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Late blight of tomatoes: a cheap remedy from the pharmacy

Lately late blight became a scourge of gardeners. When confronted with it, many people wonder whether it is worth further growing tomatoes, making efforts to get the disease in a flash to take the whole crop. It turns out there is a fairly simple, cheap and effective remedy for late blight, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. It is about furatsilin.

Harmful late blight for tomatoes

This disease is also known as the brown rot of tomatoes. This is a fungal infection that is manifested by elongated dark brown spots or stripes on the stems and petioles of plants. The leaves are affected by gray-brown spots, and the fruits become brown-brown. In addition to the characteristic spots, the development of late blight can be seen on other grounds:

  • the appearance of white fluffy plaque on the reverse side of the sheets;
  • deformed fruits with dark spots;
  • rotting fruit and a sharp unpleasant smell.

A favorable environment for the development of the disease is high humidity and sudden temperature changes.

Among the main reasons are:

  • close landing to potatoes;
  • too thick landing, which reduces ventilation;
  • excessive watering, especially when the fruits begin to ripen;
  • insufficiently mineralized soil.

How does furatsilin

Furacilin has rather powerful antiseptic and disinfecting properties. When processing the fungal pores die and the plant is not exposed to infection. The medication has advantages and disadvantages. To the first can be attributed:

  • affordable cost;
  • security;
  • long shelf life of the finished solution;
  • excellent compatibility with other media;
  • possibility of prophylactic use.

Among the "minuses" - the need for three times processing.

The procedure and frequency of processing fruits and greenhouses step by step

Before processing tomatoes, it is necessary to prepare furatsilinovy ​​solution. At the same time, it can be immediately made for the whole season, stored in a dark place where it is not very hot. For 10 liters of water use 10 tablets of medication. Step by step instructions for the preparation of the solution:

  1. Crush tablets into powder. It is best to do this in a ceramic container, glass or wooden utensils.
  2. Make a concentrated solution. To do this, pour the powder from the tablets with a small amount of water. Stir until the yellow substance is completely dissolved and no solid particles remain.
  3. Dilute means. Add the concentrate to a previously prepared container with 10 liters of water and mix thoroughly.

After processing of tomatoes is made, the rest of liquid is not poured, and sent to the dark cool place for storage.

When preparing the solution, it is better to use purified water that does not contain chlorine.

Now let's talk about how to handle seedlings. It is better to do it in dry windless weather early in the morning. It is better not to engage in processing before the rain or immediately after it. Spray the bush to all sides.

If tomatoes grow in the greenhouse, it is important to process it.After harvesting, all parts of the affected plants are burned so that the microorganisms do not have a single chance of reproduction. After that, they carry out a general washing of the greenhouse frame with special means. Prepared furatsilinovym solution sprayed the entire room and change the top layer of soil.

For the season, tomatoes are processed three times. The first time is during growth, the second is when the first ovaries appear, the third is during the period of fruit ripening. It is desirable to process the greenhouse after harvesting each harvest. This will completely protect tomatoes from phytophthora.

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