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Tomato "Yablonka Russia". Characteristics and description of the variety

Amat apple tree of Russia characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato "Apple Russia" and the description of the variety will be considered today. Photos and reviews gardeners spread with pleasure, because tomatoes really deserve to know everything about them. Meet and you.

general description

As you already understood, Yablonka Rossii is an early ripe tomato, and this is its strong point. After all, you get environmentally friendly vegetables at the beginning of summer, eat them throughout the summer season, moreover, early species are rarely subjected to attacks by insects, which are especially active in July.

The variety was created by Russian breeders a long time ago - in 1998. He showed himself very well during cultivation in different regions and even where the climate is not happy with its warmth. You can grow tomatoes in the street and in the greenhouse, and the fruits will be equally tasty. In addition, the tomato does not require special attention, and can save you time at the expense of their qualities. What is so good grade, read on.

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Tomato "Yablonka Russia". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • It has an early ripening period - you will get the harvest for 90-105 days after sowing.
  • Bushes of determinant type, that is, they are limited in growth.
  • Height - 80 cm.
  • Variety gives stable yields, while they are quite good - one bush can bring you more than 5 kg of fruit.
  • Highly resistant tomato to major diseases - it facilitates the work in the garden at times.
  • It grows with a boom, supports are not needed, which also saves time.
  • Passing bushes is not necessary.
  • Formation is not required.
  • Tomatoes ripen in red, have a glossy shine.
  • The shape of the fruit is round.
  • Taste and aroma are excellent.
  • Suitable for preservation, for eating fresh.
  • The fruit weight is 80 grams, the hostesses are happy to spin such delicious tomatoes in general
  • Cameras in tomatoes - five.
  • Very well stored in the cold, can be transported under certain conditions over long distances.
  • Resistant variety to cracking fruit.

How many advantages in tomato, it is difficult to deny. These tomatoes are easy to grow, while not getting tired of work on the beds. Read the whole technique further.

Agrotechnology. "Apple Russia"

Crops of this variety begin from the second decade of March. Landing in open ground will be when the seedlings will be 60-65 days. The soil is prepared from a mixture of sand, earth, humus, peat and ash. You can buy ready-made soil at once, it will be of optimal composition. Crops are carried out in a common container or immediately into individual cups of cardboard or peat, so as not to swoop down the seedlings and injure them less during the transfer to a permanent place.


Although tomato and highly resistant, but manufacturers recommend to conduct pre-sowing seed treatment in a solution of manganese.

After processing, the seeds must be dried, they are not buried more than 1 cm into the soil. After that, the crops are moistened with a spray bottle, covered with a film and placed in a room where the temperature is 23-26 degrees, sprouts will be in 5-7 days. Next, the film is removed, watering the seedlings as they dry out, turn to the sun. On the street, the wells are prepared this way - they dig up a plot, remove weeds, make holes, they fill in humus and a spoon of superphosphate. You can pour purchased soil. If your land is acidified earth, then make lime. Also choose a place where the planting will be enough sun, and the wind will not interfere, after all, the bushes can not be called undersized, and they can break.

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The transfer is carried out when the frost has passed. And further care will be to watering with warm water, loosening, making dressings - the first time on day 14 after planting. Manure is introduced or the finished product is high in nitrogen, and after another 14–20 days a complex mineral supplement is added. The third time you need to make fertilizers rich in phosphorus, you can also conduct foliar fertilizing varieties of tomatoes "Yablonka Russia", according to reviews, it is well stimulates the ovary. Spraying is carried out in the morning or in the evening, but not under the hot sun, so that there are no burns.


It is possible to add fertilizing not only with the help of store preparations, but also with the help of folk methods. So, gardeners shed planting infusions on weeds, onions, banana skins, and a solution of dry yeast.

These recommendations will help you get a great harvest with minimal time and effort. Fruits tomato together and for a long time.

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Amat apple tree of Russia characteristics and description of the varietyAmat apple tree of Russia characteristics and description of the variety

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