Tomato varieties with photos and descriptions 4.12.2017

The most fruitful, sweet varieties of tomato

Is there a need to look for the most fruitful sweet varieties of tomato and stunted non-cultivating and try them all on your beds? Of course have. Variety description is one thing, but specific conditions are completely different.

Your attention presents varieties with high yields, excellent taste and those that do not grow above 60 centimeters.

Amur Dawn

Agrofirm "Sedek" introduced to the market a tomato, which will be the first to please you with fruits. These will be not just the first tomatoes that you enjoy in any case, but a tomato with a great taste.

Being a salad, it has a high content of dry substances and sugars. The cumulative balance makes taste not forgotten.

The plant is short with a fairly large leaf. Its density is medium, flat-round, and smooth. Having picked up a beautiful, pink tomato you already get pleasure without even trying.

Fruits with an average weight of 100-120 g.

Advantages are undeniable:

  • great taste;
  • early ripeness;
  • friendly return of fruits;
  • good yield.

This tomato is hard to find flaws, it affects diseases at the level of standard varieties.


A tasty and productive tomato will not necessarily be large. Cocktail tomatoes are in great demand, and by planting a couple of bushes on the garden you can ensure the beauty of the interior of the manor for the summer and the festive table for the whole year.

Agrofirma Aelita presented a variety with small foliage and small red fruits up to 12 grams of a tomato variety.

The disadvantage - requires tying and shaping.


  • high yield (up to 9 kg per square meter);
  • early fruiting;
  • beautiful, uniform shape of fruits without chopping;
  • extended fruiting;
  • universality of use (in a salad, and in a jar).


  • huge bushes;
  • thick-skinned tomatoes;
  • more tops than harvest.

Evaluate all the advantages immediately possible. But when the whole tomato gets in the mouth, an explosion of pleasure is immediately performed. The tomato is very tasty, pleasant, gentle.

The resistance of a variety against diseases is no more and no less than that of standard varieties.

"Pink Bull"

Finding out which varieties of tomatoes are the sweetest, you can not miss this variety. But in order to comprehend the wonderful taste of these tomatoes, you need to wait a bit - late-ripe variety. However, for someone who has already planted this variety is not a problem. In anticipation of tasting a delicious tomato, vegetable growers agree to wait for it to ripen.

Large with light ribs the fruit falls short with its weight up to 310 g. The fruit is pink with tender, soft and not watery flesh.


In the stem of the fruit has a dark spot. However, those who have already grown a tomato, know that removing the delicate skin can immediately see the pink flesh. The uniformity of the color of the pulp is impressive, so this minor flaw is forgivable to the ideal tomato.


  • high yield (up to 400 kg / ha);
  • high marketability and uniformity of fruits;
  • excellent taste, according to tasters 4.9 points;

The fruit is multi-chamber, but the chambers are filled with tender and pleasant flesh.

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"Bull's forehead"

Unique, interesting variety. The name itself is taken for sure because of the shape of the tomato. The fruit is cuboid, although on bags it is sometimes painted flat-rounded. However, the original, varietal tomato, the author of which Dederko V.N.brought a variety worthy of admiration.

Not high growth, but very high yield, the variety requires careful garters and formation.

In terms of ripening, it is medium with a large, massive leaf, rich dark greens. The plant is of medium ripening and the first inflorescence is in no hurry to bookmark, but the following ones go quickly.

Huge cubiform, red fruits sometimes reach a weight of 480 g, but as a disadvantage, the fruits are not even. The same bush carries tomatoes from 100 to 500 g


  • amazing, great taste;
  • excellent yield up to 18 kg / sq. m
  • heat resistance.


  • commodity yield 51%.

Low yield does not make this tomato worse at all. With such a high yield, some of the fruits will go to the salad and sale, and some for processing, which is perfectly obtained from the fruits of this variety.


Variety selection of the end of the last century. Institute of General Genetics. N.I. Vavilova, Moscow, gave the world a variety, but did not engage in its "promotion", and in fact it is in vain, he deserves special attention.

Tomato of this variety, everyone is good. Beautiful in a salad, and very well kept in a tin.


  • requires staving;
  • requires a garter and support.

How could it be otherwise, when the bushes are crammed under the weight of the fruits, because there are a lot of them tied up, and the determinant plant is unable to feed them all.

Early ripening allows you to consume tomatoes in early July. Tomatoes are clearly visible and caressed by the sun due to the fact that the leaves are small and there are not many of them, and in color it is light yellow, with a slight shirring.

The fruit is ovate-elongated, smooth, smooth. The color, unfortunately not everyone likes, it does not have a rich red, but closer to the red-dirty-orange. The tomato itself is not very large up to 90 g. It crawls into a jar perfectly, and is easily withdrawn.


  • high solids content;
  • high sugar content;
  • low acidity;
  • excellent taste of fresh and canned tomatoes;
  • high yield (up to 500 kg / ha);
  • high yield of homogeneous commercial products;
  • high drought tolerance.

Tomato of this variety deserves attention especially those who appreciate the taste and quality of canned tomatoes.

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The tomato is marketed by Agro-Best LLC, Smolensk, it is also the originator of the variety. For ten years, the "Giant" has won its admirers, and continues to "seize" the territory.

Although the plant is stunted, it requires careful tying and shaping to keep the entire crop. An early crop cannot be obtained from this variety, it is of average ripening time, however, it is a long-awaited and desired one.

After waiting for full fruiting, a ripe tomato will be weighty enough to 260 g, round, with weak ribs. By density, the fruits are average. Their flesh is tender, moderately juicy. Peel of medium density, but able to keep the fruit from cracking. Tomatoes are red, but with an interesting pink tint.

The taste of the tomato is very pleasant. The tasting is excellent. In addition to the ideal qualities for salad, the tomato behaves well in pickling. Since he does not get into the jar, the hostess, oddly enough, cut them into slices. Such pieces do not lose their shape even during heat treatment.

The advantages of the variety

  • Great taste;
  • Resistance to temperature changes;
  • High yield (up to 10 kg m2)


The name of the variety speaks for itself. Breeders Ltd. NPP "Agrovnadrenie" Astrakhan created a variety that has become a favorite, both among gardeners and among farmers.

Tomato is great for salad and excellent raw materials for obtaining perfect tomato products.

After the tomatoes are fully grown, it should take at least 120 days until you can enjoy the ripe fruits.

The vegetative form, although short, is very powerful, and its height is within 60-80 cm.An interesting feature of the variety is that the first bunch can be seen after 6-7 leaves, then after 1-2, but only on one shoot there are no more than three.

The fruit is truly royal, though not uniform. Round and smooth, it can sometimes have a light ribbing, but the weight is from 150 to 300 g. Stretching in fruiting allows you to enjoy tasty fruits for a long time and not rush to processing, because tomatoes stay on the bushes for a long time.

The taste of “Royal” is evened out, tender, with a good tomato flavor. The tasting showed that such a tomato could be rated as “excellent”.

An excellent indicator of the variety is resistance to a whole complex of diseases. This tomato is not affected by vertex rot, virus mosaics and dwarfism.


  • yield;
  • high product yield;
  • large fruits;
  • proliferation of fruiting in time.


If you are looking for not only a tasty and fruitful tomato, but also one that, under any weather conditions, will not be affected by the blight, then Lotus is for you.

A variety that can not only give the early fruits of a tomato, but also deliver real pleasure to taste.

The plant form is not thick, with an average power of shoot growth, and the height is no higher than 50 cm. The strangeness of this variety is that the tab of the first inflorescence n begins after 8–9 leaves, following 1-2, and at the same time it is early.

The fruits in full maturity are round and smooth, pink, and by weight up to 100 g. It would seem that these tomatoes do not represent anything special, but this is until you taste them. Delicate, juicy pulp with a pleasant taste and a long finish does not leave a choice.

Grade advantages:

  • good sticking under any conditions;
  • high yield;
  • great taste.

"Crimson Dream"

Choosing the sweetest tomato varieties may not be able to find the seeds of this tomato, but do not disregard it. In a very short time, this variety will be well known among lovers of tomato masterpieces.

The variety is entered in the register in 2017. Originators of "Crimson dreams" LLC NPO "Garden and Garden" Chelyabinsk region. The variety was entered in the register for cultivation and all regions of the country in the first year of testing, and this says a lot.

Early fruiting of tasty tomatoes for salad consumption, it would seem to be nothing new, but a pink tomato with such a crop has not yet been tasted by our vegetable growers.

Tomato flat-rounded shape and a very beautiful, rich pink color. The density is average, and the ribs covering the fruit are light on some tomatoes, but not on some.

Tomato weight does not fall below 380 g, but 450 is also the norm. At the same time, the crop can be harvested up to 15 kg per square meter, which is a lot for low-growing tomato.


  • taste;
  • yield;
  • large-fruited.

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Classic tomato cans. But when these tomatoes are taken out of the jar, everyone unanimously agrees that this tomato is the best.

The universal purpose of the tomato, starting early to bestow its fruits requires you to timely garters. Rounded, dense, fleshy fruits are extremely tightly “seated” on a tomato plant and it simply breaks under the weight of its crop.

Tomatoes average weight of 100 grams, but their taste is not just good, but different and having planted only a few bushes, the family will be fully supplied with a seaming product for the winter.

Tomato advantages:

  • yield;
  • great taste;
  • versatility.

Choose from what. Having considered the varieties, you can try to grow and get real pleasure from the yield and taste.

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