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Horseradish with tomatoes and garlic for the winter

Horseradish snack

Horseradish is a delicious spicy sauce made from tomato, horseradish and garlic. Many are wondering how to prepare horseradish with tomatoes and garlic for the winter to soured. To do this, remember a few important rules: the ingredients must be fresh, ripe and juicy. After the vegetables are twisted in a meat grinder, you need to add a couple of drops of vinegar, which does not particularly change the taste, but preserve the vegetables for 3-4 months. What is the beauty of crap: this is a raw sauce, that is, vegetables do not boil, and are used only in fresh form, which makes the snack very useful, since it will preserve a maximum of vitamins from vegetables. To make the crap even more stingy, add hot chili pepper.

The products are simple and straightforward, and the cooking itself doesn’t have complicated stages, basically all the ingredients are twisted through a meat grinder, but the main thing here is not to burn the mucous membranes, so either wear gloves or don’t touch your face, eyes and other areas. Wash hands thoroughly after preparation. You do not need to be a professional cook to make homemade hot sauce.

Essential products for shitty:

  • 500 g tomatoes
  • 100 g horseradish root;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • 1 hot chili pepper;
  • 0.5 cha. l sugar;
  • 2 cha. l coarse salt;
  • 1 tea l 9% vinegar.


Cooking horseradish with tomatoes and garlic

Prepare all the necessary vegetables, clean the horseradish root if necessary, peel the garlic, cut the tail off a hot pepper, seeds can be left to increase sharpness, wash the vegetables, cut into large slices so that it is more convenient to turn in a meat grinder.

Cut vegetables

Scroll through all the vegetables through a meat grinder, we get a vegetable mixture. To speed up the process, you can use the blender bowl, if you have one. But keep in mind that for scrolling horseradish need more power.

Scroll through the meat grinder

To shit, pour salt, sugar, stir the resulting mixture.

Add salt

Add vinegar to prolong the shelf life of our billet.

Add vinegar

We put in jars, which must be washed and dried in advance. It is better to steal the jars for 3-4 minutes so that the container is sterilized.

Fill the jar

We twist the cans with lids, put them in a cool place for storage until winter. For storage, a refrigerator or basement is suitable, where it is dark and there is no sunlight.

Twist banks

Finished horseradish eat with any dish as a sauce. For lovers of spicy, this is the best sauce of fresh vegetables.

Fucking ready

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Horseradish snackHorseradish snack

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