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Raspberry Giant Tomato: Meaty and Sweet

Growing vegetables in the garden is a pleasure for most gardeners. But there are gardeners who consider such work difficult. Often this happens because they do not know the agrotechnical culture well and choose the wrong variety. We are introducing you to tomatoes again today. We can say that we will talk about one of the best representatives - this is the Raspberry Giant tomato, we’ll tell you about its characteristics and description of the variety, see the reviews and photos, rejoice at the yield. After reading the article, you will know exactly what to choose for the new season and how to grow properly.

general description

If you like tomatoes that please their weight, fleshy and sweet, then the "Raspberry Giant" suits you. This is really a variety that in a relatively short time began to lead among many old tomatoes. He has excellent returns, indicators are encouraging, can be grown for commercial purposes. Brought the variety about 10 years ago, it was entered in the register in 2008.

This tomato will require attention from you, as it is rather tall, abundantly fruiting, loves good care. If you follow all the recommendations that are listed below, you can achieve yields up to 18 kg and more. On agricultural technology a little later, let's find out what is good "Raspberry Giant."

For many centuries, people considered tomatoes as poisonous plants. According to legend, only at the beginning of the 19th century, one military decided to prove the opposite by eating a large amount of vegetables in public. Since then, people began to love and appreciate tomatoes.

Varietal characteristic

The variety of tomato "Raspberry Giant" has very positive reviews - it is delicious, it is stored for a long time. Just a couple of tomatoes and you can make a summer salad without problems, it saves time and effort, which is very important nowadays. Pink tomatoes contain more nutrients in the composition, they are better suited for feeding children and people who are on a diet. Let's get to know our today's variety.


  • tall plants - can reach up to 2 meters;
  • large-fruited variety - the weight of tomatoes often exceeds 600 grams;
  • perfectly transported and stored;
  • the skin is dense, the flesh is fleshy;
  • The best results in terms of yield are shown in the southern regions. In temperate climates and in the north, it is better to grow a variety in greenhouses;
  • refers to the medium early species - about 100-105 days pass before the fruits are picked;
  • bushes form a shtamb, pasynkovanie required;
  • resistant to several diseases;
  • high-yielding - up to 14-18 kg per square meter;
  • has a universal table purpose.

So, Raspberry Giant tomatoes are ideal for fresh salads for their sweet taste, they are suitable for making delicious pastes, ketchups, juices. Take a closer look at them.

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Diseases and possible pests

We have already said that a number of ailments are not terrible to this variety, but still there is no absolute stability. So, like many other varieties, “Crimson Giant” can suffer from phytophthora, which they struggle with by adjusting the mode of irrigation, loosening and the preparation “Fitosporin”. Tomatoes are not protected from various kinds of rot, but an excess of moisture in the soil, the presence of a large number of weeds in the plot often leads to it.Accordingly, you should remove these factors, you can also use spraying with a solution of manganese for the prevention, and wage the struggle with calcium nitrate.

Pests also threaten the variety, it is important to fight them on time. So, from the Colorado potato beetle, aphids, butterflies, such means as “Confidor”, “Bison”, “Prestige” can help well. At the first signs of defeat, it is worth actively starting the fight. During the night, the same beetle can easily destroy one bush of newly planted seedlings.

Now on sale there are many different drugs labeled "Bio". Choose them whenever possible, as they are safer.

Advantages and disadvantages

We highlight the main pros and cons of tomato varieties "Raspberry giant." This will help you understand whether you need these tomatoes in the garden or not.



  • large fruits and good yield;
  • universal table appointment;
  • possibility of commercial use;
  • long storage;
  • relative disease resistance.

Weak sides:

  • a number of ailments and insects affects the harvest;
  • can be grown on the street is not everywhere;
  • requires attention and time for agrotechnology.

Agree, the benefits are still more. Of course, this tomato will not grow by itself, you have to take care of it, but still the result is worth it.


Sowing seeds

They start sowing seeds closer to the second decade of March, according to the lunar calendar for a particular year. Since the variety does not have absolute resistance to diseases, it is imperative to pickle the seed in manganese solution for two hours. After rinse and dry on the battery. Also spill boiling water with manganese and the ground for planting.

The soil is made from humus and sod land - 1/1, a spoonful of superphosphate is poured onto a standard container, a glass of ash. You can immediately buy ready-made soil. In the ground, grooves are made in 0.5 cm and seeds are sown at a distance of 2 cm. The soil is moistened and covered with a film until the moment of emergence.


When the seedlings have formed 4-5 leaves, it is time to plant them in peat cups with a new nutrient soil. Raspberry Giant tomato variety tolerates pick picking quite well. After the plants should grow stronger and after 10-14 days you can make a comprehensive feed, where there will be more nitrogen for good growth of the bush.

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Transfer to a permanent place

The soil in the greenhouse and on the street should be prepared in advance. It is obligatory to disinfect it and remove weeds. It is important not to plant a variety after potatoes and peppers, since the crops have the same pests and diseases. The wells are made at a depth of 35-40 cm at a distance of 40-50 cm from each other.

Supports are installed in advance. The soil must be nutritious, for this you can put in the pits of humus, peat, sand, a spoonful of mineral dressing. After that, all shed and planted seedlings, after pre-hardening.

At the time of planting seedlings should be well developed - approximately 25 cm in height.

Permanent care

Tomatoes are moisture-loving, so the soil should always be slightly wet, but not wet. Be sure to loosening and weeding. Shrubs better to mulch. Form a grade in 1-2 stalks. That is, either you leave one stepchild and grow it as a second stem, or you delete everything completely. Pasy tomatoes about once a week in the evening when it is cool.

After each watering, spraying do not forget to open the greenhouse for airing. But always watch out for insects so that the parasites do not penetrate after opening, which destroy the landing.

The “Crimson Giant” loves. You can apply mineral fertilizer 2-3 times, organic matter 2-3 times per season, in turn. Manure loves tomatoes, it is bred 1/12, 2 liters are poured under a bush and preparations with a high content of potassium and phosphorus. About pests and diseases, we have already said. As the crop begins to ripen, make sure that the branches were on supports.And this is all you need to know about the Raspberry Giant tomato, the characteristic and description of the variety, as well as the reviews and photos clearly showed everything. Productivity with proper care will always please you.

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Do not be afraid to plant new varieties, because the only way you can find for yourself the perfect option. Tomatoes from their beds will bring many benefits to your health, and there should be many of them.

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