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Effective ways to prolong the fruiting of tomatoes in August

fruiting tomatoes

The homeland of tomatoes is South America, where there are still wild and semi-cultural types of vegetables, which in fact is a perennial. Gardeners have long been accustomed to counting a plant as an annual plant, and sending out plants to the compost pile at the end of August.

After all, even if the owner himself does not tear them up, the tomatoes will die from the invasion of pathogens. However, you can try to extend their life and harvest the tomatoes in the greenhouse and in the open field even in the middle of autumn.

Ways to prolong fruiting in the greenhouse

With heated greenhouses, tomatoes can be grown in one place for 10-12 months. In order to get an extension of the harvest, you should choose hybrids for cultivation in greenhouses, as well as create the necessary conditions in greenhouses.

The use of the drug - inhibitor

The use of inhibitor in greenhouses at the end of the growing season of tomatoes will reduce the active growth of the tops, contribute to the development of a more powerful root system, affect the fruit growth rate. The action of the drug will last for a month. During this time, the bushes will no longer reach up, become powerful, fully prepared for the ripening of a new wave of fruit. To use this method should:

  • in late August, in a specialized store to purchase the drug "Athlete";
  • in heated greenhouses and greenhouses, to collect all red and brown tomatoes, since after treatment with an inhibitor, the fruit will not be eaten for two weeks;
  • to dilute "Athlete" according to the instructions, to spray the tomato bushes in the evening;
  • after processing the preparation, cover the tomatoes with a layer of mulch 25-30 cm, which will protect the plants from moisture evaporation and cooling;
  • 10 days after spraying “Athlete”, process the bushes with Zircon or Epin. Growth stimulators will affect the active ripening of the fruit;
  • From mid-September, having provided lighting in the greenhouses at 15-17 hours a day, continue to care for tomatoes.
  • when the air temperature falls outside, provide the plants with heating so that the temperature parameters correspond to 18-24 degrees during the day and at least 16 degrees at night;
  • applying the inhibitor, carrying out all agrotechnical methods in the greenhouse, tomatoes can bear fruit until February.

Growing tomatoes in film and polycarbonate shelters, a gardener saves plants from many diseases. However, in order to stretch the fruiting to 10 months, prophylactic treatments with fungicides and insecticides should be carried out in greenhouses. After all, the plants affected at the end of the season are difficult to force to bear fruit for a long time.

Withdrawal of stepchildren

Using the method of removal of stepsons on tomatoes at the end of August, it is possible not only to prolong the fruiting, but also to grow a new tomato plantation in greenhouses. To use this method should:

  • In the middle of August, on each plant in the greenhouse, leave two lower stepsons;
  • regrown tomato branches tightly to the soil, fixing them with pieces of wire;
  • the soil under the allocated stepchildren should be mulched with a layer of 20 cm;
  • for the fastest growth of cuttings, conduct two supplements with an interval of seven days with urea at the rate of: 1 tablespoon of fertilizer per 8 liters of water;
  • while caring for kids, layering, on old bushes of tomatoes, pinch growing points;
  • at the end of September, on grown and strong young plants, fruits begin to pour, and instead of one old tomato, two young ones are obtained;
  • in order for the layering to have enough nutrition, to conduct foliar feeding every week with complex fertilizer with a high content of phosphorus and potassium;
  • from the second decade of September to provide additional lighting and heating in greenhouses;
  • prolonging the fruiting of tomatoes by withdrawing the stepsons, using all the agri-plants necessary for growing, tomatoes will bear fruit in greenhouses until next spring.

Methods of extending outdoor fruiting

Starting from the last decade of July, the air temperature at night begins to gradually drop. In this period, late blight and macrosporosis spread their spores very quickly, preventing the tomatoes from bearing fruit until autumn. To the tomatoes ripened before the onset of the first frost, the gardener must make an effort.

Full protection against fungal diseases

Pathogens destroy tomatoes even before the start of fruiting, so without a systematic processing to get a good harvest will not work. And on the extension of fruiting is not at all out of the question. In order to get a decent crop of tomatoes in the open field and stretch ripening until autumn, you should:

  • planting tomato seedlings in a permanent place in the open ground, add to each planting hole: 10 g of superphosphate, 15 g of potassium, half a cup of wood ash, 3 g of copper sulphate;
  • after full survival of the seedlings to conduct the first preventive treatment of plants with copper sulfate;
  • the second spraying of tomatoes against diseases should be carried out after a mass release of flower brushes with the preparation “Tattu”;
  • the last treatment with a fungicide should be carried out at the time of pouring the fruit with the “Quadris” preparation;
  • after the beginning of the ripening of the tomatoes it is impossible to treat the plants with chemicals, therefore, only safe folk remedies should be used;
  • every five days to carry out spraying with harmless means: whey with sugar, extract of onion peel with bitter pepper, milk with iodine, herbal decoctions;
  • at the end of August, night temperatures begin to fall, therefore, to conserve the heat of the root system, tomatoes are mulched with a 25 cm layer of straw;
  • alternating treatments against pathogens with supplements with complex fertilizer with a high content of phosphorus and potassium, it is possible to prolong the fruiting of tomatoes in open ground before the onset of the first frost.

To extend the fruiting of ultra-low tomatoes, they can be transplanted into a bulk container, brought into the room, provide additional lighting and dressing. Babies will be bearing fruit on the window-sills until summer.

Polyethylene shelter

In many regions, already at the end of August, the temperature at the ground surface drops below zero degrees. Frozen tops of tomatoes stop their growth and fruiting. To stretch the ripening of tomatoes, not allowing them to die from frost and pathogens attacks, cover the plantations with polyethylene. For this you need:

  • in early August around the perimeter of the plot with tomatoes drive stakes;
  • pull polyethylene on sticks so that it does not touch the plants;
  • after sunset tomatoes cover with polyethylene, and early in the morning to remove the device;
  • cover the soil under the tomatoes with a 30 cm layer of mulch to preserve the heat of the root system;
  • from the middle of August to carry out spraying against pathogens by safe means: tincture of garlic and bitter pepper, decoction of horsetail;
  • Covering tomato plantations for the night, treating plants with tinctures and decoctions against disease, you can stretch the ripening of tomatoes until late autumn.


Adhering to the advice and recommendations of gardeners with experience, you can not only pluck ripe tasty fruits in the fall, but also get a high-quality vegetable crop.

  1. In the fight against pathogens, live bacteria “Baikal-M1” have proven themselves well. Bringing them into the soil from mid-summer, you can not only get rid of spores, detrimental to the harvest. But also get organic tomatoes with high sugar content.
  2. Covering plantings of tomatoes with polyethylene, you should know that the film can withstand only short-term frosts. When the temperature drops below - 6 degrees, on top of the device you need to throw old clothes, mattresses, reeds.
  3. For growing tomatoes in greenhouses with the extension of the period, you should choose hybrids that are resistant to temperature extremes and a short light day.


Vegetable growers who tried methods of extending tomatoes in their plots share their impressions:

Olga Kazan

Growing tomatoes, threw out bushes from the garden already in the middle of August, as the plants were already affected by diseases. A neighbor told me that tomatoes should be pickled from pathogens until autumn. I decided to try. Sprayed tomatoes first with chemical agents, then with whey. My tomatoes fruited until September.

Kirill Perm

I have been growing tomatoes in an unheated greenhouse for 10 years. However, they only fruited until September. I read about the method of allotment by stepsons to prolong the ripening of tomatoes. Installing the stove and fluorescent lamps, I decided to stretch the fruiting. Everything turned out, and tore his tomatoes until May.

To prolong the fruiting of tomatoes is not very easy. However, by spending a bit of effort when cultivating them, you can harvest the fruits until mid-autumn.

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fruiting tomatoesfruiting tomatoes

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