Shrubs blooming magnificently all summer

Decorative Shrub

Making a recreation area in the garden, decorating the unsightly corners of the backyard territory is a time consuming task. Gardening will help to cope with it: the breakdown of flower beds, planting trees and ornamental shrubs that bloom all summer or are decorated with greenery of pine needles all year round. In nurseries, as well as in garden stores, a large selection of planting material with a closed root system is presented. Each container contains the name, a brief description and a photograph of an adult specimen in color.

Description of flowering shrubs

To create decorative compositions using a variety of plants. Landscape gardening consists of grass, shrub and tree crops. The most spectacular specimens, blooming all summer until frost, in combination with decorative leafy plants. Often shrubs with long flowering are used to decorate fences or arbors. They help to hide nondescript designs from prying eyes.

Shrubs that bloom all summer:

  1. Budley is a flowering plant with minimal care requirements. Adult specimens reach 3 m in height and look like lilac. When flowering bushes exude a pleasant aroma. Planted plants are recommended in the lighted areas, but it feels comfortable even in the shade.
  2. Hortensia - perennial shrub with lush inflorescences, caps. Feature - change color during flowering from pink or white (depending on the type) to green, when hydrangea is coming to the end of the growing season.
  3. Weigela is an ornamental shrub whose tall species are planted as a hedge. Low-growing varieties are used to design flowerbeds and rock gardens. With their flowers they decorate the crown for a long period of time, and this has earned the love of gardeners.
  4. Spirea is a shrub up to 2.5 m in height with a round or erect shape. Flowering continues throughout the summer, but in contrast to the climate of the cultivation region, the dates may vary slightly.
  5. Meltweed - no flowering border is complete without this plant. During flowering crown cover small inflorescences in large quantities. An important condition for care is the annual pruning; to the soil composition, the plant is unpretentious and can develop well in partial shade.
  6. Cistus - flowers on the bushes fade during the day. In the morning new bloom. Because of this, the impression of continuous flowering. Inflorescences resemble the form of poppies or non-terry rosebuds.
  7. Kletra olkolistnaya - an unpretentious plant that quickly occupies vast territories. Because of moisture-loving, he feels good near ponds. Culture needs systematic pruning, as the formation of flowers occurs only on young shoots.

To create a decorative composition used shrubs of different types: flowering combined with conifers or low-growing herbaceous plants. Although it is possible to plant near exclusively hardwoods with a long flowering phase, the main thing is to correctly evaluate the future color palette.

Ideas for use in landscape design

Ornamental shrubs are widely used in the design of homestead territories and landscape gardening zones.Summer blooming specimens with a subtle, unobtrusive aroma are planted under the windows, where they perform the role of a natural air freshener. Low-growing specimens are placed for the formation of flowering borders that will delimit the recreation area.

5 interesting ideas for creating landscape ensembles:

  1. Low-growing shrubs, which delight all summer with their flowering, use rock garden in the lower tier next to conifers.
  2. Spiraea planted as a tapeworm on a green lawn.
  3. With the help of decorative bushes, reaching a height of 2-3 m, form hedges.
  4. Artificial reservoirs are drawn up by the plants because of the love of the plant for wet soils.
  5. Long flowering specimens are planted near the central entrances to residential premises, gazebos.

Ornamental shrubs are the basis of any territory design. To fully decorate the flower bed, front garden, they must be complemented by various plants, including grass and tree forms.

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Decorative ShrubDecorative Shrub

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