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The simplest fertilizer for lush flowering Decembrist

cvetenie dekabrista

With proper care, the Decembrist lives in an apartment setting of 15-20 years. The first buds begin to appear in November, bloom the whole of December, flourish magnificently during the Christmas week. He decorates the house during a Christian holiday, so people call it Christmas. It does not bloom at every hostess.

Why the Decembrist does not bloom

The plant has two scientific names - Zigokaktus, Schlumberg. It comes from Brazil, grows in a tropical zone. There, even in winter, the temperature does not fall below 25 ° C. The height of the Brazilian summer falls on November-December. Therefore, in our latitudes, the Decembrist blooms in winter.

butony rozhdestvennik

Buds are not formed for various reasons. Zigokaktus - fastidious plant. It can discard all buds if moved to another room. Location, soil moisture, air temperature, lighting are of great importance to him.

The period of rest at the Decembrist is short. It falls on the end of January and February. At this time, you need to reduce watering, move to a cool room, if possible. Since March, the zigocactus begins a period of active growth.


In the summer, the Decembrist feeds on fertilizer "Ideal".

In the summer and early fall he needs top dressing. Due to the lack of nutrients the buds will form little. There is a possibility that they will not be at all. Fertilizers are especially needed for adult Decembrists, because the soil is depleted over time.

To build green mass, it needs nitrogen, for good root system performance, bud formation - phosphorus, for abundant and prolonged flowering - potassium. For the preparation of organic fertilizer growers lovers use banana peels.

The benefits of banana peels

Banana peel consists of water and organic compounds. It contains fiber, carbohydrates, protein and lipids. Corky - a source of trace elements, they have everything necessary for the growth and flowering of the Decembrist:

  • manganese - 76 mg / g;
  • potassium - 78 mg / g;
  • sodium - 24 mg / g;
  • iron - 0.61 mg / g;
  • calcium - 19 mg / g.

Phosphorus in banana crusts is, but it is less than potassium. All nutrients are available in plant compounds, easily digested. Fertilizer prepared from the peel, normalizes the metabolic processes of zygocactus, stimulates the production of chlorophyll, improves immunity, stimulates the formation of buds, prolongs flowering.

Nutrients contain dry and fresh banana peels. It is very convenient, you can harvest the peel for future use. Dry them in the oven at 60 ° C. To accumulate for 1-2 baking sheets, store them in the freezer, put in a bag.

sushka bananovyh korok

Before drying, the banana peels are thawed, cut into pieces. Baking put in the oven for 5 hours. The dried peel is ground in a blender. The resulting powder is poured into a canvas bag, used as a potash fertilizer for the Decembrist and other indoor plants.

Dry Crusted Fertilizer Recipes

From dry banana powder, fertilizer is made for foliar feeding of zygocactus. For the preparation of 1 liter of concentrated infusion take:

  • crushed banana peels - 1 tbsp. l;
  • ground egg shells - 1 tbsp. l;
  • magnesium sulfate - 1 tbsp. l

Home fertilizer is being prepared for 2-3 days.The resulting concentrate is diluted with water 1:10, sprayed the leaves of the Decembrist. For root feeding with water diluted in a ratio of 1:20. The powder can be added to the planting substrate, poured into the pot after watering.

udobrenie iz bananovyh korok

From fresh crusts

The Decembrist can be fed with an infusion made from fresh banana peels. It is prepared quickly and simply:

  • peel put in a glass jar;
  • pour water from the tap;
  • insist 3-5 days;
  • filter.

The flower must be watered, then fertilized infusion of banana peels.

For the preparation of 1 l of banana "compote" there is enough peel of 1 large banana or 2 small ones. To feed one Decembrist, 125 ml of liquid fertilizer diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio is sufficient.

udobrenie iz svezhyh bananovyh korok

When to fertilize the Decembrist

Decembrist give rest after flowering 1 month. While he is at rest, he is not fertilized, it is rarely watered. In March-April, the plant begins to grow vegetative, requires regular watering, responds well to top dressing, loves to be sprayed with warm water.

From spring to November, the Decembrist actively grows stalks and leaves, at which time he needs nitrogen. Complex fertilizers feed the flower 1-2 times a month. At the end of October, the budding is stimulated:

  • stop making nitrogen-containing fertilizers;
  • move the pot with the Decembrist closer to the window;
  • lower the temperature in the room to 20-22 ° C.

In December, flower growers prepare a tincture of banana peel. The Decembrist is fed with natural phosphate-potash fertilizer every week. Regularly receiving phosphorus and potassium, the plant forms many buds, blooms profusely and continuously, does not shed flowers.

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cvetenie dekabristacvetenie dekabrista

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