Is there a ban and a penalty for cultivating your own planting potatoes?

planting potatoes

The circulation of seeds, their production and control have become a priority task to ensure national security. This is partly why there are regular legislative initiatives related to personal landings of summer residents. The interest was aroused in 2018 by the statement that now the owners of the plots will not be able to use seeds and kunami collected independently for planting. However, the draft was not supported, although changes to the law were made.

The essence of the proposal

Before the next session of the Legislative Assembly, it was reported that an employee of the Rosselkhoznadzor had put forward a proposal to completely ban crop sowing with material that did not pass the test of quality and compliance with the characteristics of the variety. This would mean that gardeners would be obliged to constantly buy the necessary crops, to store confirmations of such purchases, to show evidence when checking.

On a note!

Technically proving that the already planted specimens met the requirements is too difficult.

The proposal also indicated that a fine of up to 500 rubles for a private person and up to 1000 for an entrepreneur could be imposed. The applicant will be any person: a casual witness, a law enforcement officer, a neighbor and a guest of the site. At the same time, it was suggested that sudden inspections be allowed without warning and inspection. As previously reported, the main goal was to protect the health of citizens who could harm themselves using low-quality seeds and tubers.

Final decision

For quite a long time the official representatives of the departments ignored the information, did not give explanations, which led to the growth of real panic among the owners of the dacha plots. However, at the beginning 2019 unequivocally indicated that the project was not considered as a potential law, but did not even go beyond the limits of the Rosselkhoznadzor. Already inside the state body they considered such a measure excessive and not technically feasible. Potential indignations of citizens were considered more weighty than the justification of the author of the initiative in terms of possible benefits.

Planting any crops in their plot by summer residents is still possible in the manner that will be chosen by them. However, new changes to the administrative code indicate: it is categorically impossible to sell directly and otherwise implement such a product. As soon as the manufacturer enters into commercial relations with potential buyers, it moves from the category of private persons to entrepreneurs. Thus, the obligation to prove the safety of the product. According to the law, this can be done only if the planting material has passed the necessary tests, has not been infected and is fully consistent with the grade. Separately indicate that it is not possible to distribute, therefore, seeds, seedlings, cuttings, tubers, including flower crops.

Particularly severe punishment is provided for entrepreneurs who are engaged in agricultural production in large areas. They can not only produce planting material themselves, but also purchase it from suppliers who do not provide certificates and quality passports.At the same time, the size of the farm does not matter, the responsibility is the same for farmers with minimal holdings, and for large farmers.

On a note!

Fines in this case can reach 300 thousand rubles.

Rosselnoznadzor notes that officially this initiative has nothing to do. While experts do not see any threat to public health. More questions are the sale of products informally at elemental points. In the coming years, such initiatives will not be considered as not being implemented.

The owners of the dacha plots in 2019 can, without fear of their own, plant any crops with seeds collected independently. And this concerns not only potatoes, but also any other vegetables, fruits, flowers, ornamental crops. The initiative to impose fines did exist, however, it did not go beyond the boundaries of the relevant department. Messages about the new law, in turn, turned out to be just an information "duck".

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planting potatoesplanting potatoes

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