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Tomato is a hospitable characteristic and description of the variety.

The climate in the regions is very different, and units can often boast a warm, long summer without winds, hail, storms or drops. For all the rest we need good, proven varieties, well, and since we are talking about tomatoes on the site’s pages, we will continue the tradition. And now such a hardy variety is on the agenda today - the Khlebosolny tomato, let's get acquainted today with its description of the variety, photos and reviews of those who have already grown this tomato on their beds.

general description

Some of the best tomatoes are created by Siberia breeders. And our today's tomato from them. It is suitable for cultivation in all regions, and even in the cold can grow and bear fruit, moreover, it gives large fruits. Of course, Siberia and the extreme north, harsh places, and here you need to grow crops in greenhouses. This tomato has a lot of advantages, good returns.

It is important that it is productive, and the tomatoes are well. They can be transported. Therefore, if you are selling, this variety will suit you. He, in general, endures all the hardships perfectly not only short summer and coolness, but also heat, heavy rain, drought. And the name of what is worth, we immediately recall our traditions, rich tables, where there are many different pickles and jams from our yard. Let's get acquainted with the tomato closer.

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Tomato "hospitable". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • It refers to varieties with medium early ripening. After 110-120 days you will receive your large, tasty tomatoes.
  • It has a leafy crown, sprawling branches. He needs a lot of space.
  • This tomato produces very large fruits. The average weight is 600 grams, but not uncommon, when gardeners received tomatoes and more than 1 kg. This suggests that the branches with the crop will need support.
  • The skin has a rich red color, there is a slight ribbing on the tomatoes, the shape is slightly flattened.
  • There are few seeds inside. The taste of the fruit is very sweet, pleasant aroma.
  • Can grow in greenhouses and outdoors.
  • It has a universal table purpose - they eat such tomatoes fresh, canned, prepare juices, pasta, mashed potatoes and so on. Suitable for feeding small children.
  • Determinant type. Shrubs grow low, about a meter. On the street, the height of the tomato "Klebosolny" is about 70-80 cm.
  • High-yielding tomato.
  • Undemanding variety, fruits are stored for a long time.
  • To the main diseases has resistance.
  • Requires pasynkovaniya and the formation of two stems.

Here is such a beautiful tomato with giant fruits. You can grow it yourself, buy seedlings and already know what can come out of it. If you want to plant your own hands, then the following section is for you. When planting your seedlings, it is always more pleasant to get a harvest in the end, besides, you will definitely know what you are sowing, because frauds often happen in the markets.

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Agrotechnical cultivation of tomato "Khlebosolny"

Crops start from the beginning of March, if after you grow a variety in the greenhouse, and closer to April, if it is outside. You can immediately plant in a separate container, so as not to dive after the seedlings, you can also in a common container. The soil is sold in stores or make your own - mix approximately in equal proportions of sand, humus, soil from the garden. Add some ash and superphosphate here.

The seeds of Tomatoes “Khlebosolny” are deepened by 1.5 cm, after which they moisten the ground and cover with a film. When the seedlings sprout, they take it off, they are moistened regularly and turned toward the sun so that the stems do not bend.If the seedlings grew together, then after the development of two leaves, they dive. Carry the seedlings to a permanent place you will be in late May or early June. Each region has its own climate, the main thing is that the soil is warm, and the threat of frost has already passed. The transfer to the greenhouse will be earlier due to the protection of the soil.

The soil at the site is prepared for a week - they dig it over, spilling boiling water from parasites. Then prepare the wells - 3-4 per square meter, they pour a spoonful of mineral supplements. You can put supports only at the stage of ripening, so that the branches under the heavy mass of the crop do not break. Formed bushes in two stalks, so that the harvest was greater, this means that you regularly remove stepchildren, but do not touch the very last one at the top left or right. This will be your second stalk. Take steps every 7-10 days in the morning or in the evening, so that the wounds would quickly heal.


The soil is better under the bushes zamulchirovat. This will retain heat, moisture and help from parasites.

Water the bushes as they dry, they are undemanding, it is better to loosen the soil afterwards, to air the greenhouse. Phytophthora, viral and fungal diseases do not threaten the tomatoes. Parasites can bother you, but you can cope with them by spraying weed infusion mixed with pepper or soapy water. Insecticides are best used only in case of emergency, if the bushes were struck by a spider mite. Add additional feeding 2-3 times after landing on a billeting place with regularity of 14-20 days. So, you will get an excellent result from the variety of tomato “Khlebosolny”, the reviews about which are always positive, they motivate to grow.

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For the prevention of diseases and parasites, use a spraying of a weak solution of manganese or the preparation "Fitosporin". All spraying is carried out in the morning or evening, never spray in the fog and in the sun - there will be burns on the bushes.

So just you can get excellent in its taste and weight of the fruit. Remember about prevention.

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Tomato is a hospitable characteristic and description of the variety.Tomato is a hospitable characteristic and description of the variety.

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