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A rare way of sowing tomatoes ... before winter

Sowing seedlings in a house entails a number of difficulties:

  • there are few crop areas (narrow window sills);
  • early sowing requires additional highlighting;
  • where to put indoor plants for the period of growing seedlings is unknown;
  • transportation of seedlings to the cottage is required;

To avoid all difficulties, you can use a unique way of growing tomatoes without seedlings.

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The essence of the method

The whole technology is that the tomato grows its own seedlings. The thirst for life at plant seed is so high that it is not at all difficult to do.

To conduct cultivation, you must follow the following points:

  • Before the onset of frost in the garden we dig a hole 15-20 cm deep;
  • As soon as the first frosts come, we put one tomato into the well;
  • Fill the fruit with soil and tamp it up;
  • Top with dry leaves;
  • We protect the whole embankment with a box, which prevents the “construction” from being dispersed by the wind;

The event until the spring is over.

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Spring cultivation

Hurry to open the design does not make sense. With the warming of the air, the box is gradually removed, then the foliage. Next, the soil is gradually pounded.

When the air temperature is set to positive, a mini greenhouse is installed in the place of sowing. For this you can use both glass jars and plastic. Suitable bottles of water.

If your region is not very southern, then double shelter is practiced. Initially, the place is covered with a glass jar, and on top of a cut off plastic bottle with a capacity of 5 liters. This design will allow you to warm up well in the baking day and slowly lose heat during the night, and return frosts are not terrible.

After a while, a whole bunch of green sprouts appears. Shoots grow up and with the onset of suitable weather they are seated in a permanent place.

Advantages of the method

The proposed method is suitable for both tall and undersized tomatoes, but at the rate of ripening, it is better to give preference to middle and late varieties.

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Using this method of cultivation, you can easily make sure that:

  • growing is not difficult;
  • seedlings do not stretch, grows dense and stocky;
  • plants undergo a natural, self-quenching;
  • tomatoes grow more resistant to temperature fluctuations;
  • resistance to disease in tomatoes increases;
  • the yield from such plants is higher.
After transplantation, further cultivation is no different from ordinary cultivation.

Tomato plant is thermophilic, but unlike pepper and other solanaceous, hardening makes the plant more sustainable. Using this method, you can effortlessly have your planting material.

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