. That is why, growing seedlings must apply the following items:

  • cultivation is carried out with a mandatory dive;
  • seedlings should have a significant amount of soil (at least 500 ml);
  • the capacity for growing seedlings is chosen not wide, but deep;
  • soil nutritional value for seedlings should be very high.

Considering the tomato "Hybrid Tarasenko" characteristic and description of the variety is filed subject to all agrotechnical measures.

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You can not hope for high yields with poor soil fertility.
Constant care for the nutrients of organic and mineral characters will allow the plant to consume elements in a balanced way and increase the fruits according to the genetically determined potential.

Watering, feeding, hilling and mulching is the basis of yield.

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