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What are the advantages of a hybrid of tomatoes "Sunrise F1"?

Unfortunately, often, especially in recent years, the vagaries of the weather do not allow to receive the desired fruits in the early stages and of good quality. That is why the majority of summer residents turned their attention to new hybrid varieties of tomatoes.

What are good hybrids? Hybrid varieties of tomatoes differ in that they guarantee high yields with maximum resistance to various diseases.

Tomato Sunrise F1 is one of a large family of hybrids of Dutch breeding, which has been in demand among amateurs for several years - vegetable growers in central Russia.

Characteristic and description

  • The plant is suitable for cultivation, both in the open and in the protected ground. The popularity of the variety was provided by early ripening and high stability of the crops.
  • This tomato belongs to the group of determinant varieties - that is, with a limited point of growth. In open ground, it reaches a height of 60cm, and when grown in greenhouses it can reach up to 70cm.
  • The plant usually quickly gains green mass after planting seedlings into the ground. Despite the small height and compactness of the bush, it is recommended to make it a garter to the support, because with good care, the harvest from the bush can reach 4.5 kg, and the plant can not always withstand such a load.

To obtain early harvests, it is necessary after the start of active growth of the bush carefully remove stepchildren and lower leaves. This will facilitate the production of fruits within 60-70 days after transplanting into the ground.

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Fruit Description

  • During the entire growth period, 4–5 brushes with even rounded, slightly flattened fruits are formed on the bush.
  • Usually the weight of the fruit reaches 200g. Maximum fruit weight - 230g.
  • Tomatoes have a very attractive appearance - brilliant, smooth, bright red.
  • The flesh of the fruit is fleshy, and the skin is dense, well protecting tomatoes during transportation.

For a more complete description of the following advantages on the basis of reviews about the plant and photos of the bush.

Advantages and disadvantages of the hybrid

Photo bush tomato Sunrise F1

Most vegetable growers who have tested the Sunrise F1 variety believe that tomatoes can be used not only for fresh consumption, but also in conservation. From the fleshy fruits are magnificent lecho, adzhika and tomato paste. When canning even in size and dense fruits do not crack and look very nice in banks.

Many gardeners mention the possibility of using the harvest of tomatoes for commercial purposes - due to their excellent appearance and resistance to long-distance transport. This is beneficial, given the small areas occupied by plants and their unpretentiousness.

The main advantages of hybrid Sunrise F1:

  1. Compactness.
  2. Resistance to diseases.
  3. Early and friendly fruit ripening.
  4. High yield.
  5. Universality of use of fruits.
  6. Good transportability.

Most vegetable growers who have tried this variety, still note the predominant use of fruits for preservation, as fresh, most hybrids are inferior in taste to many varietal tomatoes.

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Features of growing

Sunrise F1 tomato seeds have almost 100% germination. They are sown on seedlings in the usual time for tomatoes and for the area. Seeds are preferably planted after treatment with a solution of potassium permanganate, and, if possible, with growth stimulants.

For growing seedlings use soil consisting of a mixture of sod land and peat with the addition of ash. The land should be light and loose, then there will be no problems with seedlings and growth of seedlings.

It is not recommended to bury the seeds deeply - plant them in damp ground and only lightly sprinkle with earth. Before the appearance of the first shoots, keep warm by covering the box with seedlings with a film or newspaper. Immediately after the emergence of seedlings, it is imperative to place the plants in the most lit place, otherwise the tomato seedlings will be elongated.

In the process of growing seedlings:

  • It is necessary to avoid over-wetting the soil, watering it very carefully, as not strong sprouts can rot.
  • After the appearance of two true leaves of the plant dive into pots or other containers.
  • In order to teach the plants to lower temperatures, they are gradually hardened, periodically exposing them to closed loggias or greenhouses.
  • With the onset of sustainable heat, the seedlings are planted in a permanent place - in a greenhouse or open ground at a distance of 40 cm between the bushes, observing the distance between rows of 50 cm.

Caring for plants in the ground and in the greenhouse includes watering - in the absence of rain - 1-2 times a week, weeding and loosening. Watering is done at the root, occasionally combining with dressings.

When growing a hybrid in a greenhouse, it is necessary to maintain soil moisture and minimum air humidity, this can be achieved by mulching the soil under the plants.

In the process of growing season, tomatoes are usually fed with mineral fertilizers 2-3 times over the entire period, as well as before setting fruit, green fertilizer (fermented herbal infusion).

Feeding is carried out only after watering or rain!

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Most tomatoes are subject to various diseases, especially under adverse weather conditions. In this regard, gardeners are forced to process plants with chemicals.

Sunrise F1 hybrid is characterized by high resistance to most of the serious diseases characteristic of tomatoes - alternariosis, tobacco mosaic virus, gray leaf spot. Therefore, under favorable weather conditions, there is no need for special chemical treatments.

This hybrid has been popular among amateur vegetable growers for several years due to its unpretentiousness and stability. Even in an unfavorable summer, he will not leave you without a harvest of beautiful bright fruits.

Video review about the hybrid "Sunrise F1"

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