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Pudovik tomato: very fruitful grade with tasty fruits

Tomato "Pudovik" reviews, photos, yield, who planted can confirm - all good.

Official information

For variety testing to enter into the register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation, the variety came in 2005. The applicants were a private entrepreneur from the city of Novosibirsk Dederko V.N. and Postnikova OV

The test of the variety lasted two years, and in 2007 the variety was entered into the register of the Russian Federation under the number 9463967. The variety is recommended for cultivation in open ground and under shelters as a salad destination.

Full description with the opinion of those who planted

Description of the plant form

"Pudovik" indeterminantny grade. The height of an adult bush can easily reach 180-200 cm. The bush is a powerful, spreading, large leaf, a typical tomato species.

Sowing the seeds in the traditional time you will not see fast fruiting, it is rather mid-season. In order to speed up the enjoyment of a tasty tomato a little, you can sow the seeds in the last days of February.

Herbal form requires constant care. Pasoning is a compulsory procedure, although Pudovik is not very powerful in the formation of stepchildren.

Tomato shoots grow quickly, they are massive and heavy. Without tying a whip, they quickly descend under their weight, so tying up should be carried out constantly.

Fruit Description

Fruits tomato "Pudovik" forms on simple inflorescences, and its stem without articulation.

Unfortunately, seed packers are misleading shoppers by drawing smooth fruit on the label of seed bags. They portray the shape correctly, heart-shaped, but the fruit does not show smoothness - it is ribbed.

Tomatoes are average in density and do not want to lie for a particularly long time. Vegetable growers who grew the variety speak of it as very tasty, but not one that can lie for a long time and wait for its consumption.

During ripening, tomatoes have a bright green color. Ripe fruit - crimson. At a cut four nests are well looked through. Each is filled with pulp and seeds.

Often, gardeners confuse varieties and "Pudovik" issued for "one hundred pounds." However, these varieties are completely different in form and color of the ripened fruit. In addition, the “Puffik” variety is much better in taste and much more (almost twice) higher yield.

Separately, it should be noted flavoring tomato. Those who grew a tomato repeatedly assert that “Pudovik” is the most delicious tomato from all the tomato inhabitants of the vegetable garden. The tasting commission, in determining the properties, rated it “excellent”. The tomato has a pronounced tomato flavor with an excellent balance of acids and sugars, as well as a pleasant, tender pulp.

Some vegetable growers note the "lykovost" and fibrous fruit. However, those who are constantly engaged in the improvement of agrotechnical parameters, deny such data and say that with good care this has never been noted.

By weight, tomatoes are large. The average weight of the fetus varies in the range of 280-320 g. There is evidence that tomatoes often exceed 400 g.

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Tomatoes "Pudovik" very fruitful. When registering a variety, they were assigned an indicator of 15.5 kgf per square meter of tomato beds.

Those vegetable growers who have already planted a tomato, they say that tomatoes are “buckets” for this variety, quite normal.

The variety responds very well to the nutritional value of the soil and feeding. If some people talk about fattening, the large shoots always bear huge fruits in large quantities.


Variety served as a salad. Its excellent taste properties do not allow wonderful fruits to be produced on tomato products.

With large quantities, surplus can always be realized on the market.

Advantages and disadvantages

The tomato falls in love at first sight and is justified. He has:

  • great taste;
  • high yield;
  • good commodity output.

Among the shortcomings, some vegetable growers point out the possibility of cracking, but this does not happen with optimal agricultural technology.

Recommended growing regions

Passing varietal tests, the tomato has proven itself in the fields of all regions of the Russian Federation.

Disease and Pest Resistance

The registration commission does not give instructions on the resistance of the variety to a specific type of pathogen.

Following this information, tomatoes need preventive treatments. Those who have already grown, do not emit a special sensitivity of the Pudovik to any pathogens or pests, but they also do not refuse prevention.

Experienced vegetable growers carry out the first processing one month after planting, and then every 15–20 days, depending on weather conditions.

In order for the treatments to take place with the greatest effect, it is recommended to alternate fungicidal preparations not only from year to year, but also from processing to processing.

Features of growing varieties

To speed up the flow of tasty fruits to the table you need to worry about the seedling period.

Grow strong seedlings

It is better to sow seeds at the end of February in nutritious, universal soils.

In the phase of the two true leaves, the seedlings spar in individual containers.

Seedlings tend to stretch, so the best place to grow will be a bright, southern window and not a high temperature.

Optimal for the night - 14-16 ᵒC, and in the afternoon not higher than 18-20 ᵒC. Such conditions will allow the seedlings to be compact.

Some growers, growing tall varieties, use different technologies and techniques to prevent growth. Can be used:

  1. Root trimming;
  2. Lowering the temperature and increasing the light;
  3. Treatment with drugs inhibiting growth.
In open ground tomato can be transplanted when the return frost will no longer be possible. The age of seedlings by this time should be 55-65 days.

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Transplant into the ground

Choosing a landing site is not difficult, but the site must meet the following indicators:

  • the place should be sunny;
  • no stagnant moisture;
  • protected from the prevailing winds;
  • previous culture should not be bouillon;
  • soils are better to choose light and breathable.

If the seedlings were grown in individual tanks, the transplant is not difficult. After removing the cups, the seedlings descend into the ground on the most real leaves.

If the seedlings stretched out, which is often the case with tall varieties, it can be planted lying down or bending the stem.

Before planting, it is recommended that seedlings not be watered so that it is a little more pliable, and once in the ground, it will immediately begin to absorb water and grow the root system from the shoots that were covered with earthen mixture.


Deciding to grow a tomato "Pudovik" characteristic and description of the variety suggests that it does not require special care requirements.

If you are going to grow a large-fruited and high-yielding variety, then it should be borne in mind that in order for it to show all the potential laid down by genetics, it needs very fertile soils and timely root dressings.

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Watering, for such a tomato is also very important, because the plant can not take nutrients from dry soil.

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