The best hybrids of tomatoes with photos and descriptions 17.11.2017

Tall hybrid of tomatoes "Krasnobay F1". What are its benefits?

Today there will be a conversation about tomatoes, namely about the Krasnobay tomato, the reviews of which are of interest, and the photo and yield indicators only reinforce it. What is this tomato, let's look further.

general description

The variety "Krasnobay" is a hybrid. This means that these tomatoes have high yields, and diseases and various unpleasant weather manifestations do not affect the figures to a large extent, because the tomatoes are stable. Of course, there is a minus - this is something that can not be taken from a hybrid variety and get the seeds for the next year.

Why do gardeners love "Krasnobay"? And for the fact that he can give excellent harvest of tomatoes weighing up to 500 grams or more. In this case, the disease is not terrible. But high rates can be obtained under the condition of growing in greenhouses, where tall bushes are better tied to supports, since their own fruits can break the plant. If there is a greenhouse, then you can grow a tomato even in the north.

The variety in our country began to grow officially in 2008, then it would be entered in the register. Brought a variety on the territory of our state. And over the years, "Krasnobay" has become very popular and in demand, gardeners always praise him and cultivate from year to year.

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002243_mini4Characteristic variety

  • Independent variety. Its height can reach more than one and a half meters. Supports required.
  • "Krasnobay" refers to hybrids with medium term maturation. So, the first harvests after the moment of emergence of seedlings receive 120-130 days.
  • The taste of fruits is excellent, the flesh is fleshy, weight up to 500 grams and above. In this case, the fruits have a dense skin that is resistant to cracking. This fact and the fact that the fruits can be well stored and far transported, make the variety very competitive in the market. Payback is high.
  • Fruits can be gathered unripe, and they ripen well at home.
  • Ripe tomatoes have a rich red hue, the shape of the fruit is slightly flattened.
  • If you plant "Krasnobay" on the street, then it should be regions with a warm climate, as the variety may not have time to see in other places.
  • Productivity is very high - up to 15 kg from one bush.
  • The purpose of the variety is table, universal. The fruits are very tasty salads, juices, sauces. But you can't preserve whole tomatoes because of the large size. But, according to reviews, these tomatoes are canceled if they are salted with a barrel method.
  • Variety resistant to diseases.

If we talk about the minuses, it is one - it is the inability to ripen in most regions, if you plant bushes on the street. Also, many are dissatisfied with the fact that fruits are not formed so early. But all these minuses are irrelevant.

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Tomato "Krasnobay" - this is a great challenger in the new planting season. He will please his high yield, and you can grow it for sale without fear.

Video review of the hybrid "Krasnobay F1»

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