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Tomato "Bystrenok f1" pleases early ripening fruit

Sowing the tomato "Fidget f1" reviews, characteristics and description of the variety, they say that you will be able to achieve the goal. This tomato is created for an early and tasty salad.

general information

The hybrid is young. At the trial was hit in 2012. It did not take long for the trial researchers to consider the entire genetic potential in this tomato, it quickly showed itself and in 2013 it was already entered in the register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation under the number 8756985.

Applicant and originator of the variety “Your farm” LLC, Nizhny Novgorod Russia.

The Bystryonok tomato hybrid is recommended by the variety-testing commission as early maturing (80-90 days), lettuce, for growing in all regions of the country in the open field, and under film or glass shelters in private farms of gardeners and gardeners.

Characteristic and description

Unfortunately, the reality is that the producer himself, by filling and selling his seeds, does not quite correctly display the information, which is misleading the consumer.

The register of varieties, describing a hybrid, speaks of flat-rounded fruits, slightly ribbed, red. A packer who sells seeds on behalf of the company “Your farm” declares round, smooth and dark pink fruits. At the same time, the name of the hybrid is referred to as "Bystryonok F1".

Speaking of a true hybrid, you need to clearly understand that a tomato:

  • flat-round;
  • red;
  • dense;
  • slightly ridged;
  • no stain on the stem.

The weight of a tomato in technical ripeness in the range of 130-140 g with no shallowing of the fruit is observed. All tomatoes are equal and equal.

To taste the tomato at the tasting commission received an "excellent" rating. The fruit is dense, fleshy with an interesting tomato flavor and a balanced amount of sugars and organic acids. Nest tomato fruit has 4-6.

Leaf "Bystrynoka" light green, classic tomato type, but larger than we used to see tomato sheets. The plant does not exceed a height of 70 cm.


The hybrid has a high yield of aligned commercial products. At the same time, the established productive shaft varies within 13.5-14.5 kg per square meter, which is a very good indicator for determinant tomatoes in open ground.

It is recommended to plant four plants per meter, therefore, each bush produces 3.5 kg of lettuce, early tomato with high taste.

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Disease resistance

Vegetable growers have taken a hybrid to their collection with great pleasure, because disease resistance is another advantage of the “Fast woman”.

The hybrid has increased resistance to:

  • verticillosis;
  • tobacco mosaic virus;
  • Fusarium wilt.

By the late blight hybrid has an average resistance, but due to the fact that it has a very early ripening time, he manages to give up his products before the mass outbreak of the outbreak.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomatoes "Bystrenok" reviews, photos, everything suggests that the variety has a whole list of positive qualities:

  • early fruit ripening;
  • high taste qualities;
  • excellent fruit set;
  • harmonious ripening and giving;
  • excellent yield;
  • disease resistance.

The disadvantages can only be attributed to the peculiarities of agrotechnics, since a hybrid, despite its determinism, is still necessary to be tied up and shaped.

Features of growing varieties

The plant form of the hybrid is determinant. Bringing its height to 60-70 cm, the shoot is trimmed with a floral brush. However, the plant requires garters and formation. This is necessary because the yield of the hybrid is significant, the stitchiness differs in an enviable amount and the overload for the “Fast” is almost the norm.

Fruit sticking is very active. Those who have already managed to grow a hybrid, say that temporary deterioration of weather conditions does not affect the ovary at all. During their growth, tomatoes grow comfort and bend down shoots, which is fraught with cutting and loss of harvest.

That is why it is necessary to form and timely tie up both the shoots and the fixation of the fruits themselves.

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For early production, seedling cultivation is necessary. Sowing can be done in early March, taking into account that seedlings are planted in the open ground at the age of 55-65 days.

To speed up the germination of seeds they should be germinated. For this:

  1. The seed is wrapped in a damp linen napkin;
  2. Stowed in a plastic bag;
  3. It is transferred to the place where the temperature during the day is kept at the limit of 22-24 C for 34 days.

Such a wet warming will help win in time 10-12 days and get a harvest earlier. Sowing is carried out only by seeds that have shown life. It is easy to determine this by a small white spine, which appears from the seed.

A dive is carried out in the phase of two true sheets into individual containers filled with universal soil for seedlings. In this case, the seedlings will not need additional feedings until the moment of planting in the garden.

Some growers practice sowing early varieties and hybrids in open ground. It is quite possible with “Bystryonkom”, but in this case it will not be possible to get an early harvest of tomatoes.

If you plan to plant seedlings in greenhouses or greenhouses, then sowing can be carried out at an even earlier date. However, it should be noted that sowing in February can be carried out only if it is possible to carry out the additional lighting of seedlings in the early period.

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Plant formation

Since “Bystryonok” is prone to overload, it is necessary to carry out a bead. Those shoots that depart from the sinuses of leaf plates should be removed when reaching 2-3 cm. You can do this with a nail pinching or breaking off.

To form a plant, 4-5 shoots should be left, the rest should be removed.

Many growers grow stepchildren to 5 cm, and then gently break off and carry out rooting. Thus, the problem of seedling deficiency is solved, especially if it is an expensive hybrid. A plant with such a procedure yields a crop 2-3 weeks later than the maternal one. In the case of "Bystryonkom", when the hybrid is very early, from stepchildren you can get a significant increase in yield.

The hybrid, which is described above, although young, but very promising. If you manage to become the owner of pure seed, you will get an excellent harvest of a wonderful product.

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