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7 effective means against the Colorado potato beetle


The Colorado potato beetle is the main enemy of gardeners growing potatoes. There are a lot of ways to fight, but it is not known which of them will give a good result, any mistake, as well as the use of ineffective means can turn into a loss of harvest. For many years, farmers have tested and identified several best options for dealing with the Colorado: drugs, folk recipes, plant repellents, etc. In any case, it will only be possible to completely get rid of the beetle if you take action in a timely manner.

The Dangerous Colorado Beetle

The main food of the insect is potato tops, one female lays more than 600 eggs, in a month a new mature (capable of laying) progeny leaves from them. Under favorable conditions, colonies of parasites can grow rapidly. If nothing is done, nothing will be left of the green mass of potatoes, the tubers will not grow, and the beetle will switch to pumpkins, tomatoes, zucchini, watermelons, eggplants.

On a note!

The pest does not tolerate frosty, snowless winters, so it is more common in the south and in the middle lane, in the north the Colorado potato beetle does little harm.

The larvae overwinter in the soil, awaken en masse during periods of potato sprouting and budding, it is during this time that the leaves must be carefully inspected and started to fight. When the Colorado is full, he hides in the ground, so some methods of struggle may not give 100% of the result.

Experienced gardeners are advised to use several tools at once, as even with a small number of voracious beetles can eat half of the entire haulm, which will reduce the yield by 20–30%.

Options for dealing with the Colorado potato beetle

It is easy to control the appearance of an insect in its own area; with the right choice of means, it is possible to get rid of it quickly and without extra effort. But what if the pest wound up with neighbors who are not trying to fight it. Insect, feeling the smell of a favorite plant, will quickly flick over to the already cleaned beds. To prevent this from happening around the perimeter of the root crop, you need to sow plants whose aroma does not tolerate the colorad:

  • chernobrivets;
  • calendula;
  • nasturtium;
  • borage;
  • hesperis;
  • thyme;
  • sagebrush;
  • coriander.

The more in the area there will be these plants, the smaller the number of pests will appear in the garden, and with a small number it is easy to handle mechanical collection. From various plants (tomato, dandelion, burdock, garlic, klopovnik, etc.) it is possible to prepare decoctions and infusions for spraying, but they are best used as an aid. In the table we describe the 7 most effective options for dealing with the Colorado.

Way to fight Description
Sweet Tobacco The Colorado potato beetle is more interested in this plant than in the potato. If you plant a few dozen flower bushes near the potato, the insect will first begin to eat it, and on the beds from which it is not planned to harvest, it is safer to use chemistry. So that by the time of release of the larvae the tobacco has already blossomed, it is necessary to prepare the seedlings
Potassium permanganate To scare the colorado larvae from the potatoes still in the soil, the tubers before planting must be pickled. In a bucket of water, dilute the manganese to a light pink shade of liquid, add a matchbox of copper sulphate. Tubers for a moment to dip into the solution, dry, spread on the holes
Tar The tool repels the pest with a pungent odor, treatment should be carried out every 2-3 days from the appearance of the first shoots. 100 ml of tar should be diluted in a bucket of water and used immediately.
Infusion of cigarette butts One third of a bucket of cigarette butts should be poured with boiling water (to the top) and left overnight. In the morning, the liquid should be drained, add 40 g of grated soap, immediately spray the beds. Infusion has a deterrent and toxic effect.
Chemicals The active substances of all chemicals enter the plant tissues through the roots and leaves, affect the nervous system of the beetle, cause paresis, then paralysis and death. Top reviews leave Taboo Commander, Beetroot, Corado
Biological protection Biologics block all vital systems in the pest. The best results show such means as Fitoverm, Bitoxibacillin, Bicol, Agrovertin, Boverin and Coloradicid, however they only cope with young larvae.
Ash Put a handful of ashes into each well, sprinkle them over the beds (10 kg per 100 square meters of soil), and add a glass of funds to different formulations for spraying. Ash has been used for a long time, it has proven its effectiveness. Means repels beetle

There are no species of culture completely resistant to the Colorado, there are those that are affected to them in a small degree, for example, Bryansk reliable, Dawn Kiev, Zarevo, Good Luck, Kamensky, Lasunok, Nikulinsky, Temp, Early Morning.

Means prepared according to popular recipes, repellent plants give a good effect when fight against colorado potato beetlehowever, the most reliable are chemical preparations. It is necessary to use them strictly according to the instructions, without neglecting the terms of use.

To get rid of the annoying parasite is necessary when the first individuals appear, otherwise you will have to sacrifice part of the harvest. When alternating and combining several different tools, the Colorado potato beetle will not appear on the beds for a long time.

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