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Flower Decembrist: Signs and Superstitions

Such a houseplant as a Decembrist, everyone knows. It grows in almost every home, beautifully blooms almost all winter and blooms before a Catholic Christmas. But around the plant collected many secrets and legends. At the same time, both good and negative signs are associated with the flowering of the Decembrist.

Signs about the bloom of the Decembrist

Will take associated with the flower, quite a lot. However, despite all sorts of superstitions, this houseplant is in almost every home and pleases its owners with delicate flowering.

Can I keep at home?

To answer this question is quite simple. You can keep the Decembrist in your house; moreover, he deserves an honorable place among the rest of the plants.

An excellent growth of shoots in the spring says one thing - you like the flower, and you properly care for it. And bloom, when winter blizzards are rampaging outside, can be compared with the Christmas miracle.

And for those who believe in superstition, I would like to say that a beautiful flower can in no way affect the course of your life, on the contrary, we — people — fully influence it and its flowering.

Depending on the month of flowering

Many signs are associated precisely with the flowering time of the Decembrist. However, having an idea about the features of growth and cultivation of the zygocactus (another name), as well as knowing the botanical laws, we can safely say that buds are formed only if the flower grows well and grows in favorable conditions.

There will be a lot of folk signs concerning the flowering of the Decembrist. So, according to one of them, if the plant blooms 2 times a year or more, this is a sure sign of family well-being.

As a rule, Schlumbergera begins to bloom towards the beginning of winter. If this happened in October, you are waiting for financial success.

There is also an alternative sign concerning the flowering in October: soon the family will be replenished, especially if the child is long-awaited.

If the zigokaktus released the buds in November, very soon the owner expects a pleasant acquaintance, it will have a positive effect on the whole future fate of a person. According to another sign, the longer and more abundant the zigocactus blooms, the more pleasant emotions await the owner of the house and his family members.

Negative Superstitions

The most negative sign that came to us from ancient times is that the dying flower does not leave on its own, but takes with itself one of the residents of the house in which it grows. Believe it or not, it is everyone’s business, but as a rule, the Decembrist dies not at all because it promises someone’s closest demise, but only because he was improperly cared for and not given enough attention.

Another negative belief is that this wondrous beauty of the flower is a husband. Many try to link his germination in the house with family scandals, and some even blame the breakup of the family. According to this negative sign, a girl can remain an old maid and never know a man’s tenderness.

But is it really? It is difficult to judge, but this is one of the reasons why zigocactus is more often preferred to start not in residential premises, but in offices, etc.

The real good and harm of a flower for a house

Despite all the prejudices, many growers plant this wonderful houseplant. Often they wonder - where better to put the pot? However, the place does not matter, as long as the Decembrist is comfortable.

The Decembrist fills the home with comfort, gives a good mood, and also protects the household from negative emotions and even helps to improve relations in the family. This is its benefit.

Well, as for harm, the flower simply can not inflict it. So boldly start a plant, and let it pleases all who are nearby.

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