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Salad "Blonde" with fried potatoes - you can swallow the fork

salad blonde

The original, juicy and simply delicious salad "Blonde" with fried potatoes will not leave anyone indifferent. The main ingredients of this salad are potatoes. To cook a thin straw of potatoes, it should be peeled and grated on Korean carrot graters. After the potatoes fry in deep fat. Remove excess oil from potatoes with kitchen paper towels. Upon request, buy ready-made potatoes in the supermarket. If you buy a ready-made version, you can choose with any taste.

In addition to potatoes, tomatoes, tasty sausage and hard cheese are part of the salad. The salad turns out unmatched - inside it is incredibly juicy and tender, but on top of the crisp potatoes makes the salad just perfect. Serve this salad can be on the festive table. See our step-by-step recipe with photos.


  • tomatoes - 2 pcs .;
  • Boiled sausage - 200 g;
  • hard cheese - 80 g;
  • fried potatoes - 70 g;
  • mayonnaise - 2 tbsp.
  • salt, pepper - to taste.

How to cook salad "Blonde"

Prepare all the products on the list. Take a plate on which the salad will be collected. Wash tomatoes and dry, cut into cubes. Juice with tomatoes drain, put tomatoes in the first layer in the salad.

cut tomato

Smear a layer of tomatoes with mayonnaise. Add salt and pepper to salad to taste.

grease with mayonnaise

Smoked sausage can be replaced by boiled. Cut the sausage into small strips or cubes. Put the sausage on top of the tomatoes.

sausage on top

Hard cheese grate on a medium grater. Sprinkle cheese layer of sausage.

top cheese

Also smear a layer of cheese with mayonnaise.

mayonnaise layer

Prepare the potatoes, as indicated above, or use the ready store version.

sprinkle with potatoes

Sprinkle with potato chips salad. This version of the salad should be served immediately.

potato chips

Enjoy your meal!

salad blonde salad blonde

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salad blondesalad blonde

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