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All insects are in the same trap!

lovushka ot nasekomyh

In the summer, many insects are bred in gardens and cottages, annoying their presence and spoiling the crop. To get rid of them, in addition to the usual chemicals and folk remedies, use simple traps. They are made with their own hands from plastic bottles, films and other materials. Such devices are safe to use, do not harm people and plants.

Plastic bottle trap

Such a simple device effectively copes with catching wasps, flies and other flying insects that are attracted by sweet smells. They are used in gardens, cottages and even on the balcony of a city apartment, if these dangerous insects have settled there. Placing plastic traps on the site, you can quickly reduce the number of interfering individuals.


Trap making

To make a trap yourself, you will need:

  • 1.5-2 l plastic bottle;
  • wire;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors.

For a start, the upper part is cut to one-third from the height of the container with scissors or a sharp knife. At the same time pay attention to the difference in volumes at different heights of capacity. The cut is made so that subsequently the cut part does not fall down and is inserted tightly.

In the remaining bottom of the poured sweet bait. Then cut off the top of the turn upside down and insert into the bottom to form a funnel. The junction is fastened with adhesive tape. To hang the traps, they make holes from different sides in the upper part and pass wire through them.

gotovaja lovushka

At the bottom of the bottle make several small holes. They should be located slightly above the level of the neck in the bottle. These holes contribute to the spread of attractive insect flavor. But the diameter of the slots should be such that insects could not get out through them.

Such a trap is very simple. Having felt the sweet smell, the insect climbs inside the trap through the neck-funnel and feeds on the bait. To get out, the wasp flies up in the bottle or crawls along the inner wall to the junction of the wall with the funnel. Any of these paths does not lead out. Therefore, the insect remains inside the device. After filling the bottle, it is destroyed along with insects caught inside.

Bait preparation

For filling homemade devices for the destruction of insects using bait. By choosing a product for her fit responsibly. To catch the hornets or wasps, suitable beer, kvass, fermented jam, watermelon juice. The product is poured so that its level does not reach the neck.

The bait product should not attract beneficial insects, such as bees. They play a big role in pollination of plants, make honey. Therefore, as a bait can not use fresh jam, syrup on the basis of granulated sugar. Beer or braga bees are not attracted.

Against the wasps on the summer cottage, you can use agents with the addition of toxic substances. They allow you to more effectively deal with insects. Even if single individuals get out of the trap, they still die, having tasted the poisoned product. In addition, living wasps are very difficult to safely remove from the structure.Therefore, it is necessary to destroy insects along with a device for their fishing. Boric acid is added to the bait as a poison. But you can use odorless, toxic substances instead. Delta Zone, Lambda Zone or Get means works well.

Device for catching slugs

These insects actively behave at night. During the day, they prefer to be hiding: in a compost heap, under stones or in thick grass, hiding from the heat. To catch them, fit the simplest trap of a piece of slate, board or roofing material. For starters, the ground at the site of the future trap is well watered. Then put there any selected item and pressed with a stone. Two days later, the trap is checked. The slugs gathered under it are collected and destroyed.

lovushka s pivom ot sliznej

An excellent device for catching slugs can be made from a plastic bottle. It is crushed a little to give a more flat shape. Then pour in the fruit juice, beer or honey diluted with water. The bottle is placed flat, opening the neck. It is possible for reliability to press it down with a stone. Slugs climb inside at night, attracted by the scent, but it is difficult for them to get back.

Another effective fixture option to destroy slugs can be made from citrus peel. To do this, cut into 2 parts an orange or grapefruit and clean the pulp from the half. The remaining peel is placed upside down on a bed where slugs often appear. A hole is made from above so that the insects can crawl through it. Climbing under the peel, the slugs remain there until the morning. It remains only to collect them and destroy.

How to make a mosquito trap

To destroy blood-sucking insects, you can also use devices from plastic bottles. The design of such a trap is no different from the device for the destruction of wasps. But as a bait take another substance. The device is filled with a small amount of warm water with sugar and baker's yeast diluted in it. The liquid begins to ferment, spreading the mosquito-attracting scent. Falling into the trap, insects drown in it.


Such a trap with yeast bait cannot be kept in the sun. It will quickly deteriorate and will not have the desired effect.

The simplest device for catching mosquitoes is made from a plastic container and sunflower oil. For this, only the neck is cut off from the bottle. From the inside, the containers are lubricated well with vegetable oil and left in places where mosquitoes accumulate. You can make holes at the edges and hang the bottle by the rope on a tree. When many insects accumulate inside the bottle, the device is destroyed along with them.


Plastic bottles of large and small volume suitable for the manufacture of homemade traps. At the same time, they are not inferior in efficiency to adaptations of industrial production. Such devices can be used to capture wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, slugs and other pests.

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lovushka ot nasekomyhlovushka ot nasekomyh

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