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Salad "Minute" with ham - has already bypassed "Fur Coat" and "Olivier"


Usually, the lion’s share of the preparation of festive salads is not taken by direct cutting, but by the preparation of products — cooking, frying, baking, etc. Well, when all the components of the dish are cooked in advance, but when it is necessary to cook another portion of potatoes in uniform in time-pressure mode and look for a free egg-cooking pot, you may not have time to receive the guests.

Therefore, we offer you a recipe in which products do not require long-term heat treatment. The “Minute” salad with ham, cheese and tomatoes is really cooked for no more than 10 minutes and has long been bypassed “Olivier” and “Fur Coat” in popularity and taste.

Ingredients for 4-5 servings:

  • ham - 200 g;
  • hard or semi-hard cheese - 200 g;
  • red tomatoes, ripe - 2 pcs. (medium size);
  • chicken eggs, large - 3 pcs .;
  • fine salt - pinch;
  • mayonnaise or sour cream + mustard - 100 g


How to cook salad "Minute"

Boil hard-boiled eggs. They will need to lay out the last layer of salad, so it is important not to digest them, because the yolk will acquire an unappetizing blue-green edging. It is recommended to put the washed eggs in cold water and cook on medium heat for 7-9 minutes (time is counted from the moment of boiling). In parallel with cooking, grind other products for salad.

Cut ham into small cubes, approximately, like sausage for “Olivier”. You can also choose another form of cutting, for example, a thin straw.

Instead of ham, you can put boiled sausage, sausages, or smoked meat (meat chops, ham, etc.) into the salad. It will also be delicious with smoked chicken.

sliced ​​ham

Grate cheese on a medium or coarse grater. The variety of cheese will suit any of the inexpensive, basic options - Dutch, Russian, tilsiter, etc. Sharp cheeses with a specific taste should not be used.

grated cheese

Tomatoes (preferably with a thin skin), wash, remove the attachment to the stalk, cut into cubes or straws. If the peel of the tomatoes is sweaty, it is better to remove it, after blanching the tomatoes. To blanch it is necessary to boil the water and dip the tomatoes in it for 3-4 minutes, then cool slightly and clean. Pulp peeled tomatoes cut.

sliced ​​tomatoesBoiled eggs immediately need to be put under a stream of cold water. Due to the sharp temperature drop, eggs will cool faster and be easier to clean.

After removing the shell, chop the eggs with a grater with small or medium holes.

grated eggs

The salad is laid out in layers, so you need to find the appropriate dishes for it - a large transparent salad bowl or several portioned creamer / bowl. Also, the dish can be laid out on a flat plate using a culinary ring. The first layer is ham.

ham layer

It must be smeared with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

mesh of mayonnaise

Sprinkle ham with cheese, smear with mayonnaise and put the tomatoes, a little salt. Tomato layer sauce can not fill, because it's juicy on its own.

tomato layer

Top salad - grated eggs. It can be served immediately, but it is better to cover the entire lined salad with cling film and refrigerate for impregnation.

egg layer

After a couple of hours, you can serve, decorating the dish on your own.

ready salad

Enjoy your meal!

layered salad holiday salad

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Salad Salad
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  1. Andrew

    As a “quick snack” ... will come down. Recipe known. Under the vodka ... sweet deal.
    As an equal competitor to the salad "Olivier" ... we do not have a "ride." In Belgium or Zanzibar ... maybe, but not with US.
    To think with your head ... sometimes you have to, and not with a KNIFE waving stupidly in the kitchen.


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