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How to get rid of ants on the site


Ants in the suburban areas play a positive and negative role. On the one hand, they attract birds, increase the content of phosphorus and potassium in the soil, and destroy the caterpillars of other pests. On the other hand, they eat the young leaves and fruit ovaries, spread the aphids on their bodies, penetrate the summer houses. The main threat they pose to young gardens and vegetable gardens. These insects come and build their "houses" near the newly planted trees, bushes and garden beds. To get rid of them, you need to urgently take effective measures.

Why do they appear

The simple answer to this question is that they like it in this garden and here they have a lot of food. The reasons for their invasion are obvious:

  1. Land on the site rarely dig and loosen. Ants will not build their homes where they will constantly collapse during digging.
  2. The soil is poorly fertilized or in composition has a high acidity. Insects do not like "well-groomed" areas, but too heavy land is not for them.
  3. Plants in the garden and in the garden have not been treated with aphids for a long time. This is a special "delicacy" for ants and their larvae.
  4. Few birds fly into the garden, and there is no danger of destruction for ants.

In such cases, anthills grow at a rapid pace. If you do not fight with their inhabitants, insects can destroy many plants. Hosts will lose a significant portion of the crop.

How to drive or destroy

Even if you eliminate all the flaws that attract insects, they will not leave immediately. They will move their anthills from one “dangerous” place to another, more suitable place for them. Only one way out - to apply effective ways to combat pests.

Gentle method

Expel, but not kill the ants, you can. To do this, use one feature of insects. These pests do not tolerate harsh odors. Use of folk remedies and methods will help scare them away:

Facilities Technique
Salt + Elderberry + Mint Elder and mint leaves crushed, mixed with salt. The mixture is scattered on the ant "paths" and sprinkle an anthill
Soap + carbolic acid + kerosene On a ten-liter bucket of water take 400 g of soap, 2 tbsp. spoons of carbolic acid and 10 spoons of kerosene. Mortar watering houses, walkways and trails. Handle 3-4 times. Insects will be removed from such a place.
Oregano + sulfur, soot Chop the grass, mix with sulfur powder (or substitute), to observe the ratio of 1: 2. To smudge the grass near the anthill and the entrances to it with soot from the furnace
Garlic, Tomato Tomatoes, Parsley, Cinnamon Plants are planted in places that are chosen insects. Among the strawberries, cucumbers, sweet root vegetables
Kerosene Moisten chopped wood bark in kerosene. To grind the soil around the berry bushes with it
Carbolic Prepare protective belts of wool or wool. Soak them in the carbolic acid solution. Tie the bottom of the trunks of adult trees
Quicklime Spread over the entire surface of the nest 2-3 times

When using such methods, ants will not suffer, but will leave their homeland soon.


When processing the garden and the garden should be aware that odors scare not only ants, but also bees.During their summer, try to keep the solutions out of the plants.

Radical measures

On the site there are difficult situations. Gardeners have tried many methods of struggle, but the number of ants does not decrease. It is necessary to use the most effective chemical methods. Their use kills the main part of the colony of insects. The remaining units are urgently “evacuated” away from their place of operation.

In many forums, gardeners who were forced to resort to emergency measures speak well of chemicals:

  • The great warrior - gels in syringes;
  • Anteater - concentrated solution in ampoules;
  • Delicia Ameisen-frei (made in Germany) - powder;
  • Expel - Proszek na mrówki 100 g - free-flowing agent in a can.

The original drug is considered ordinary yeast. A small amount of them (2-5 g) poured on an anthill. A maximum of a week later insects die.


All chemicals have instructions for use. Do not exceed their concentration and dosage. It is dangerous for both humans and the environment.

Caring for the cleanliness and ecology of garden plots should not lead to the death of many insects. Even the most effective measures will not help save the gardens from their invasion. The plants and their habitat must be constantly monitored. To provide timely care and prevention of diseases. Do not forget about it.


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