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Description of a variety of tomato "Wild Rose"

tomato wild rose characteristic and description of the variety

We tell you about tomatoes in articles, and if you are a resident of a region where the soil is not rich, you can’t call a mild climate, then a tomato, which you will find out for you today. Describing the wild rose tomato variety, we want to say that it is very unpretentious. Yes, this is a tall tomato, it obliges to perform a number of agricultural techniques, but it is still not enough trouble with it.

general description

A good tomato, which gives an excellent harvest, does not always make you stand on the beds, while it has a good taste, aroma and the possibility of its processing. And all these qualities can be attributed to the "Wild Rose". It was bred in Russia back in 1999, has been actively grown since that time, its gardeners love, because among the advantages there is also the fact that these tomatoes are large.

It is also worth noting that the fruits can be stored for a long time, they do not lose their presentation during transportation over long distances. Of course, storage conditions must be appropriate. This is not typical for all tomatoes that grow large. Often they burst, quickly deteriorate and poorly tolerate travel. Even wild rose tomatoes can be harvested unripe, this is not a problem, and the harvest is ripe at home.

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Tomato "Wild Rose". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Treats tomatoes with mid-term maturing. Harvest you can collect in 110-115 days.
  • Tall tomato that can grow more than 2 meters, which requires him to make strong supports.
  • Indeterminate type.
  • This tomato has a very rich leafy shrub.
  • Formation and pinching is required.
  • High-yielding variety.
  • Unpretentious to weather conditions and soils.
  • Forms tasty and fragrant tomatoes. They have an oblate shape.
  • Large-fruited variety - up to 350 grams weight of one tomato.
  • Universality of cultivation - suitable for open and closed ground.
  • The fruits are pink in color, there is a slight sourness in the flesh. Not watery tomatoes.
  • Perfect for cooking - you can make juices, sauces, pastes, ketchup, eat fresh.
  • Can be grown throughout Russia.
  • There is a resistance to a number of diseases in the wild rose tomato variety.

The photo and description show us that tomatoes are really large. If you take good care of them, you can get a good harvest, which will lie for a long time. We will tell you about the other subtleties in the next section

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Agrotechnology. Grade "Wild Rose"

Of course, this tomato has a plus in that it is very unpretentious. But still you should not rely on this feature and take care minimally. If you grow seedlings in good soil, fertile, then the harvest you will have more. Also, the tomatoes you will have more resistant during attacks of disease. Of course, this variety will grow without much effort, but still it is better to spend a little more time and the result will be higher and better.

Therefore, the crops that begin to be produced in March, are carried out in fertile soil. Purchased soil has an optimal composition, in addition, before planting, you can shed it with a solution of manganese or copper sulfate, which will reduce the risk of infection by diseases at an early stage. You make crops in a total container to a depth of 1 cm, followed by picking into separate cups. Immediately take those that can be placed in the future in the ground. You plant seeds, water, cover with a film until the moment of emergence.The temperature in the room should not be below 23-25 ​​degrees.


Before sowing, it is better to treat the seed material in a solution of manganese or "Zircon".

When 3-4 leaves appear on the seedlings, you plant them. After picking until the month of May or June, you water your seedlings, turn it towards the light. Before transferring to the street, you begin to lower the temperature in 7-10 days so that the seedlings can get used to the new conditions.

Place on the site is better to choose where it is sunny, but that was a little wind, otherwise the bushes can break. Make supports immediately - sticks or trellis, you can use ropes or wire for garters. One meter is not planted more than three bushes, the distance is not less than 70 cm. A handful of ash and mineral dressing are put into the hole. The next feed will be in 14 days. Then every 14-21 days.

Shape the bushes need two stems. The butchers you remove when they are 8-10 cm long, about once a week. The last stepson up in the bosom you leave, this will be the second stalk. It is better to remove the lower leaves immediately so that there is no thickening. You can also periodically remove the leaves on the entire bush so that the tomatoes are well ripened. Watering should be moderate, and regular feeding for high yields with the help of mineral fertilizers and organic. Nitrogen fertilizing is better not to use, otherwise there will be even more green mass.

To pests do not bother the tomatoes, you can use soapy water or an infusion of pepper or cinnamon. Parasites do not like smelling substances. If the spider mite has settled, it is removed by insecticides, but they can be used exclusively until the moment the crop is formed. You do not want your tomatoes are not clean from an environmental point of view.

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Also, so that the pathogenic environment does not accumulate on your plot, loosen the soil regularly after watering. If you grow tomatoes in a greenhouse, always air it. Indoor soil is better to change every year to a new one or to pickle it. Important and predecessors, because many cultures have the same pests and diseases. Sick tomato is extremely rare, for the prevention can sometimes use spraying a weak solution of manganese.

If you have carried out a pre-sowing treatment, you have a good soil, you take care of your crops, feed them, then you are guaranteed success. Moreover, tomatoes will be thanked for labor with higher rates of fruit quality and yield. Therefore, even if you choose an unpretentious variety, but you have time, it is better to give it a little more to your garden. This is all that we wanted to tell you about the Wild Rose tomato, its reviews. You looked at the photo, met with the yield. You know how to grow tomatoes.

Good luck in your new summer season. Care and work of the summer resident always pays off, remember this.

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tomato wild rose characteristic and description of the varietytomato wild rose characteristic and description of the variety

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