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Detailed description of the tomato variety “Agata”

And in order that the process really brings not only the harvest, but also the enjoyment of labor, you need to choose good varieties. Those that do not require many of your efforts that have been tested for years, those that have a good return. And here is the tomato “Agatha”, the description of which variety we will study, just such. In the photo you already see it. Reviews say that this variety is unpretentious, gives a stable and good harvest. Let's get acquainted.

general description

Of course, there are pluses and minuses in “Agat”, but the first is many times more. If you immediately talk about the shortcomings, then they can be attributed to the risks associated with diseases. That is, tomatoes can hurt, but if you consider some of the subtleties that you learn about in agricultural technology, then this unpleasant moment can be easily avoided. So, this tomato is one of those that time checked, because it was bred 30 years ago in the distant 1987 year.

It is a pleasure to grow “Agatha” - you do not need to take care of the supports, look for a lot of space, prepare some special soil. In this case, the variety can be cultivated throughout the country, of course, in the north when using greenhouses. Moreover, “Agatu” can be grown even by a seedless method, by sowing directly into open ground. But this method is suitable for greenhouses or for warm regions.

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Tomato "Agatha". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Refers to tomatoes with early ripening. Harvest you get on 95-110 day after sowing, depending on the specific conditions.
  • Non-hybrid species, so you can collect the seeds of "Agatha" and sow them safely for next year.
  • Compact bushes will not take away space on the site, because their height is only 35-45 cm. Supports, of course, are not required.
  • Treats unpretentious grades.
  • It has a moderate resistance to diseases, since Agatha may be exposed to the most widespread bouillus ailment - late blight.
  • The variety is of determinant type, that is, it has an end point of growth and does not need pinching.
  • The fruits ripen in the hands of 3-6 pieces.
  • Tomatoes have a glossy, smooth, red skin. The shape is rounded and slightly oblate.
  • The mass of tomatoes - 80-110 grams, very convenient for conservation.
  • Excellent taste. In tomatoes, no acid, their aroma is saturated.
  • Very well the variety is stored and transported, which can be considered if you want to grow a crop for sale.
  • Productivity is good - one bush can give up to 5 kg of smooth, mouth-watering tomatoes. If we talk about the industrial scale, the fees of tomatoes can reach up to 680 centners per hectare.
  • Suitable for growing in different climates.
  • The skin is thick and does not allow the fruit to crack during transport and cooking.
  • Masking is not required, which is a big plus and time saving.
  • Formation is not required either.

This is such a great tomato. To save him from illnesses, we will give you advice, with them you can plant without fear “Agatha” and you will definitely not be disappointed with the result.

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Agrotechnology. Sort "Agatha"

Sowing is done in the third decade of March according to the dates of the lunar calendar. It is imperative that in order to secure the harvest in the future, a presowing treatment of seeds in manganese solution is necessary. After which the seeds are washed, dried, and after 10 days they are planted in fertile soil. The soil can be purchased, can be made from turf land, humus, sand in a ratio of 1/1 / 0.5. You can sow the seeds immediately in separate pots, then you will not dive seedlings.

After sowing, cover the container with a film, before it is moistened. When the seedlings sprout, remove the film, water the seedlings, you can make a mineral dressing once. The temperature in the house should be from 17 degrees for normal growth and development of seedlings. On the street transfer will be from mid-May to June, depending on the climate. Before this seedling you harden by carrying out on the street or on the balcony. At first for 1-2 hours, after time increase. The wells are prepared in advance - they dig up the soil, this variety likes well-drained soil, where there are nutrients. In the pit, pouring humus and a spoonful of superphosphate. From autumn, you can also apply fertilizer to the plot, and in the spring with them to plow.

Saplings are planted in a staggered manner or rows, the distance between the bushes is 50 cm. During the season you will add another 2-3 times fertilizer. This may be mineral feed, where more phosphorus and potassium. Also great chicken dung and manure. They are bred 1:20 and 1:12 respectively. For strong immunity seedlings need good feed and spraying for the prevention of disease. Why use a solution of manganese or such popular recipes as spraying infusion on onions and garlic, laundry soap. Also, these methods will drive away insects. The latter can still be fought with the help of ash, “Confidor”, tobacco dust. Otherwise, everything is simple - watering, loosening, removing weeds and harvesting.

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Now you have learned about the Agata variety, and we think you will agree that it is a very worthy tomato. He can become a permanent resident of the beds.

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