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Description of the variety of tomato "GREAT WHITE"

If you are in search of a good variety of tomatoes that would not grow with each neighbor in the country house, then you have come to the right place. Here you will learn about the characteristics of the tomato "GREAT WHITE" and its cultivation. Which means "Big White" or "White Giant". The name is really given to a tomato for a reason.

Description of the variety and its characteristics

  • Tomato refers to varieties with medium ripening. In the open field, you get the first harvest in about 125 days, in the greenhouse 10-14 days earlier. Accordingly, the tomato can be grown both outdoors and indoors.
  • The color of the tomatoes is light yellow or milky. The variety is considered one of the best among white-fruited.
  • The bush grows powerful and in length can reach two meters. Therefore requires garter and formation. Pasynki also need to be deleted.

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  • The variety is demanding of moisture, but at the same time unpretentious and resistant to diseases.
  • Forms large fruits, for which he received its name. Tomatoes can reach a mass up to a kilogram. The average weight is 400-500 grams. Therefore, in general, the form can not be conserved.
  • Very tasty and fragrant fruits that can be used for fresh food, for sauces, for juices. The flesh is fleshy and juicy.
  • High-yielding variety.
  • During the ripening of the fruit, it is necessary to ensure that the tomatoes do not touch the ground, the bushes are not heavily thickened, otherwise the crop spoils.
  • Sleepiness of fruits is short.

Tomato “GREAT WHITE”, the description of the variety of which is presented above, is rarely seen on the garden beds, so if you like everything unusual and new, then this variety is for you. It has a lot of advantages, and of the minuses only the need to form, garters, and regular watering. But this compensates for the high yield of large fruits.


Planting seeds is carried out in March, after pre-disinfection in a solution of manganese. Seeds are not buried deep in the soil, they are watered after planting from a spray bottle and covered with a film. In the phase of two leaves dive, if not previously planted crops are made into tablets or in separate pots. You can buy ready-made soil or make your own by taking sand, peat, humus and garden soil in approximately equal proportions. Then add a spoonful of ash.

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Transfer to the street seedlings produced after the last frost, make support in advance. Shrubs are better not to plant more than three pieces per square meter or in a row. In the hole before planting pour mineral fertilizer. After that, they add another 2-3 times per season. You can throw and just organic for fodder.

Form bushes in 1-2 stems. It has already been said earlier in the description of the tomato variety “GREAT WHITE” that it is necessary to water the bushes regularly, after which the soil is loosened. If a tomato is grown in a greenhouse, then it is aired. When the fruits begin to ripen, then support will be needed under the branches. Extra leaves are better removed.

That's all the main techniques of agricultural engineering. Nothing complicated, but the result is excellent. You will definitely like this variety.

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