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On the timing of planting tomatoes in central Russia

Terms of planting tomato seedlings in 2018 in central Russia

The timing of planting tomatoes for seedlings in 2018 in central Russia should be selected solely on the basis of the agricultural crop. So knowing, when in your area the possibility of return frosts is 0, count 60 days from this date and start sowing.

Planting dates

Of course, the grower seeks, as early as possible to get the first crop, the most desired and most valuable. However, haste does not always lead to the desired result. If the sowing is done very early, and it is not possible to dosachivanie tomato seedlings, the plants will stretch. Such seedlings are difficult to transport to the landing site, they outgrow losing nutrients, moreover, break off, and still require special attention.

The overgrown seedlings have their advantages. Considering. With the roots of tomatoes formed from the stem, then putting the overgrown stem in the hole, you can use it to create a powerful root system that will increase the area of ​​absorption of nutrients.

The date and date of sowing is also influenced by the technology of growing seedlings, it can be:

  • with soaking seeds;
  • sowing dry seeds.

If the seeds are preliminarily placed in a damp cloth and sent to a warm place, then after 2-3 days, it is possible to sow the seeds that have already been folded. In this case, the seedlings will appear in 5-6 days. However, this should be done only in the case when the seeds are not treated with growth promoters and trace elements.

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If the seeds are purchased in the store and processed, as evidenced by the paint on their surface, then the sowing should be carried out with dry seeds. In this case, they germinate longer.

Germination physiology

When choosing favorable days for planting tomato seedlings in March, it is necessary to take into account the moment that the beginning of the process is not a moment of touching the soil, but a moment of touching the moisture. Initially, the seed needs water, in order for the seed to swell, and biochemical reactions begin to occur in it. These processes take from 3 to 6 days, depending on the ambient temperature, which is why we wrap the seeds in a damp cloth and put it in a warm place.

Next, the seed releases the spine, it says that it is alive and ready for growth and development.

Knowing how germination occurs, it should be understood that the beginning of the process should coincide with the fertile signs of the lunar calendar and the growing moon.

Moon and sowing

Using the lunar calendar to start work, you need to select the growing moon. In March 2018, the best days for planting tomatoes in 2018 in central Russia fall to 20, 21,15,26. These days it is necessary to soak the seeds, or sow in the ground and water abundantly.

Energetically, these are very strong days. The night star activates all the liquid fractions, it accelerates the processes of fermentation and the seed germinates quickly and actively.

It is important to observe temperature indicators, since the Moon can improve the situation only in an optimal environment. Germination temperature should be between 23-25 ​​ᵒC, and when a third of all shoots appear, it should be lowered to 22 C during the day and 18-20 ᵒC at night.

Looking at the moon, be attentive to the agrotechnology of culture, temperature, light, humidity play a role much more important than the lunar cycle.

If return frost is still possible in your region in mid-May, move the sowing date back to April. It is better to get the harvest 1-2 weeks later than to kill the whole seedling. Overexposed, elongated, exhausted seedlings also will not please with “fast” fruits, therefore, crops can be carried out in April. However, in this case, it is better to wet the seeds all the same, then you definitely win 7-10 days.

Neglecting the waning moon in April, you can make crops in the fertile sign of Scorpio on April 2-3, in this case you will pick out on the growing Moon, and all the rhythms will come in line with the phases of the plant. Pick in this case, spend when the seedlings reach two of these sheets, and fall on April 17-18.

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Unfavorable days

The moon is constantly moving from one constellation of the zodiac to another. In each, it is delayed for 2-3 days. Fertile signs change to less fertile or fruitless. At this point, each plant cell freezes, physiological processes become slower, and the immune system is weaker.

Choosing fertile and non-fertile signs, it should be understood that no matter how great the impact of the moon is, it cannot be stronger than sunlight, water saturation of the soil, thermal energy. Therefore, if it is not possible to work in tandem with moon signs, one should give preference to the accuracy and timeliness of agrotechnical measures.

Importance of minutes

Moonrise and its transition to the zodiacal sign is the easiest to determine using the calendar. This information is very well reflected in flip calendars. If, for example, to calculate when to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2018 according to the lunar calendar in the Moscow region is not difficult, since Moscow time is shown, then for other regions it is necessary to take into account the amendment.

The accuracy of the rising and setting of the luminaries is given minute by minute, but you need to think about what is more important to follow, the luminaries, or the humidity and temperature of the environment where the seedlings grow. Timely watering, without waterlogging and with drying of the upper layer, will ensure the circulation of nutrients, a sufficient level of illumination will allow the processes of photosynthesis to synthesize nutrients in the leaves and transfer them to the root system, regardless of what phase the Moon is in.

However, the influence of the satellite cannot be completely discarded. If the moon affects gravity, ebbs and flows, then, most likely, the living cell, which is 90% water, is very sensitive to the influence of the star.

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Finding a middle ground, coordinating the processes of sowing, picking, planting with the physiological phases and phases of the moon can grow very good seedlings and achieve a significant crop of tomatoes. Considering that the Moon influences not only the yield, but also the taste, keeping quality, marketability of fruits, you should stock up in advance with the Lunar calendar and then the crops, cultivation and harvest will be planned and of high quality.

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Terms of planting tomato seedlings in 2018 in central RussiaTerms of planting tomato seedlings in 2018 in central Russia

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