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Description varieties of tomatoes "Dubok"

Reading the articles on our site, you can choose for yourself those varieties of tomatoes that suit you according to the conditions, climate, characteristics. Today you will learn about the variety of tomatoes "Dubok". The description will give full information about the fruits, timing and how best to grow this particular tomato.

General information

This variety was obtained in the new century. Breeders endowed the "Oak" with a number of positive qualities, while the tomato is not a hybrid. That is, its seeds can also be planted after 1-2 years, and their productivity and crop quality will not decrease. The beauty of tomatoes "Oak" in their short stature, in the absence of the need for staving. This all saves time and effort.

For information!

The variety "Dubok" is often used for growing at home on the windowsill. It gives good fruit, but pollination must be carried out manually.

The variety loves well-moistened soil so that the roots of the bushes can develop. With regards to the soil, the tomato prefers sand, fertile land with good breathability. The variety pleases with its early ripening, and the pests and diseases do not bother the tomato "Dubok". Dalie in detail characteristic and description of the variety.

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Characteristics and description of the variety of tomatoes "Dubok".

  • The variety has early ripening. The fruits on the bushes ripen in 85-100 days after sowing seed.
  • Refers to determinant species. The stem does not grow more than 40-50 cm.
  • An excellent variety for those who have a small area, as the bushes branch out a little and take up little space.
  • Highly resistant variety to phytophthora, rot, mosaic and other diseases.
  • One brush forms 5-6 fruits. All these brushes can be up to seven.
  • Productivity from square meter - 6-7 kg.
  • It grows best on the soil where legumes, cucumbers, cabbage, and greens were previously grown.
  • Fruits ripen evenly. They are very well stored and transported over long distances.
  • The variety is cold-resistant, but does not like temperature drops very much.
  • Fruits are red, fleshy pulp. Their taste is very pleasant, tomato flavor. There is sourness. The shape of the fruit is slightly flattened.
  • Weight - 50-115 grams. Compact size makes it very convenient canning in general.
  • "Dubok" has a universal table purpose.


Crops start from mid-March to April. The soil is prepared from garden soil, sand, humus. Here you can add superphosphate or wood ash. Seeds are best sanitized before planting and treated with a growth stimulator. You can take manganese, the drug "Zircon".

The containers are covered under the film, after emergence of shoots it is removed. Before transfer to the ground, saplings dive, monitor humidity. In two weeks they begin to harden the seedlings and in the beginning or middle of May they can plant the seedlings in open ground.

Bushes grow compactly, because the wells can be located at a distance of 35 cm from each other. While planting in the hole, you can pour a spoonful of mineral fertilizer. Then, once every 2-3 weeks they make such dressing - 50 grams of superphosphate, 1/4 liter of ash, 1/5 part of manure are placed on a bucket of water. Then watered under the root of the bushes in the evening. Every time after watering you need to loosen the soil.

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Just like that, you can grow a tomato "Dubok". Description of the variety and photos give you an idea of ​​its fruits.Reviews of summer residents characterize the variety as worthy and not causing trouble.

"Oak" gives a stable harvest, it is convenient for conservation. Suitable for growing everywhere.

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