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Crop calendar for January 2019

the seeds

Soon the new planting season will begin. Will help in planning landings lunar sowing calendar for January 2019 gardener and gardener. He will give hints that will help grow strong seedlings.

In the calendar for the month there is a daily schedule indicating the position of the moon in the zodiacal circle. There are also data on favorable and unfavorable days that affect seed germination, plant growth. This also applies to those that grow in the rooms. The gardener's lunar calendar is a great helper in planning garden work.

The influence of the phases of the moon in January

The phase of the moon in which it is located, affects the cultivated plants. The cycle of the Earth’s only satellite is divided into three periods:

  1. Waning moon. In January 2019, during the descending of the Moon, the sap of plants moves to the root system. That is, the roots begin to grow. It is at this time that they should be fed, you can also prune branches and unnecessary shoots. At this time, the plants do not perceive water treatments. That is, watering plants is not necessary. As for young plants, and seedlings moderate watering otherwise the roots of the plants rot.
  2. Growing During this period, the plants are gaining vitality. It is at this time that they grow well. The juice moves from the roots to the crown. It is necessary to water plentifully.
  3. New moon. Give the plants a well-deserved rest.
  4. Full moon. At this time, it is best to sow the seeds.

The periods when the phase of the moon changes, include the new moon and the full moon. At this time, the plants get a strong impact. In order for them to survive this period well, no need to touch them at all. Watering at this time stops.

In January 2019, it will be in its specific phase in the following time period:

  • from 01.01 to 01.01.2019 - the descending phase;
  • 01/06/2019 year - the new moon;
  • from 07.01. on January 20, 2019 - the growing phase;
  • 01/21/2019 - the full moon;
  • from 22.01. on January 31, 2019 - the Moon is decreasing again.

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Each phase listed has its own effect on plants.

Zodiac signs

The life cycle of plants is affected not only by the phase of the moon, but also by the sign of the zodiacal circle. This data is more difficult to calculate. In the lunar calendar for January 2019 there is all the information about how the night light will move. Usually, the moon goes through the entire zodiac circle, looking at each sign for only two or three days. For a gardener, you need to know what work you need to do in the garden during a certain period. But if he understands the plant, knows what biorhythms he has, then it becomes much easier to care for the seedlings.

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If the moon is located:

  • in Aries, plants grow quickly;
  • in Taurus, says that during this period it is better to harvest, because the fruits are of high quality and resistant to storage conditions;
  • in Gemini, they are also responsible for increased plant growth and full development;
  • in Cancer, this sign has no effect on them;
  • in Leo - this suggests that the moon begins to take moisture from the plants;
  • in Virgo - the seeds sprout well, transplanted plants take root well;
  • in Libra - plants become less susceptible to diseases and actions of insects, also fruits gain juiciness, seeds are formed in large quantities;
  • in Scorpio - says that the stalks of plants grow, they become resistant to diseases and infections;
  • in Sagittarius - plants grow, the trunk becomes longer and thicker, and the number of seeds increases;
  • in Capricorn - additional resistance to the effects of pests, insects, as well as the period of fruiting is manifested;
  • in Aquarius - plant growth becomes slower, as well as their development;
  • in Pisces - during this period the optimum growth of the root system of the plant occurs.

There is also a division of the zodiac signs into several subspecies:

  1. Fertile. These include Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus. There are also those which are called temporary fertile signs - these are Capricorns and Libra. When the moon is in them, it means that it is time to sow the seeds and plant.
  2. Infertile. These signs are considered to be Virgo, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius. Capricorns and Aries are temporarily infertile. At this time, the greatest effect will be obtained from weeding.

Lunar Sowing Calendar for January 2019

For convenience, a table has been drawn up in which you can easily find information about the sign of the zodiac in which the moon is located. Also, what phase will the satellite of the Earth have on a particular day, and what works are best done on a particular day.

Number Phase of the Moon and Zodiac Sign Works in the greenhouse Works in the cultivation of flowers Works on the garden Can not do
1, 2 Scorpio decreases Time for planting onions. Plant for hot pepper seedlings, leeks. Sow radishes, parsley, dill. Dig up, loosen the earth. Produce preventive measures to combat diseases and pests


The time is suitable for planting flowers that have bulbous roots and curly stems



Time to prepare cuttings for further grafting, but only if there is no frost



Engage in the germination of seeds, pasynkovaniem, trimming plants, as well as the division of tubers and bulbs



3, 4 Sagittarius, decreases Allowed the same processes as January 1.2. In addition to previous actions, large tall flowers can also be planted. Work in this period in the garden are not made. Better get some pickling and sour cabbage Hilling, weeding, diving, pinching, transplanting and sowing
5 Capricorn decreasing Plants should not be disturbed in these three days.
6 Capricorn, NEW LUNE
7 Aquarius grows
8, 9 Aquarius grows Take care of cutting with pinching and cutting dry branches and leaves. Sow, germinate, soak the seeds. Plant, water and feed plants
10, 11 Fish growing The best time for sowing seeds of precocious varieties of cucumbers, but only in order to further grow them in the winter greenhouse. You can also sow early spinach. You can sow seeds for tomato seedlings of tall varieties, only if they grow in greenhouse conditions further. Great time for feeding and watering.


It is worth doing planting plants that grow one year and for many years Sow, germinate, soak seeds, as well as produce activities related to the fight against diseases and pests of plants
12, 13, 14 Aries grows It is better to take care of saplings and plants, as well as implement measures to combat diseases and harmful insects. You can sow onions, parsley, celery. Do not forget to gnaw the ground, but only if it is dry. Thin out the seedlings If there is no frost, then pruning dry branches Watering, transplanting, pinching, pasynkovanie
15, 16 Taurus grows An excellent time to sow the following crops for seedlings: pepper, tomato, Beijing, cauliflower, savoy and white cabbage for further planting in open ground. Also, time is suitable for diving, pinching and watering plants. Great time to plant perennial seeds In the absence of frost below -10 degrees, it is worth preparing cuttings for grafting plants in winter and spring Loosen the root system
17, 18 Gemini growing up These days are suitable for combating harmful insects and plant diseases. Also suitable for sowing onions, parsley, beets, and plowing the soil. Do not forget to weed ridges in the greenhouse from weeds Days are suitable for sowing plant seeds, which are twisted and belong to the "ampel" Worth a stroll through the garden and check the quality of the strapping of fruit tree trunks. Seed sow, not worth it. The yield of plants will end up low
19, 20 Cancer grows You can safely sow the seeds of the following cultivated plants: radish, bush beans, pepper, eggplant, seedling cucumber, spinach (further growth in the greenhouse), early and late cabbage. You can also sow - onions, parsley, sorrel, celery, beets. In addition, do not forget to feed the plants with minerals and dive it Time to sow seeds of annual flowers During this period, cuttings are made for winter vaccination, but only if the air temperature has not decreased by more than 10 degrees. Sowing the seeds of plants, from which you plan to obtain planting material in the future, also use chemicals for spraying and plant plants with a tuberous root system
21 Lion, Full Moon No action should be taken with plants.
22 The lion is decreasing An excellent time to prepare vegetable seeds for further sowing. To do this, soak them in mineral fertilizer. Shoots will be resistant to fungi and other diseases that are caused by various bacteria. Planted, fed, transplanted grown seedlings
23, 24 Virgo decreasing Again, this is the time for planting plants such as radishes, parsley, celery, beets, and onions. At this time, it is best to thin the plants that have already grown. You can also swoop, weed, water, trim and apply various fertilizers. Good time for planting annual flowers and with a bulbous root system Seed soaking
25, 26 Libra decreases A good time for planting seeds, such as parsley, celery and dill.

Excellent will affect the process of combating plant diseases and pests.

Their fruits will bring dressing, irrigation, soil loosening processes and cutting of plants

Rooting of cuttings is good for further planting. Avoid planting and handling chemicals that contain poisons.
27, 28, 29 Scorpio, decreases, also the Moon is in the third quarter and again decreases. Period for soaking seeds in the apartments on the windowsill. Sowing, tomatoes, leeks, cress, spinach, leaf mustard

Do not forget to feed organic liquid fertilizers.

In the greenhouse, you can produce sowing radish. Dig a fertile layer of soil. Also, weed the ridges and take measures to combat plant diseases and their pests.

At this time, start planting flowers with a bulbous root system. Postpone staking, trimming, picking
30, 31 Sagittarius, decreases Time for planting seeds in the apartment for seedlings of crops such as peppers, leeks, early cabbage, tall varieties of tomatoes

In the greenhouse you can sow seeds of radish, parsley, dill

Also gnaw the fertile soil layer and thin the sprouting plants.

At this time, the cuttings root perfectly. Also plant flowers with the bulbous root system and those that wind. You can make additional whitewash trunks of garden trees and cut dried branches Weeding, hilling, diving, pinching, transplanting and germinating seeds are best postponed for a more favorable time for this.

What diseases and pests are active in January

Most diseases are found in vegetable stores. Thus, the darkening of gray with a lead shimmer indicates that the potato tubers are affected by the disease - “Phytophtorosis”. If the onions began to soften and mucus formed around the scales, this means that it is affected by a disease called "Neck rot." In short, if you have found in your storehouse the fruits of a crop with any damage, you should immediately get rid of them.

As for pests that become more active in January. These include:

  • rodents;
  • the caterpillars of the Goldfinder and Hawthorn;
  • ringed cocoon, or rather its larvae;
  • hares.

In order to save your garden from rodents, you need to inspect the trunks of trees for the presence of their nests. When found to get rid of them. You also need to get rid of the nests of caterpillars and cocoon. All cut branches are burned.

The presence of hares can be determined with the naked eye. These animals very much love the bark of fruit and young trees. In the fight against these pests use the following methods:

  1. Coat the tree trunks with a mixture of clay and mullein. Add one spoon of carbolic acid to it. The consistency of the composition should be like a thick sour cream.
  2. Build a garland of plates of light metals.
  3. Wrap the tree trunks with a metal net.

Favorable days

The lunar landing calendar for January 2019 is not deprived of favorable days for planting cultivated plants and flowers.

In order to grow strong vegetables that will bring a good harvest, it is worth sowing seeds in the following days:

Plant Days for seva
Cucumber 1 2 10 11 19 20
Bell pepper 1 2 10 11 15 16 19 20
Different varieties of cabbage 1 2 15 16 19 20 30 31
Hot Pepper Sorts 3 4 19 20 30 31
Tomatoes 1 2 10 11 15 16 19 20 27 28 29
Various greens 1 2 3  4 10 11 15 16 19 20 27 28 29 30 31
Radish 1 2 3  4 19 20 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
Eggplant 1 2 10 11 19 20

For the flowers to be striking in their beauty, seeds are best planted and planted on the following days:

Types of flowers Days for seva
Annuals 1 2 10 11 17 18 19 20 23 24
Biennials, perennials 1 2 10 11 15 16
Flowers with bulbous and tuberous root system 1 2 3 4 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 31

Unfavorable time in January 2019 falls on the following days: 5, 6, 7, 21.


The tables indicate favorable days for planting flowers and plants. But this does not mean that at another time it is impossible to engage in planting and sowing seeds. It is necessary to exclude only adverse days.

In order for vegetables, cultivated plants and flowers to grow well and at the end of the horticultural period give a good harvest, you must adhere to the data Lunar calendar for 2019. The landing days begin in January 2019. Already at this time, the most impatient gardeners began to produce certain types of work on the garden plots, as well as sow the first seeds of greenery and cultivated plants. Based on the Lunar calendar, you can see favorable days for landing are found throughout January. Stick to the information that is listed in the lunar calendars and you will notice that the quality of the plants will be much better.

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