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Citrus Pot for Tomatoes

orange peel

Seeds of tomatoes in seedlings sown from late February to April. Time spent on care for her is not enough. To speed up the procedure of picking and grow healthy seedlings, use the skins of oranges. They are traditionally eaten in January. Many people associate the New Year with the smell of spruce and citrus.

The beneficial properties of orange peels

Fragrant orange peels contain essential oils. They scare away the roots of tomatoes from the roots of tomatoes. For beneficial microflora aromatic substances are not dangerous. After entering the soil, the skins begin to decompose slowly.

When planting potatoes in a well put dry orange peel, they scare the wireworm.

Useful trace elements contained in orange zest, pass into the soil, nourish the plants. The crusts themselves improve the structure of the soil, making it looser, air-permeable and permeable.

Orange Peel Rules

For planting tomato seed soil need a little. Making orange peel cups is easy. A large fruit is cut in half, at the small one the top of the head is cut. The pulp is removed and used to make fresh juice, eaten or used as an ingredient in a culinary dish.


For spraying tomato bushes, crushed crusts (0.5 l) are poured into a 10 liter bucket, infused for 24 hours, boiled.

In the crust poured universal soil for seedlings. It is moistened, after which tomato seeds are planted in it (1-2 pieces). Citrus cups with tomatoes planted in them are tightly placed in a shallow plastic box.

After the sprouts hatch and grow a little, one weaker seedling is removed. The grown seedlings together with a glass are planted in a large-sized container. The skin does not interfere with the development of the roots, protects them from rotting.

Advantages and disadvantages

Peel over the crust for a long time, so when transplanting seedlings into open ground (greenhouse), they continue to secrete essential oils and this repels insects:

  • aphid;
  • ants.

At the same time, tomato roots absorb nitrogen released by overheating of the crusts. There are no disadvantages from the application. There are inconveniences that occur during storage. You have to keep citrus preparations in the freezer so that they do not dry out.


For the cultivation of tomatoes suitable skins from any citrus. Large can be used as cups, and crushed - as fertilizers and a means of pests.

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orange peelorange peel

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