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It is easy to get rid of rodents without victims!

rodents at their summer cottage and in a private house

Mice and rats are harmful in the countryside and in cottages. Fortunately, nowadays many tools have been developed to fight mice in the house and on the site. It’s a great idea to dig plastic bottles into the ground at an angle so that the open necks are in different directions. From the wind tara begins to buzz and resonate, from this mouse flee from the territory of a country house.

Scare in the attic and natural repellents

Many know that rodents do not tolerate the scent of peppermint or wood. On the attic room it is necessary to spread mint leaves, especially in those places where the holes are located. Spread mint on the furniture.

Mint tincture works fine on alcohol. Means drop near supplies, and rodents are not suitable for products. Peppermint is an excellent solution, as in passing it repels moths, ants, these insects do no less harm. The method can be applied in the country, as mint is not dangerous for the human body. In the attic, you can decompose hand-made lures from powdered sugar, rosin and borax, rodents, consuming the mixture will be destroyed.


Well discourages pests kerosene-formalin mixture.

In nature, you can find wild herbs and bushes, which are used to control pests. These include plant crops repellents that have a specific odor, disgusting for rodents.

  1. Elder.
  2. Sagebrush.
  3. Ledum is marsh.
  4. Ratman
  5. Chamomile.
  6. Feverfew.
  7. Tansy.
  8. Lavender.
  9. Chrysanthemums.

Repellents are deadly to pests. Rodents do not tolerate the scent of these plants and will leave forever, the main thing is not to remove the grass in the country.

Types of scarers

Today, special rodent repellers are produced and sold in stores. Main types:

  • Electronic. The device operates on batteries, battery cells or from a power outlet. The power supply triggers the impulses that scare the rodents away and they go away.
  • Electromagnetic. The device distributes low frequency electromagnetic pulses. Thanks to this, the rats and mice begin to panic, they have nothing left to do but to escape from the zone unsuitable for existence. The radiator is electrical wiring, laid in the house. Impulses pass even in poorly accessible, places. The device works without sound. The main condition for the operation - the presence of wiring. Usually, the electromagnetic device begins to operate after 14 days of work, the result can be seen after 30 days.
  • Autonomous. The device is good because it can be placed anywhere, even where there is no electricity. For example, in the attic or in the shed, in the car's salon, on the veranda, in the storage room, closet, garage. The device does not need to be plugged in, it has a power of up to 110-130 dB. 90 days of work will provide 4 AAA elements. Coverage area is usually 80 m2.
  • Ultrasound. From the device is unbearable for pests ultrasound. Loud high-frequency waves scare off rodents rather quickly, they run from the danger zone, where there is a negative impulse for them. So that the pests do not adapt, the device automatically changes the impact force.Waves are reflected from hard surfaces, absorbed by soft.
ultrasonic repeller

With the selection of the device will help a specialist. Having familiarized with the instruction to the device, it will be possible to cope independently.

How to choose a repeller

In order to choose a model for repelling pests, it is necessary to take into account how many pests have divorced, to consider all the functions of the devices. The choice of devices is large, so you need to figure out which one is preferable in a particular case. For the basement or garage space are good ultrasonic devices that cover up to 50 m2. If the pests are operating on a larger footage, then it is right to buy a device with a range of 400-800 squares of the combined type. The maximum positive feedback from those devices that work on the network. The fact is that for effective pest control you will need an uninterrupted attack for a month, this guarantees a stable result.


The most comfortable models - with a timer, they can be programmed for a certain time.

rodent scarers

You can buy a repeller in specialized stores. Nowadays, the most convenient way to order is opened for the consumer - through a virtual network. Online stores are better because photos are attached to any product. Online you can consult for free, pay the goods immediately by bank transfer.

A rational solution is a combination device. With it, the user gets more opportunities. The device generates rodent frightening impulses and a certain frequency ultrasound. Some models include a pest control light. A competent solution is not a cheap product, a device with an economical expenditure of energy and a guarantee of safe use.

Freedom from vole in the country

You can make or buy a reliable mousetrap. They should be placed on the territory of the problem. The most effective modern approach is scares.

Miniature devices need to be inserted into the ground and run, the vole mice immediately hear the frightening impulses and run away. It is important to note that rodents do not tolerate shaking the soil, they are unpleasant vibrations and harsh sounds. Therefore, in order to scare away voles in the area, small pegs should be arranged, at the ends of which mini-bells or banks are tied, everything that may sound in windy weather.

Do not be afraid of rodents, but forget about the invasion of mice wrong. Recommendations and tips will help deter pests. If rodents were seen in the house or on the site, it is important to take urgent action. It is important to eliminate, as quickly as possible, if it is housing.

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rodents at their summer cottage and in a private houserodents at their summer cottage and in a private house

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