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Tomato "Miracle of the Earth"

This article was no exception, and today the tomato is unusual in its performance. There is something to love him, because he is popular and in demand. We are sure that every summer resident dreams of record harvests so that the neighbor will be surprised and the family will be delighted. So the sort of tomato "Miracle of the Earth" is. Reviews confirm that you can get a lot of tasty and large fruits, while the technology is simple to grow.

general description

This tomato was created in Russia by breeders. It has become an independent variety since 2006, and all this time it has been actively grown in most regions of the country. Tomato has impressive bushes that can grow more than two meters tall. But this is quite typical for varieties that produce high, stable yields and large tomatoes. Yes, the height of the bush requires him to tie up, but still the results pay for all the efforts put into it during the cultivation.

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Tomato can be cultivated both in the street and in the greenhouse, while it bears fruit well even in the northern regions. Yes, the yield there is slightly lower in tomato "Miracle of the Earth", as described in the description and description of the variety, but still it is quite high. You will be satisfied in any case.


When grown in open ground, it is better to choose areas where there will be less draft and wind. Or you will have to prepare additional shelter so that the bushes do not break during our changeable weather.

If we talk about the benefits, there are a lot of them. With regards to disease resistance, it is impossible to call a tomato absolutely stable. There are risks of mosaic and spotting. But nevertheless there is immunity to many diseases, and how to make tomatoes sick less, we will tell further.

Tomato "Miracle of the Earth." Description of the variety. Photos and reviews

  • Inferminant view. Standard bushes.
  • Large tomato. Tomatoes "Miracle of the Earth" can reach up to 1200 grams in weight. On average, the weight is stable 500-700 grams.
  • High-yielding tomato - in temperate, warm climates and in greenhouses, you can collect more than 20 kg of fruit per square meter. In the northern regions - up to 15 kg.
  • Treats tomatoes with early terms of ripening. The first large tomatoes you can collect in 900-100 days after sowing.
  • The height of the bush - 170-200 cm.
  • Pasicking and shaping required.
  • Fruits have a raspberry skin, flattened shape.
  • The largest tomatoes are formed on the lower part of the plants, smaller at the top, they are used most often for winter spins.
  • Plus varieties and that it is well stored and transported, which is not always characteristic of large-fruited tomatoes. This gives you the opportunity to grow tomatoes "Miracle of the Earth" for sale.
  • Cameras in tomatoes 7-8.
  • It has a versatile table setting - tomatoes are very tasty and fresh, they are suitable for preparing a variety of dishes - juices, sauces, ketchup, salads, of course, because of the large weight, tomatoes cannot be preserved as a whole.
  • There is resistance to a number of common diseases. A more detailed description of the “Miracle of the Earth” tomato variety regarding diseases in agricultural technology.
  • The support is required not only by the stem, but also by the branches with fruits, otherwise they will simply break under the weight.

That's such a wonderful variety, you see, I want to grow it in my garden beds. And so that you know how to do this, read the article below.

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Agrotechnology. Tomato "Miracle of the Earth"

This tomato is quite easy to grow, it is unpretentious in many ways.Crops begin in the second decade of March. Since this variety does not have absolute resistance to all diseases, then, of course, pre-sowing treatment is necessary. The simplest and most traditional means is a solution of manganese. They can handle everything - seeds, soil before planting, bushes in the beds for prevention.

In this case, it is better to spill the soil with boiling water with manganese at the initial stage, that is, before sowing the seeds, and when you transfer the seedlings to a permanent place. Even the purchased land can be infected, but it’s not worth talking about the one on the street. From year to year, summer residents grow different products in it, crops can get sick, various pathogenic flora accumulate in the ground. At the same time, tomatoes have similar diseases with potatoes, eggplants, and pepper. Therefore, these cultures can not be predecessors.

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There are also ready-made preparations on sale that give immunity to plants and help protect the crop from death. These include "Immunocytofit", "Zircon", "Epin-Extra."

So, seeds are planted to a depth of 1 cm, moisten and close the film. Shoots appear quickly, after 5-10 days. You remove the film, moisturize as the soil dries. When there will be 3-4 sheets, carry out a pick in separate cups. It is better to use peat or thick paper, all this is on sale. With them you put the seedlings in the ground in a permanent place. It will be around the end of May - June in most regions.

As long as the seedlings are at home, you can add a mineral supplement once, under the condition of sowing in the purchased nutrient soil. You also apply fertilizer to the hole before planting, but first you have to dig up the area, shed boiling water. One meter does not plant more than three bushes. Immediately made support. You can put in a checkerboard pattern or in a row.

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Care will be in watering, by the way, this tomato tolerates drought quite easily. You also need to loosen the ground so that there is no stagnation, and the pathogenic environment does not multiply. The lower branches of the bushes are best removed for the same purpose. Need and pasynkovanie. But do not begin to tear off the stepchildren too soon, otherwise you will stimulate the growth of shoots from the buds that were asleep. Pysanka should grow about 8-10 cm, after which they are already removed about once every 7-10 days. This is done in the evening or early in the morning. Shrubs are formed in 2-3 stems for a better harvest, that is, you remove all stepchildren to the top, where you leave either one or two and the main stem.

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In hot weather, this variety can curl leaves to conserve moisture. But if they fall, shrink, turn yellow, then this is a sign of illness.

Tomatoes of this variety can hurt, even though they do not care about the phytophthora, but mosaic and spotting can be amazing. Therefore, it is important to pre-sowing the soil and seeds, preventive spraying, thinning the bush, the correct mode of irrigation. If the mosaic struck, then it is better to remove the diseased parts or the bushes completely, and to treat the places of the cuts of the branches with potassium permanganate. For the prevention and treatment of spotting use "Barrier" or the drug "Barrier". If whitefly butterflies and mites bother you, they can be bred by Confidor.

Also, those plants that were not only processed correctly and on time, but also well fed, do not get sick. Tomatoes respond very well to fertilizers, this variety can be watered 3-4 times per season. Optimally alternate organic fertilizers and mineral feed from the store. The first feed is made approximately 10-14 days after landing on a new place, then every 14-21 days. So, the description of the tomato variety “Miracle of the Earth” has come to an end, the reviews of which are always positive.

Growing vegetables at your dacha, you provide yourself and your family with clean and healthy products. It is needed for longevity and health.

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