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Fine tomato "Nastya", advantages and disadvantages

We continue to acquaint you with excellent tomatoes that can qualify for planting on your beds. Most of them are solid positive characteristics, so the “Nastya” variety does not lag behind the best tomatoes. We will tell you about him.

general description

By name, we can understand that this variety was bred in our country. A great name has been named a variety with excellent characteristics. Breeders brought it in 2008, and the variety has received its distribution in 2012. Despite such youth, Nastya has already become fond of summer residents across the country.

The variety shows itself well in greenhouses, on the street. Its main advantages are that it is precocious and perfectly tolerates attacks from diseases, but also harvests gardeners. Bushes grow compactly, bear fruit throughout the season.

With regards to growing regions, Nastya can grow in Siberia and the Far East. Here, however, greenhouse conditions are necessary, but the variety will bear fruit no worse than in a warmer climate. In other regions, where it is warmer, the variety is grown on the street and in greenhouses.

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Characteristics of a variety

  • The variety is high-yielding. So, with one square meter you can get up to 12 kg.
  • The advantage of tomato in its early ripening. For this, gardeners are very fond of him, because the first crop can be harvested only 80 days after the seedlings emerge.
  • The bush grows compactly up to 70 cm in height, is a semi-determinant. Tying it is not necessary.
  • Abundant green foliage densely covers the branches.
  • Fruits are small - 120-200 grams, which makes the variety very convenient for whole-canning for the winter.
  • The taste of tomatoes is pleasant, the aroma is tomato. Used for fresh food, for preservation, for the manufacture of juices.
  • It tolerates weather problems, grows well in coolness.
  • The variety has a high resistance to diseases, and, most importantly, to late blight, which is important. This greatly facilitates the work of the cottager.
  • What else makes it easier to work is that you do not need bushes to stepchild.
  • Well stored and easily transported.
  • Unpretentious regarding climate and soil.

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Agrotechnical cultivation varieties "Nastya"

It’s a pleasure to grow a variety, as it’s a little hassle. Crops for seedlings carried out in February and March. You can sow the seed material at once in separate pots, you can in a common container, then the seedlings will need to swoop in the phase of 2-3 true leaves.

Soil you can buy in the store, but the land from the garden, in which you can make any complex fertilizer or just humus and ashes, is perfect. Crops cover with a film, before it moistened from a spray. The first shoots will appear within a week. If the crops were early, the seedlings will need additional light if they begin to stretch.

Watering should be moderate, as the roots can rot. Before being transported to the street, the saplings begin to harden in two weeks, transferring them to the street. Planting in the greenhouse can be carried out in April, on the street - in May.

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Shrubs are planted on 4 pieces per square meter, but not more often, since the harvest will then be bad to ripen.As necessary, remove the weeds, you will also need to make 2-3 times feed, but this is not necessary. You must understand that the variety will bear fruit in this way, and fertilizers will increase the yield indicators. While planting in the hole, you can pour a spoonful of any complex preparation for vegetables, sold in all garden stores.

Caring care for a tomato will allow you to harvest all season. Tomato is very worthy, and we can calmly recommend it to you.

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