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Black tomatoes: advantages and disadvantages of exotic varieties

The characteristic and description of the variety of black tomatoes suggests that they differ from the traditional ones not only in color, but also in extremely new taste properties. That is why vegetable growers and just amateurs are constantly chasing after selection selections.

Variety of varieties

Considering black tomatoes, varieties and hybrids can satisfy even the most sought-after gardeners. However, cunning entrepreneurs, following the demand of demand, satisfy it in a very peculiar way.

Under the "sly" invented varieties and hybrids that have absolutely nothing to do with selection, and packaged in packs everything.

In order not to fall for the tricks of businessmen, be careful when choosing a variety. Prefer proven producers and varieties listed in the register of breeding achievements.

Description of varieties

The varieties of black tomatoes with a photo and description presented to your attention, not all entered the registry, but many were tested by vegetable growers and received not bad reviews.

Looking for black tomatoes you need to understand that whatever the picture on the bag's photo is, there is no such tomato in nature. A tomato may be dark brown, burgundy with a purple tint, dark brown with a blue cloak, but completely black, not yet.

Genetics and selection do not stand still. Perhaps, soon, for the sake of vegetable growers and gardeners, there will be selection of new items that are very close to black, but so far it is ahead.

In addition, you must understand that the outer shell of the fruit does not guarantee the same color inside and cutting the tomato, you can be disappointed, seeing an ugly, dirty-brown color.

Color and taste

Considering the black varieties of tomatoes, it should be noted that many of them differ in taste from traditional tomatoes and this fact attracts vegetable growers.

These tomatoes have their advantages and disadvantages. If someone tastes like plum, then to another taster the same taste seems disgusting. That is why, by choosing a variety and planting in your garden, you can decide for yourself whether you like a tomato or it is better to refuse it.

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Variety selection

Considering the black varieties of tomatoes with photos and descriptions, you can start from the most famous tomato.

"Black truffle"

This old variety, and probably many vegetable growers have already managed to test it in their gardens.

Orth average maturity. The plant requires support, since its height will be in the range of 1.2-1.5 m. Its fruits are purple-brown, similar to pears, ribbed. Some growers claim that fruit weight can reach 200 g, but the average weight of a tomato is 80-120 g.

The advantages of the variety:

  • amazing taste;
  • low content of organic acids;
  • resistance to tomato diseases;
  • good fruit set;
  • excellent quality

The lack of varieties can not be considered high yields. From one bush will not be able to remove more than 2 kg of tomatoes.

"Black truffle" as well as "Japanese black truffle" are not included in the register of varieties.

Looking for tomatoes purple varieties and black need to understand that it is problematic to have completely purple, but there are others on the market to please the consumer.

Tomato "Purple"

A plant of medium growth height rarely reaches more than 1.2 m. It is middle-ripening in speed of ripening, it needs 100-120 days to ripen.

Fruits weighing about 150 g. According to reviews of vegetable growers, the color of the skin is close to the color of eggplant, but on the cut it is dark red.


  • to taste sweet, and slightly tart, that not everyone will taste;
  • Tomato yield is not high.

Trying to bring purple tomatoes, varieties still do not quite match the color, especially the completely different color tomato pulp. However, breeders are moving in this direction and perhaps in the near future they will be able to produce a tomato close in color to purple.

Tomato "Farmer black"

There is no such variety in the registry. Presenting the seeds, allegedly by breeding the United States, sellers say that fruits weighing 300 g.

The color is red-brown, and with further ripening darken. The one who sells seeds, claims that the variety is fruitful and has excellent, pleasant taste.

A completely different tomato is the newest selection:

"Black sugar"

The grade is included in the register in 2017. Originator varieties LLC "Your farm" Nizhny Novgorod. The variety is recommended for cultivation in all regions of the country.

The medium early, salad destination variety perfectly shows itself both in open ground and in a film greenhouse.

Tall plant, with fruits of a round shape weighing up to 350 g

Grade advantages:

  • excellent taste and aftertaste;
  • high yields in open field and greenhouse;
  • resistance to diseases and weather conditions.

Tomato "Black Russian"

Mid-season, up to 150 cm high forms a harvest brushes. Tomatoes have a flat-round shape, fleshy, weighing up to 200 g


  • great taste;
  • prolonged fruiting;
  • it is suitable both for an open ground, and for greenhouses;
  • fruits are suitable for salad and processing.

"Black Baron"

Considering the varieties of black tomatoes for open ground it is impossible not to notice that the agricultural company “Search” Moscow region, created an interesting variety, which in 2010 was entered in the register and recommended for all regions of the country.

A tall plant requires careful formation and garters. Variety lettuce, mid-season, up to 250 g

The fruit is flat-rounded with well-pronounced ribs. The fruit is brown, not uniform color.

A green tomato has a dark spot on the stem, and it darkens faster than the rest of the fruit.

The advantages of the variety:

  • great taste;
  • good yield;
  • disease resistance.

Considering the black tomatoes, the best varieties, one can not imagine the following:

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“De barao black”

The variety is entered in the register at the end of the last century. The originator is the breeding and seed company Gisok, Moscow.

The tomato is recommended for all regions, both for greenhouses, and for an open ground. “De Barao black” behaves well in salads and preservation.

Late ripening plant has unlimited growth, requires careful garter.

The fruit is purple-brown, ovate, smooth, weighing up to 60 g.


  • high yield;
  • excellent taste;
  • weak susceptibility to disease;
  • universality in use.

Tomato "Chernomor"

Suitable for cultivation in the Central Black Earth region in the open field.

The plant is lettuce, determinant, mid-season.

The fruit is flat, with a weak edge and a dark spot on the stem. Weight up to 60 g


  • high yield;
  • good taste;
  • resistance to cracking;
  • high product yield;
  • resistance to weather conditions;
  • good setting under adverse conditions.

Black Elephant Tomato

Originator of a grade of LLC Gisok-agro Moscow. The variety is intended for all regions of the country.

Variety lettuce, medium ripening. The plant is high, a sheet of potato type. Fruits are flat-round, with strong ribbing.

The unripe fruit has a dark spot at the stem, mature brown-black color. Tomatoes are large and very large, up to 350 g.

Grade value:

  • large fruits;
  • high yield;
  • great taste;
  • originality color.

"Black gourmet"

For some reason, this variety is duplicated as the Black Emperor tomato. Simply, the “Emperor” red tomato, but “Chernya Gourmet” released by the agricultural company “Search” has a rich brown fruit.

The variety can be grown in open field and greenhouses in all regions of the country.

Salad destination he has an average ripening period. Indeterminate, requiring garters and the formation of the plant is worth cultivating in the garden.

The fruit is round, medium density, smooth, brown in color and weighing up to 120 g.


  • yield;
  • disease resistance;
  • great taste.

Black Chocolate Tomato

Thanks to the agricultural company “Search” Moscow region, in 2015 the variety was entered into the registry and is intended for all regions. The tomato perfectly showed itself both in the film greenhouse and in the open field on the garden plot.

Indeterminant, early. Its fruit is small, no more than 25 g with a very interesting taste. The color of the tomatoes is purple-brown both from outside and inside.

The yield is not very high, but product yield and disease resistance are high.


Agrofirm "Search" Moscow region, even in 2009, registered this variety, but the people, for some reason, stubbornly want to call it a black tomato.


The grade is allowed for cultivation in all regions of the country, both for greenhouses, and for a kitchen garden.

Middle season, a variety of lettuce, high, requiring garters and formation. The fruit is round, smooth in density and medium. Weight up to 150 g, and the color is brown.

It tastes good.

"Hot chocolate"

A little confusion also occurred with a tomato of this variety. Entered into the register in 2017, it is sometimes called the Kursk black tomato.

“Hot Chocolate” was released by the specialists of the selection company “Gavrish”, Moscow.

Early salad, with brown, round, smooth, not large, up to 35 g fruits, it has undoubted advantages:

  • great taste;
  • high yield;
  • resistance to natural factors;
  • resistance to complex diseases.

"Black Pearl"

People prefer to call it “black raspberry tomato”. The hybrid was given to LLC Agrofirm "Sedek", Moscow.

You can grow this tomato in all regions. Salad, early ripe, tall. Smooth, round tomatoes with excellent taste and low weight, about 30 g, have several advantages:

  • high yield;
  • high marketability;
  • stress resistance;
  • possibility of collecting brushes.

Black Cream Tomato

Agrofirm "Sedek" in 2017 gave birth to another variety of black varieties of tomatoes.

Medium ripening, lettuce destinations with great growth and the need for a pinch and tying.

The fruit has the shape of an ellipse, smooth, medium in density, brown. Fruit weight up to 45 g.


  • excellent yield;
  • good taste;
  • good product yield;
  • weather resistance.

Indigo Rose Tomato

In favor of consumers at the University of Oregon, USA, Professor Jimmy Maers, led a variety whose fruits have a violet color on the outside and red on the inside.

Early variety. From full germination to fruit ripeness, 95-105 days pass. Tall, wrist.

Fruits are round, dense have excellent gloss. Fruit weight up to 100 g


  • carpentry;
  • great taste;
  • high resistance to phytophthora.

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Black Russian Tomato

The height of plant forms up to 1.7 m, require the formation and garters to good supports.

Fruit weight up to 180 g on average sometimes up to 250 g

Tomato salad destination, dense, fleshy, tasty. The color of the fruit is red-brown.


  • disease resistance;
  • great taste;
  • disease resistance.

"Black Goddess"

The tomato is not included in the register of varieties, the author is not known. Vegetable growers describe the variety as versatile, productive with tomatoes weighing up to 100 g and red-brown in color.

The plant is tall, requires good support.


  • resistance to weather anomalies;
  • yield;
  • high product yield.

"Chocolate lump"

The variety is not entered in the registry, the author is unknown. Seed sellers announce the variety as:

  • high-yielding;
  • early;
  • salad dressing;
  • with great taste.

Tomatoes weigh up to 300 g and are red-brown in color. Having planted such seeds, each vegetable grower should himself figure out whether a tomato is really the way it is described.

Varieties of tomatoes with black fruits are numerous, but they are all tall, require garters and formation.

Among them, there really are those who will surprise and delight with their taste. By applying your skills in matters of agricultural technology, you can grow a decent crop of delicious tomatoes.

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