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Ordinary plants that scare off rodents in the garden and in the garden

Rodent Repellent Plants

Pests often raid dacha plots, and gardeners suffer by choosing the means to deal with them so that they do not “feed” the crop with harmful chemicals. But there are simple folk recipes that effectively chase away guests from the garden and protect planting. Moles and mice, along with the main sabotage, can provoke a variety of diseases.

Ways to fight rodents in the garden with flowers

For the fight against mice and moles can be used a variety of fertilizers based on folk wisdom and electronic devices. In addition, the garden itself can protect itself. Often, the owners themselves are unaware of the presence of such useful herbs and flowers that will help scare off rodents.

The most effective are recognized:

  1. Chernokorin or Rat - is dangerous because his seeds cling to their fur and deliver uncomfortable conditions.
  2. Narcissus frightens off with a pungent smell.
  3. Siberian woodland complements the flower bed, safe for children.
  4. The castor is grown as a hedge or shrub. The danger for people is represented by the berries of this plant, since they are poisonous.
  5. Caper euphorbia is an annual plant, its second name is “mole plant”. Its stem is filled with white juice, which has a pungent smell. It grows self-sowing, which is convenient for summer residents.
  6. Chamomile apply dry chamomile heads. They are scattered near the minks of moles or mice.

Against moles, it is desirable to choose flowers with a pungent smell.

Methods of dealing with moles and mice using traps and other means

As for moles, fluids with a pungent odor are used to combat them.

For example:

  • naphthalene;
  • kerosene;
  • antifreeze;
  • Castor oil;
  • vinegar.

It is enough to wet the rag of one of the liquids and put it in the hole to the mole. This method is not always effective, most often, it is useful to use rotten herring and spoiled chicken eggs. It will not be superfluous to install an underground fence as moles are blind, then stumbled upon a barrier, the animal will simply turn around and leave.

Another interesting way is to have a dog or a cat. Moreover, they will be useful both against mice and against moles. It is desirable that the dog was a hunting breed. Moles are very afraid of them and you need to be careful that the dog does not dig more beds than the main pest.

Moles, like mice, do not like certain plants.


The most unpleasant for them are the following:

  • black russian beans;
  • peas;
  • beans;
  • hazel grouse imperial.

The latter species is recognized as the most effective, because, it looks like a fox - the main natural enemy of moles.

Pests will bypass the beds in which such odorous crops as onions, garlic or red pepper grow.

You can make homemade traps. Useful variation of plastic bottles. For her, you need to cut out the blades from the bottle and bend them. Make a small hole in the bottom and put it on a pipe 1 cm thick. Insert the tube into the soil.

Such a repeller will turn from the wind, uttering an unpleasant rumble, frightening the animals.

A trap is a pipe. It should be put at the entrance to the hole, sprinkled with earth. The mole will advance through the pipe and fall into the trap.It is advisable to check every 2 days, and then, release the moles into the open field, far from the site. Electronic traps will do — they can be ultrasonic or aromatic.

From mice to use few other traps. Their advantage is that they are relatively safe for rodents.

Examples of traps:

  1. On the glue. On a cardboard, apply a small amount of adhesive composition, to which the paws of mice stick.
  2. Mousetrap - put a piece of cheese in it that needs to be changed every 2 to 3 days and check every day if a rodent is caught.
  3. Water - in a plastic jar to pour water, and smear its edges with something tasty. Or just put a slice of cheese. The mouse, seeking to take a piece falls into the water and can not escape.
  4. Sliding surfaces - from the plastic bottle to cut off the neck. Inside pour the oil so as to coat the walls. Tara set at an angle. Rodents run inside and can not get out.

If you lure mice to food bait, it is desirable to determine their tastes. For example, it is more effective to catch a shrew with a worm or a larva, and a mouse or a rat with cheese, seeds or a piece of bacon.

Moles and mice are the main "enemies" of summer residents. Therefore, there are many popular ways of dealing with them. However, in relation to moles, it is worth using some humane methods, because they can also bring benefits to earthmoving, because it destroys harmful larvae, insects, caterpillars, and so on.

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Rodent Repellent PlantsRodent Repellent Plants

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