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Peculiarities of growing tomatoes according to the Terekhins method

Sometimes, considering new technologies, we understand that we already use a lot of them, heard about something, and our ancestors did something else. The peculiarities of the Terekhins' method of growing tomatoes may not seem new, but they will give an opportunity to bring many years of experience on their tomatoes.

Features of the method

If we consider the technology from "A" to "Z", it becomes clear that the most common technological processes are carried out:

  • sowing;
  • dive;
  • landing in the ground;
  • cultivation.

It would seem that all gardeners carry out the same manipulations, but with careful, thorough research it becomes clear that many of the nuances are missing. Terekhins believe that in the cultivation of tomatoes there is not a single item that is not necessary to fulfill.

Advantages and disadvantages

Considering all the features of technology, many growers note that the method:

  • burdensome;
  • multi-sequential;
  • difficult to do.

However, thanks to some operations, it turns out to create conditions for the plant that it will fully show its genetic potential and tomato bushes will be:

  • fruitful;
  • healthy;
  • fruits are delicious.

Technology method

Variety selection

Choosing seed, Terekhins prefer tall, indeterminate varieties. Their arguments in favor of these varieties boil down to the fact that only such tomatoes can produce:

  • high yield;
  • large fruits;
  • excellent taste.
In addition, Terekhins mainly grow lettuce tomatoes for sale on the market, therefore, high product quality must be maintained.


Before sowing, seeds are soaked in ash solution. It is prepared by diluting 2 tablespoons of oven ash per liter of boiling water and infused for 24 hours. Seeds are kept in the solution for 3-4 hours.

Next, the seeds are dipped in a 0.01% solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes and washed in running water.

Seeds are laid out on linen sacks and placed on saucers for a low heat. In a saucer poured a solution Epin, prepared as indicated by the instructions. Aging is carried out overnight.

In the morning the saucers are put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for a day.

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Moon to help

In contrast to the traditional recommendations of the lunar calendar, when it is recommended that everything that bears fruit above the earth's surface be sown with the growing Moon, Terekhins recommend sowing on a decreasing one.

Arguments in favor of such a choice are those that such crops will help the better development of the root system - the basis of yield. Even under the condition that the root system is cut off, the vegetative mass in any case develops strong and quickly rooted.

The time of sowing Terekhins is chosen when the Moon enters the most fertile, in their opinion, sign - Scorpio.

Planting dates

Since the market is the most expensive early products, then in order to achieve early yields and sow the seeds must be in the early stages.

February is the optimal sowing time.Sowing during this period, the time will allow the tomato plant to form floral brushes even before the planting of seedlings into the ground, thus speeding up the fruit set and the ripening of the crop.

Moment of sowing

The technology of planting tomatoes from Lyudmila Terekhina, in contrast to the traditional one, involves planting directly from the refrigerator.

Ground mix is ​​recommended by Terra Vita (Live Earth). The author indicates that, if necessary, it can be mixed with garden soil. Having filled the containers with it, one saucer is taken out from the refrigerator and sown in the ground. Having finished the process of sowing, the containers are covered with snow and only after its full melting are covered with film or glass.

Crops are established in a warm place. By the fifth day, Terekhins guarantee mass germination. During this period, the seedlings must be opened and put on a bright place, which will ensure that the seedlings will not be stretched.

Vegetable growers should pay special attention to temperature differences - it is cold at night and warm during the day. This, in their opinion, will not allow the seedlings to stretch out.


In this question it is recommended to adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Pickups should be carried out only when the Moon once again leads to the constellation Scorpio, on a waning moon;
  2. The process is carried out when the seedlings have two true leaves;
  3. When picking, not part of the root is cut off, as in the traditional method, but the stem under the cotyledon leaves;
  4. Bend the stem and plant in a glass with a capacity of 100 ml;
  5. Water;
  6. Exhibit in a cool and dark room for two days;
  7. We pour a solution of epine and expose to light

According to the author, a hard picking of tomatoes of the Terekhins has the following advantages:

  • growth is delayed;
  • a new root system is formed, stronger;
  • stem is compacted;

What is needed for seedlings?

  1. Since it is recommended to carry out crops early, in February, it is impossible to do without fitolamps. As a backlight, it is recommended to take a phyto greenhouse lamp.
  2. Capacities for seedlings are selected with a volume of 100 ml, since, according to the author, this slows down the stretching of the seedlings, and then the handling is carried out in a capacity of 200 ml;
  3. Water for irrigation is used only rain or snow melt;
  4. Epin - with a solution of this substance, Terekhins are watered and sprayed the seedlings regularly with a multiplicity of 10 days;
  5. The athlete - this drug is applicable in order to prevent the stretching of the seedlings;
  6. Loosening. The author claims that the seedlings need not only watering, but also loosening the soil in cups.

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Landing in open ground

The features of planting seedlings in open ground is time. The author repeatedly checked the aspect of the need for hardening of the plant and came to the conclusion that something that cooled and tempered the plant gives a lower yield, compared to those that were not hardened.

A landing should be carried out only when the threat of recurrent frosts disappears completely.

Considering the Terekhins' method of growing seedlings of tomatoes, it is useful to know that the author, during a period of cold snap, irrigates plants abundantly and believes that if the soil is wet, then the cold is not terrible.

Planting in greenhouses, the author will certainly cover the seedlings with covering materials for the night, which will ensure not cooling.

Having done a well for planting seedlings, Terekhins put into it:

  • 1 dessert spoon of Kemira or Fertika;
  • 1 teaspoonful of potassium sulfate;
  • a handful of river sand.

Landing is carried out from the cups without breaking the earthy coma. This allows the seedlings not to stop growing and not to waste forces on survival.

Feeding and hilling

The first feeding is carried out within 10 days after disembarkation.

The second fertilizing is carried out with the Magbor fertilizer and the Sudarushka microelements, during the period when the plant released the third brush.

Means “Baikal” are added to each top dressing.

Author ardent opponent hilling tomatoes.

They believe that when hilling a tomato plant is occupied with mastering an earthen coma around the stem, and this distracts nutrients from the “production” of early tomatoes.


The long-term experience of the Terekhins gives grounds to assert that tall tomatoes should be formed into two stems. It is this type of formation that allows you to get the optimum yield, both in terms of the size of the fruit, and in terms of the product roll.

Regarding brushes. Then they should be left no more than six, the rest to clean. In relation to the top, the author also has his observations. If you pinch the top, the fruits that grow on the last brush stop gaining weight, so it is better not to remove it.

Since the method has been developed and verified on tall, large-fruited tomatoes, fixing and supports for tying are very important.

The author points out that the supporting systems are set up simultaneously with the planting of seedlings, since the delay of this event will further injure the root system of the plant.

Counting on the rich harvest of large-fruited tomatoes, you need to take advantage of a reliable support, and tie up regularly and in a timely manner.

Huge tomato brushes can not always hold their own fruits and to prevent them breaking off, fixing is needed.

Flaws or just a different opinion

  1. The author claims that late blight tomatoes get sick only when humus is added to the nutrient mixtures during the growing season;
  2. The Terekhins recommend sowing on a waning moon in Scorpio and picking also during this period. However, this work cannot be done, since the two true leaves appear much earlier than the lunar cycle passes;
  3. As a method of controlling late blight, the author recommends scattering the copper sulfate granules over the snow, and sprinkle the wells with a solution of metronidazole before planting (4 tablets per bucket of water);
  4. Considering the total amount of fertilizers invested under one plant, the harvest is likely to be very good, but such vegetables must be believed to exceed the maximum permissible concentration of nitrates.

Growing seedlings, experienced growers already have their own opinion based on:

  • knowledge of agricultural culture;
  • growing experience;
  • advice and recommendation of friends.

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However, the experience of others must always be considered and it is possible to learn something useful from it. Terekhina’s method of growing a tomato, the video can clearly demonstrate the moments missed in the article and correct it.

Tomato culture is an ancient and very beloved vegetable growers around the world. Using scientific knowledge, new technologies, selection of new products and your own experience, even in extreme conditions, you will be able to grow a rich crop of your favorite vegetable with excellent tasting qualities and marketability indicators.

Video: Growing tomatoes from A to Z

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