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Characteristics of tomatoes "Koenigsberg"

What other vegetables can be presented on our table in salty form, fresh, in the form of sauce or juice? Immediately and do not answer. But in order for tomatoes to give us the opportunity to cook different dishes, it is important to choose a variety more correctly. For example, a tomato "Königsberg" collects excellent reviews about itself, photos show its appetizing appearance, and the yield also pleases. Let's learn more about him.

General description of the variety

Tomato has a very beautiful name, but brought it to Siberia. And the breeders were satisfied with their work, because the variety has absorbed all the best. “Königsberg” is an independent variety. It consists of many positive characteristics, which we will discuss later.

Also worth noting is the fact that the tomato was not only bred in Siberia, but was also grown there, which suggests that this variety is suitable for all regions of our country.

Tomato is a hybrid, and many gardeners know that it is hybrids that make it possible to reduce labor in the garden, because hybrid tomatoes are always more resistant to all the hardships of the weather and diseases. Of course, there is a drawback in these types - the impossibility of the next year, after picking the fruit, from the same seeds to grow a similar crop. But nowadays seeds are available to everyone, and therefore many do not even consider this minus.

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“Königsberg” is a powerful variety, its bushes look impressive on the beds, the height can exceed two meters, so you will need a garter to vertical supports or a trellis.

Variety "Konigsberg" has several varieties. There are some differences between them, but still all varieties have high yields, excellent taste and aroma.

tomato königsberg characteristic and description of the varietyCharacteristics and description of the variety

  • The variety is indeterminate. What does it mean - the bush grows without a final point. It is required to form. The most profitable option for the formation of high yields is to leave two stalks.
  • The variety has a very powerful root system that grows deep into the soil. Such roots enable the development of massive aboveground parts.
  • Brushes actively and uniformly form the fruit. One brush can produce 6-7 tomatoes.
  • Königsberg has a medium early ripening period. So, the first harvest you get about 110-115 days after planting seedlings.
  • The variety was prepared for cultivation in the open field, which the breeders managed to do. But even in greenhouse conditions, and under the film, tall bushes do not wither. Because the yield is high both there and there.
  • Perfectly tolerates tomato "Königsberg" and all attacks of diseases. It also copes well with weather problems. He is not afraid of hot sun, temperature drops, coolness.
  • With one square meter you can collect at least five kilograms, a maximum of more than 20 kg of fruit. The experience of experienced gardeners has shown that one bush of the Königsberg variety can produce three buckets of tomatoes each.
  • Tomatoes have high taste, delicate tomato aroma, dense and fleshy pulp. They can be used fresh, in the form of winter canned food, juices and sauces.
  • This variety is unpretentious in terms of farming, soil. But with proper care there will always be a big return of the harvest.
  • Separate advantage of the variety in its fruits. They have won the hearts of many summer residents in our country and not only.The whole thing is a lot of weight, which can reach up to 800 grams, but more often 300-400 grams, which is also a lot. Also, tomatoes have excellent taste, pleasant texture, delicate aroma, thick skin, which, despite the mass, does not crack. The shape of the tomatoes is somewhat heart-shaped, with the tip slightly elongated. The color of ripe tomatoes is deep red.
  • Tomato can be grown for sale, as it easily transfers long storage and transportation.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then this is that you can not get a similar crop of hybrid, and large fruits are not suitable in general form for winter conservation. But you see, it can hardly be considered a significant disadvantage.

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Features of growing

tomato königsberg characteristic and description of the variety

Seedlings are planted two months before the intended planting in open ground. In each region, these are their own dates, but the main thing is that by the time of the transfer, the threat of night frost is over. The variety, though cold-resistant, is better to take care of seedlings at the initial stages. If it was not possible to avoid freezing, then prepare a shelter for the night.

Soil choose universal for vegetable. Landing date is viewed in the lunar landing calendar. Seeds are sown under a film or glass to a depth of 1 cm. The optimum growing temperature is 23-25 ​​degrees. With the advent of seedlings shelter removed. Seedlings respond well to superphosphate fertilizer. Therefore, you can feed the seedlings once at home and after regularly in the open field. You can also use mullein and manure. From this the harvest will be higher, the fruits are larger.

Before planting, the supports are pre-prepared, the ground is shed with a solution of manganese from diseases and parasites. But you can not do this. Tomatoes before hardening outside. Form a bush in two stalks. That is, they leave the main stalk and one stepchild in the upper sinus. Watering is carried out as the soil dries. If the summer was rainy, then watering the tomatoes is not necessary.

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This is all the information that could be useful to you if you decide to choose the variety “Konigsberg” for planting. By planting it and observing the recommendations, you will not be disappointed.

Video review of the variety "Konigsberg"

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