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Tomato varieties for polycarbonate greenhouses

Currently, there is a large variety of varieties in the seed market. Some of them are intended for cultivation on the street, other varieties of tomatoes for polycarbonate greenhouses or film shelters, there is even for sowing at home. Greenhouse growing has become very popular, all thanks to good and practical materials. And in order for the greenhouse to produce its harvest, the best varieties must also be selected. So, what kind of tomatoes to plant in such conditions?

Crop varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses

Before talking about different varieties of tomatoes, the following should be noted - the greenhouse is a place where very comfortable conditions are created for plants, but here you can lose the harvest by choosing the wrong varieties. The fact is that insects are needed to produce fruits, and there are no or very few of them in greenhouses. Therefore, the varieties of tomatoes need to choose self-pollinated. Hybrids are best suited. With them very little trouble, and the result is worthy.

Sort Sort "Alliance F1"

Treats tomatoes with early terms of ripening, gives high yields. Tomatoes have round contours, slightly oblate. One brush can form up to five tomatoes. The taste of the fruit is sweet, the flesh is fleshy, while the fruit itself is not loose.

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Variety Variety "Honey Spas"

Very popular tomato. Its strengths are excellent disease resistance, but the fruits do not crack. The plant can reach one and a half meters, requires a garter. The yield of one bush 5-6 kg. Fruits have a large mass, yellow shade of the skin. The taste is excellent.

Variety Variety "mushroom basket"

It has fruits weighing half a kilogram and above. Their color is red. The plant reaches a height of 2-2.5 meters. Need a garter. Fruits have ribs on the surface, their taste is good. The variety has an average ripening time.

Variety Variety "Black Moor"

For lovers of everything unusual, this variety is what you need. After all, tomatoes have a dark color, which may seem strange at first. But this does not affect the yield and taste of these tomatoes. Plant up to one and a half meters. The fruits are very well stored, often used for sale in the market.

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Variety Variety "Fantasio F1"

Tomatoes are varieties of medium-early ripening. One brush can get 7-8 fruits. Their color is scarlet, the shape is round. The flesh is nutritious, fleshy, also one of the best varieties of tomato for greenhouses with resistance to late blight.

Grade Grade "Lorelia F1"

Another highly resistant to disease. But he has long ripening periods. Fruits are round, red, slightly flattened.

TOMAT_fantaziyaVariety "Fantasy"

It can reach a height of almost two meters. The above-ground part is very strong, one bush gives 10 kg of fruits. Good in food fresh and even more good in salads. Very loved by summer residents.

Grade Grade "Pietro F1"

Tomatoes with early ripening. It tolerates very hot weather. The fruits are very tasty, there is sweetness in them. The color is bright, scarlet. Well kept, which makes it possible to grow a hybrid for sale. Scourge high.

These were tall varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses. We now turn to the following.

Low-growing tomatoes for polycarbonate greenhouses

Sort Sort "Betta"

Treats a variety with early terms of fruiting. The color of the tomatoes is red, the shape is rounded. Taste and aroma are pleasant. Best suited for eating fresh and for preparing fresh salads.

Variety Variety "Torbay"

This variety is already good in conservation. Bushes have compact, fruits have a scarlet color. Tomatoes are covered with a dense skin, under it is hidden juicy, aromatic and fleshy pulp. In the bank during the heat treatment does not burst. But you can eat these tomatoes and fresh.

Variety Variety "Octopus F1"

One of the most high-yielding tomatoes. Fruits gives small, such compactness is an excellent option for conservation. The skin is dense, the color of the tomatoes is red. It forms a lot of fruits on one cyst. Plus - excellent resistance to all adversity, including disease.

Grade Grade "Kroshka-Khavroshechka F1"

To many, this variety resembles Cherry, which is due to the fact that the variety produces small-sized tomatoes, which are abundantly covered with brushes. Good in any form - in conservation, in salads, to decorate the festive table.

Sort Sort "Palenka F1"

This variety showed itself well in greenhouse cultivation. Suitable for preservation, during treatment the skin does not crack. It forms fruit very well, excellent taste and aroma. The color of the fruit is red, slightly elongated into an oval.

Variety Variety "Olya"

The fruits look very appetizing and aesthetically pleasing, which is good for sale. Have red color, equal forms. It refers to varieties with early ripening, few gives stepchildren. Does not require special attention. The taste is very good.

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Grade Grade "Grozdeva"

Another tomato, which is sometimes compared to Cherry, as it forms a lot of tomatoes on a brush. Therefore, it is easy to preserve. It gives excellent yields of delicious tomatoes.

Variety Variety "Infinity"

Tomatoes with early ripening. It can be grown in greenhouse conditions, and on the street. Valued for good taste. During ripening and cooking does not crack. This gives the possibility of canning.

Grade Grade "Yellow Sugar"

Well forms the fruit on the same brush with proper care. Fruits can give a weight per kilogram. At the same time, tomatoes are very tasty and fragrant, not sour.

Dacha residents also praise such varieties as “Don Juan” and “Alpha” for early ripening periods. For regions with a cold climate, Taimyr is perfect.

With regards to lovers of cherry tomatoes, all the varieties have shown themselves very well in greenhouses, in the name of which there is the word "Cherry". This means that the variety produces small tomatoes that are like cherries dotted with brushes. They are very good for decorating dishes, for preservation. We hope we answered which varieties of tomatoes are best planted in a polycarbonate greenhouse.

These varieties are among the best for greenhouses. Having planted them, you will definitely not lose, and the harvest will be excellent.

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