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Garden and vegetable garden soda: 10 ways to successfully use

Sodium bicarbonate, or soda, which is familiar to us, is a dietary supplement, with the help of which it will be possible to prepare not only air fritters and cupcakes. This product can be used not only in everyday life, but also in the country. In this article we will consider the 10 most useful ways to use soda in the garden and garden.

From rot on grapes

Using sodium bicarbonate, you can save the vine from gray rot. The disease is manifested by brown spot, which is actually the source of microscopic pests.

You can get rid of adversity by spraying. The solution is prepared from 4 tbsp. l soda and buckets (10 l) of water. For better dissolution of the substance, the liquid should be heated to room temperature. Apply the tool 1 time in 2 weeks.

Powdery mildew

Mealy dew is a raid that affects not only shrubs, but also:

  • cucumbers;
  • zucchini;
  • squash;
  • cabbage.

To combat the disease, use a solution prepared from 10 liters of water and 4 tbsp. l (no slides) drinking soda.

Both components should be thoroughly mixed, and then the resulting agent to process all the leaves, which are marked by the appearance of the fungus.

To prevent late blight

Soda solution helps prevent late blight - a disease manifested by rotting of leaves and fruits on the nightshade, as well as strawberries, apples and ornamental castor oil.

Provided weekly use of a simple drug, consisting of 3 tbsp. l sodium bicarbonate and water (10 liters) - you can forget about the insidious plant disease. The tool will help even in bad weather conditions, which become the cause of the defeat of the harmful fungus.

Weed control

Eradicate wheat grass and other unwanted weeds on the site, you can use a strong soda solution. The proportions for the funds - 4 tbsp. l soda for 1 liter of water. The resulting solution should be sprayed with young grass, barely visible on the surface of the soil, and then repeat the procedure in 2-4 weeks.

From slugs on cabbage

Nasty voracious slugs and beautiful white cabbage butterflies will forever forget about the plants in your garden, if you sprinkle dry matter on the moats and holes, as well as the bottom sheets of cabbage.

Powder fast destroy existing tracks, and at the same time does not harm the garden culture.

To reduce soil acidity

Too sour soil You can bring back to normal with soda - the earth and alkali will enter into a natural reaction. The substance can be used:

  • in the fall before digging;
  • spring in the wells when planting.

To adjust the pH level, soda is used as a powder.

From aphids

Once on the plants you see clusters of "suns", then start fighting aphids. To do this, prepare a solution of 4 tbsp. liter of soda and 10 liters of water at room temperature.

The resulting tool process the affected sheets on cucumbers, zucchini, gooseberries or grapes. If after a day the pests remain on the plants, then you need to repeat the spraying after 3 days.

Top dressing for tomatoes

Drinking soda, which is used in cooking as a baking powder, can be top dressing for tomatoes. In order to increase the number of ovaries and accelerate fruit ripening, the product is used in two ways.

For irrigation, a solution is prepared at a concentration of 3.5%, and for foliar feeding (spraying) the strength of the substance should be about 0.5%.

Fight against ants

Sodium bicarbonate in dry form on ants acts in the same way as on slugs and caterpillars. To scare away small pests need very little food supplement. The powder should be scattered in places where insects accumulate and where their visible part of the trail passes. After the first procedure the ants will be noticeably smaller.

Seed treatment

Using a solution of soda can be disinfected and awaken the seeds of plants. The proportions for obtaining a “growth elixir” are 5 g of dry powder (approximately 1 tsp) and 1 l of water.

Seed material is kept in the preparation for 5 hours and do it immediately before sowing.

Using a means that is cheap and absolutely safe for people and the environment, you can easily surprise yourself and your neighbors with an excellent harvest of vegetables, fruits and grapes, and forget about pests.

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