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If you sow a tomato in April, when to repot?


Tomatoes - fast-growing plants. Traditionally, the seeds of variegated tomatoes are sown in the first spring month, but experienced gardeners know: the time has not yet been missed - in April 2019 there are enough suitable planting days for tomato seedlings. The main thing is to do everything on time.

Choosing the time to plant healthy tomatoes

Just like a tapestry is woven from multi-colored threads, so is Russia from a variety of climatic zones and natural zones. Each has its own weather conditions, humidity, day length, rainfall, soil composition and temperature regimes. Private traders and farmers of the Krasnodar Territory, Rostov and Volgograd regions have already carried out the second picking of tomatoes, planting seedlings in greenhouses and open ground. In Chelyabinsk and Kemerovo only prepare for the first dive. In Norilsk and Vorkuta, seeds are sorted, awaiting favorable April days for planting.

when to transplant tomatoes

But there is one factor uniting gardeners from all districts - moon influence on the effectiveness of growing the desired seedlings. According to its phases, marked in the sowing calendar, and those who want to get the basis of the future harvest - strong seedlings are oriented. After all, if purchased or harvested seeds of the best and promising varieties are sown prematurely - the sprouts will stretch, thin and hardly transfer the transplant. Late disembarkation will give underdeveloped and immature bush. The harvest will be lost by twenty percent.

And there are days when nothing can be sown or transplanted at all - the April peak new moon and full moon:

  • from 1st to 6th;
  • 19th

Growing moon and "juicy" - the best time for sowing. It stimulates the influx of juices, the seeds quickly peck, the stems stretch up, the roots allow the necessary “antennae”:

  • April 7-8;
  • 11-12;
  • 18;
  • 20;
  • 21.

Horoscopic periods are also important. Located to help planting tomatoes in April:

  • Cancer - 11-12 numbers;
  • Scorpio - 20-21;
  • Capricorn - 24-26;
  • Fish - 29-30.

The most barren signs are:

  • Aquarius, falling on the first day of the month and the penultimate - 27-28;
  • Scales coinciding with the full moon.

The remaining signs, like the moon phases, are neutral.

Landmark for ripening

when to transplant tomatoes

Seedlings above half a meter - little adapted for survival in the beds. Before she starts and gives the first ovary, she will repeatedly fall ill. Little saplings will give a harvest, but sluggish.

Before filling home window sills or production greenhouses, it is necessary to focus on the period of seedling ripening - from sowing the seed to getting a dense stem with 6-8 leaves:

  • ultra early / early ripening varieties ripen in 80-90 days from the moment the seed enters the ground;
  • early need 90-100 days;
  • medium early will be ready for transplant in 100-105 days;
  • middle-season need 105-120;
  • Late-ripening can be transferred to the greenhouse in 120-130 days.

Preparation, watering, feeding

Prepared seeds from the best fruits from their garden and packaged with their own hands in paper bags or canvas bags - reliable. Especially if these varieties delight the abundance of the harvest for more than one year.

Purchased - in the store or on the ruins - are doubtful, although the seller and the manufacturer guarantees their germination and fertility.Treatment is needed to prevent and reject infections that destroy plants and their neighbors in the root bed:

  • with manganese 1% solution - soak the sunflower seeds wrapped in gauze or thin, the handkerchief that is already in use (far from new, thinned) for a quarter of an hour, then rinse thoroughly with running water;
  • soda solution - 0.5 g per half cup of water - the day of soaking;
  • the juice of mature aloe (not less than 3 years old), diluting it in water 1: 1 - to withstand 24 hours;
  • concentrate Phytosporin - 1 drop per half cup of distilled warm water - 2 hours.

The soil mixture also needs disinfection. It can be kept above steam or roasted in an oven heated to 180 ° C for at least 15 minutes. If there is a lot of land, treat with a solution of potassium permanganate a day before sowing a tomato.

Observing the required humidity of the soil substrate, the time for irrigation and loosening is also calculated by the lunar phases. This is best done in a growing month, or at least in a decreasing one, but only if the satellite of the earth entered into a tandem with fertile zodiac constellations. But when the fertile for sowing Cancer with Fish comes to power, watering tomatoes is contraindicated: they can catch root rot.

when to transplant tomatoes sown in April

Top dressing is desirable to introduce in the days of coming:

  • Weights;
  • Virgin;
  • Capricorn;
  • Taurus;
  • Cancer.

Pickup and landing

To increase the resistance of young plants, stimulation of root development, a mandatory transplant is carried out - from shallow planting capacity to bulk. Small capacity (disposable plastic cups / salad containers / packaging from under children's yoghurts and cottage cheese) with a minimum filling with the ground substrate is not able to give the younger saplings enough food for full development.

The first “transportation” takes place exactly two weeks after awakening and seed germination. The second is three weeks after it. But here, too, without the lunar and horoscopic rules and terms here, too, can not do:

  • to suspend growth, root days are chosen - the time of the waning moon in collaboration with signs of the land element on April 1-3 and April 24-26;
  • to accelerate the development of the crown - the growing month from the 6th to the 18th;
  • for pinching the central part of the stem (formation of the lateral branches) in the days of the arrival of Capricorn 25-26 (at the same time it is advisable to feed the sprouts with mineral additives).

On April 5 and 19, no work can be done on and around young stems.


Planting tomatoes for a permanent place of residence - a bed, garden, field - it will be time when on the street a week and a half will keep + 12-15 ° C stably. The soil should finally warm up, freed from the remnants of the winter cold. Zero temperature - death for seedlings.

Compliance with all the rules is real and feasible. With tomatoes "teenagers" you need to keep your ears open, "raising" of them strong and hardy workmen. The sowing calendar of the gardener, multiplied by his own experience, a reference point for temperature, weather observation, timely care and nutrition: the shoots will be friendly, the seedlings are strong, the harvest is plentiful.

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