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To tomatoes were large and ripen faster, prepare a top dressing

To tomatoes were large

The key to growing tasty and large tomatoes is their regular feeding. At each stage of development, a tomato needs certain vitamins and trace elements that contribute to the normal growth of the plant. The combination of organic and mineral fertilizers will allow to obtain large tomatoes, to increase the number of fruits and their rate of ripening.

Top dressing of tomatoes

Over the years of practice, gardeners managed to come to a common opinion that tomatoes should be fed at least 3 times per season in order to achieve their large fruit and juiciness.

Stage 1 - fertilizer after transplanting

The first time you need to feed the tomatoes in 12-14 days after planting seedlings under film cover or in open ground. At this stage, the plant requires nutrients that will increase its overall stability and activate the growth of green mass.

  1. Herbal mixture based fertilizer. You will need to take:
  • 2 kilograms of nettle;
  • 2 kilograms of plantain;
  • one glass ground into dust wood ash;
  • fresh mullein - 2 liters;
  • 25 liters of water.

Place all the elements of the infusion in a fifty-liter container, mix until smooth and leave for two days. After the stated time, infusion dilute with 25 liters of water. Under each bush you need to pour two liters of herbal infusion.

  1. Nutrient mixture based on urea and wood ash. In a ten-liter container with water, dissolve 25 grams of urea and 3 cups of ground ash. Stir the mixture until all components are dissolved. Add the resulting liquid to 0.5 liters per plant.


Use nitrogenous fertilizers only at the first stage of tomato development. Stick to the specified dose, so as not to provoke "fattening" of plants.


Stage 2 - fertilization before flowering

To increase the number of fruits, before flowering, fertilize tomatoes with potash and phosphorus trace elements.

  1. A solution based on mullein and nitrophoska. In ten liters of distilled water dissolve 15 grams of nitrophoska and one liter of fresh mullein. The resulting solution pour tomatoes under the root, avoiding contact with the leaves. Consumption per bush is 1 liter.
  2. Nutrient mixture based on superphosphate, mullein and wood ash. Prepare a mullein infusion: take 5 liters of fresh cow dung, pour 5 liters of water. Let it stand for three days, stir it every day. Then, pour a liter of mullein infusion into a bucket of water, pour a glass of chopped wood ash and 20 grams of superphosphate. Stir the mixture until smooth. Water a liter under the plant.
  3. Top dressing on the basis of superphosphate, manganese sulphide, wood ash. Preparation of the solution: in ten liters of water at room temperature, dissolve a pinch of manganese sulphide, a glass of wood ash and 20 grams of superphosphate. Pour the mixture with each bush, spending 0.5 liters for each.

Stage 3 - fertilization during the formation of the ovary

The third wave of dressings is the main, in the complex process of making nutrients. After all, it is at this stage that the fruits are formed. For fertilizer use:

  1. A solution based on humate, nitrophoska, superphosphate.Dissolve nitrophosphate and superphosphate crystals in one liter of water. Pour the mixture into a bucket of water, add 10 milliliters of humate. Stir until complete connection of all components. Consumption per square meter is 5 liters. On average, one plant accounts for 2 liters of working solution.
  2. Infusion based on iodine, wood ash, boric acid. Boil five liters of water, add 4 cups of ground ash to dust. Leave the infusion alone to cool. Then pour half a bubble of iodine, add a teaspoon of boric acid. Insist 24 hours. Before use, dilute the infusion with clean water. One liter of the mixture will need ten liters of water. The consumption rate per bush is one liter.

Foliar processing

To increase the speed of ripening and large-fruited fruits allow not only root fertilization, but also spraying of plants and fruits. You can increase the yield:

  1. Boric acid based solution. Perform processing before the start of flowering to stimulate the growth of already formed buds, as well as to enhance the appearance of a new ovary. The working solution is prepared on the basis of a tablespoon of acid and a bucket of water. One liter is enough to spray one hundred squares.
  2. Solution based on the stimulants "Tomato", "Ovary". Processing stimulants will increase the number of ovaries, accelerate the growth of tomato, fruit development. Statistics show that the yield after spraying increases by 25%. Preparation of solutions:
  • on the basis of the drug "Tomato". Dissolve two ampoules with a stimulant in a liter of water, add a few drops of detergent, stir the solution. Consumption per square meter of plantings is 0.3 liters;
  • on the basis of the drug "Ovary". Dissolve the powder bag in 3 liters of water. Consumption per ten square meters of tomatoes is 0.5 liters.

Useful information!

Spray one of the selected solutions early in the morning, from 5 to 9 in the morning, or in the evening from 18.00 until the full sunset.

  1. Solution based on iodine. Spray the tomatoes in the period of technical ripeness. In a bucket of water, dissolve forty drops of iodine. Using a spray bottle, process the fruit and green mass of tomatoes.

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To tomatoes were largeTo tomatoes were large

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