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Minusinskie tomatoes: description and characteristics of varieties

Here and minusinskie tomatoes acquired the status of a variety, but you need to figure out in more detail.

general information

Minusinsk Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia, annually hosts the Minusinsk Tomato Edge Festival. Popular festivities smoothly into the fair with a brisk trade in tomatoes grown in the fields and gardens of local residents.

There is a holiday and competition, often the prize is a car. The essence of the competition is that the winner is the one who presents the largest tomato to the jury, allegedly grown in Minusinsk lands.

For example, in 2016 the winner was the tomato variety “Sprint Timer”, and its weight was 1878 grams. In 2014, Pink Honey won the weight - 1506 g, but it is not yet possible to exceed the 2011 record (2146 g).

Looking at this information, it becomes clear that what is being supplied to the seed market under the series “Minusinskie Tomatoes” is nothing more than unraveled material.

Description of the series

It should be noted that the register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation "Minusinsk" tomatoes are not recorded.

The series itself is presented as tall and large-fruited tomatoes. However, they were joined by some miracle and others (all sorts and different). Consider in more detail.

"Minusinsk fruitful"

Tomato "Minusinsk productive" description and photos will not tell you anything. What kind and who presents it is not clear.

Feedback from collectors indicates a large re-grading. If you purchase 5 seeds, then often they will all be different.

"Minusinsky Bull Heart"

If the original variety “Bull's heart” (Agrofirm “Search”) is determinant, then the tomato “Bull-heart Minusinsk” is presented as an indeterminate variety.

Characteristic and description

Describing the plant form, they talk about tallness and the need for reference in one shoot.

Tomatoes are medium ripening, heart-shaped, pink with light ribbing. Fruit weight in the range of 300-400 g, some up to 500 g

Those who grew claim that the plant produces a large tomato, but only 1-2 on the lower shoots, the rest are much smaller and not everyone can withstand a heart-shaped form.

Tomatoes are fleshy, low in seed and have a pleasant, balanced taste.


  • Large fruit;
  • Good taste;
  • Resistance to weather changes.


  • low yield (bush gives 5-7 fruits);
  • demanding for shaping.

"Minusinsk apple"

Tomato minusinsk apple powdered, mid-season variety. Indeterminate bush requires the formation and timely garters.

Fruits are red, weighty (up to 500 g), flat-rounded shape. At the break, sweetening and a small amount of seeds are clearly visible. The taste is harmonious, balanced, pleasant.

Those who grew, say about good yields, but the Minusinsk apple tomato is no different from the litter.


  • High yield;
  • Disease resistance

"Minusinskie balls"

Tomatoes of this variety look interesting on the bushes. Huge red tomatoes, weighing 300-400 g, some up to 500.

Those who grew tomato minusinskie balls, talk about the heterogeneity of fruit production. Tomatoes are not equal in shape and weight.

Tastes are good. Tomato is used as a salad and for processing. The tomato is resistant to atmospheric extremes and is not susceptible to attack by pathogens.


  • weather and disease resistance;
  • good taste;
  • large-fruited.

As a drawback, a bad commodity yield.

"Minusinsk giant"

Most likely, it is this fruit that is designed to occupy the first places in the competitions of giant tomatoes.

Alarming is the fact that the photos of this tomato are very different. Both round and flat-rounded tomatoes are presented in red.

The size describes the limits of 500-700 g, but in the photo you can see that the tomatoes clearly do not reach these figures.

Those who purchased the author's seeds do not really approve of the Minusinian giant tomato, since the regrader did not allow to understand what the tomato really should be.

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"Minusinsky Bull Forehead"

This tomato is served as an indeterminate, flat-round, red and large-fruited. The photo, as a rule, shows large, smooth tomatoes with a slight ribbing.

Those who planted a Minusinsk bull-brow tomato talk about the high yield of tomatoes with an average weight of 250-300 g. Tomatoes are fleshy, elastic, salad assignments with a beautiful habit.

Especially a lot of reviews about the taste of this tomato. The high balance of organic acids and sugars makes this sort of popular selection popular. Tomato products of this variety are not in excess, because they are in demand in the vegetable market.


  • great taste;
  • large fruits;
  • high yield.


  • the need for constant formation due to the increased ability to form stepchildren;
  • constant garter shoots and fruits in order to avoid cliffs due to large-fruited.

"Minusinsky Burlak"

Sady Rossii presents seeds called Burlak F1, which are also not included in the list of breeding achievements, but the Burlak Minusinsky tomato is very similar to the description with this hybrid. Therefore, acquiring seeds should take into account that this may be a hybrid of local selection and even when getting a good result, subsequent "children" may differ significantly from the parent form.

The leaf plate of the tomato of this variety of potato type, not very large, dark green. Plant early ripening. The fruit is flat-round, ribbed, sometimes heavily ribbed, pink-red in color without a green spot at the base.

The flesh of the fruit is fleshy, "sugar", tender. Tastes are good, and under favorable weather conditions, even excellent. The optimal amount of sugars and acids makes the fruit very refined, and the rather dense skin does not allow the tomatoes to crack.


  • large fruits;
  • good taste;
  • early ripening.


  • excessive ribbing;
  • bells and whistles on tomato fruit;
  • not evenness of fruits (from 60 g to 350 g).


Tall tomato, giving fruits oval-cylindrical shape. Those who grow, describe the tomato "Soldatovo" as an average ripening period, with good yield and resistance to diseases and pests.

Tomato tastes high. Fruits leveled, with a smooth thin skin, sweet.

The tomato reaches a height of two meters, and form it in one or two shoots. The average fruit weighs about 300 g, and each brush carries 4-5 tomatoes, so it must be carefully tied.

Seed chambers 3-4, but they are not hollow, filled with tomato pulp.


  • large fruits;
  • interesting form;
  • great taste;
  • uniformity of marketable tomato.

"Minusinsky pepper"

Vegetable growers like varieties of unusual shape, so the Minusinsky peppermint tomato has an elongated shape resembling the fruit of a pepper up to 10 centimeters long. The plant is indeterminate, medium foliage.In terms of ripening tomato medium.

Fruits are red, not equalized by weight. Each bunch bears on itself large to 200 g, average to 120 g and not so small, to 80 g a tomato. The fruit is elastic, fleshy, moderately juicy, with a small number of seeds.

Tomatoes universal purpose. They are suitable for salads, as well as processing into tomato products and canning whole. Many vegetable growers point to excellent processed products, as the juice is thick, dense and very beautiful, saturated color.


  • interesting form;
  • good taste;
  • universality of use;
  • high yield;
  • early ripening.

"Podsinevsky Minusinskie Hearts"

Planting a tomato of early production will not succeed, but as medium-early ones they will be pleased with their harvest. The first tomatoes can be obtained weighing up to 600 g. Such a weighty fruit plant will give 1-2, then the tomatoes will be smaller, their weight ranges from 250 to 300 g

Tomato "Podsinevskoe minusinsky heart" has a pronounced heart-shaped form with a slight ribbing at the base. Ripening, the tomato carries on itself a green spot, then it dissolves and the fruit becomes dark, rich, pink color.

On the incision can not see the seed chamber. The fruit has a "watermelon", sugar texture, velvet, rich, dense. Seed a small amount.

Each tomato brush carries 3-4 fruits.

Tastes are very good. Tomatoes are sweet, aromatic with a pleasant aftertaste.


  • large fruits;
  • excellent yield;
  • disease resistance;
  • great taste.

"Minusinsky long pink"

Why the tomato Minusinsk long pink is considered separately unknown, since many vegetable growers equate it to the pepper. Some argue that this fruit is more fleshy, however, in order to compare these varieties of national selection, it is necessary to sow them and grow them under the same conditions.

From the reviews of the one who planted, it follows that the tomato:

  • medium ripening;
  • tall;
  • large-fruited;
  • has interesting, oval-elongated fruits;
  • meaty with good taste.

Some vegetable growers, sharing the impression of the variety, say that the pepper-shaped is more hollow and with an elongated, elongated “ending”, and the long pink finishes its fruit stupidly with a “tip”.

"Minusinskie bulls"

Tomato has a strange name, but it is familiar to Minusians, since many people grew Tomato Minusinskiy bulls. The plant is tall, sometimes reaches the top of the greenhouse and it is necessary to pinch it. Each brush carries 5-6 homogeneous, weighty, oval-cylindrical, sometimes cuboid tomatoes, with a slightly drawn tip, the so-called "spout."

Fruits are pink, rich in color, dense, fleshy with excellent taste. Lower brushes will be given to tomatoes weighing up to 400 g. On the upper fruits will be weighing 250-300 g, but they all ripen at the same time.

Fruits are unsuitable for whole-fruit canning, although they tolerate temperature treatments well, but they do not fit into the neck of the jar, but they are perfect as salad products. Tomatoes are rich, sweet, meaty and very tasty.


  • high yield;
  • interesting form;
  • simultaneous ripening;
  • excellent taste properties.

"Minusinsk flat hearts"

The tomato got its name because of the slightly flattened shape. However, it should be noted that having a heart-shaped fruit, not all tomatoes from a single bush are flattened, and there are perfectly evened out, smooth and uniform.

Tomato Minusinsk flat hearts have an average weight in the range of 250-350 g. Heart-shaped, raspberry, sometimes with a red tinge.

The plant is indeterminate, medium early aging, up to 2.5 meters. Requires careful pinching and garters.

Fruits are fleshy, resilient, without fiber and green spots. Sometimes a white vein slips inside, which causes discontent among vegetable growers.


  • good taste;
  • fruitful.

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"Minusinsk glasses"

Cubic tomatoes are not very loved by growers, but those that are fleshy and weighty are well respected. To these belongs the tomato minusinskie glasses, the description of the variety of photos indicates the evenness of commercial products. Looking at the photo, it is clear that the tomatoes are wonderfully placed in the palm, this is exactly what made it possible to compare them with glasses.

The average weight of 200-220 g. Tomatoes as on the selection of the same color, shape and weight. Such a commodity output is very valuable.

A tall plant in the range of 180-200 cm. Requires the formation and tying tomato brushes. Each brush grows 4-5 tomatoes, without timely fixing, it can break off, and the crop will be lost.

Tomatoes cannot be called sweet to taste, but one who appreciates a truly tomato flavor finds in him a perfect balance of acids and sugars.

Fruits are used fresh, as well as whole-fruit canning. Dense skin keeps the contents well and does not allow high temperatures to break the integrity. Fruits are suitable for the production of juices, pastes, ketchups.


  • high yield;
  • product evenness;
  • universality of use;
  • high product yield;
  • weather resistance;
  • disease resistance.

"Podsinskoe miracle"

Tomato of this variety was in the Minusinskie series because c. Signe is located near Minusinsk, and the tomato allegedly originates from there.

Tomato "Podsinskoe miracle" tall, up to 2 meters, requires careful pinching and tying, because the shoots are thin and fragile. The plant differs from its counterparts in that it has a very light color of the vegetative mass. Even in the seedling period, the Subinsky ones are clearly visible against the background of seedlings of other varieties. The leaves are light green and as if rugged.

The fruits of the tomato of this variety have an average weight of 300-350 g, pink-red, elongated-oval in shape with a slight ribbing at the base.

The tomato has a moderate density, fleshy on the cut, velvety. Seed chambers are not expressed and are filled with pulp with a small number of seeds.

Tastes are good. The pulp has a pronounced sweet taste, and the skin gives sourness, which prevents the enjoyment of salad products.


  • high yield;
  • taste qualities;
  • good keeping quality;
  • good commodity output.


Some vegetable growers refuse to grow tomatoes of this variety, explaining that they are highly unstable to phytophthora. However, those who grow tomatoes in greenhouses are satisfied with the variety.

Reading the description, it probably became noticeable that all Minusinsk tomato varieties:

  • tall;
  • large-fruited;
  • fruitful.

Considering all these indicators of a variety, they require more attention than short and low-yielding ones. The basis of the yield when growing will be the nutritional value of the soil. The fruit will not be able to increase the mass without nutrients, so all the yield in the hands of the grower.

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It makes no sense to plant tomatoes in open ground, if you do not plan to carry out preventive treatment. Consequently, regular and regular spraying will ensure the harvest of beautiful and healthy tomatoes.

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