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How to grow "lazy" tomatoes - the original way


Growing tomatoes requires a well-considered approach and regular maintenance. How to make your own tomatoes more accessible without much effort? Standard methods of planting plants in open ground or in the greenhouse, their fertilizer and watering are not relevant for busy people or summer residents, whose time is limited to only a few days a week.

There are original ways of planting several bushes in the hole, as well as growing tomatoes upside down. These options also require study and effort. We will tell you how to get a crop of tomatoes with the least effort.

Lazy method of growing tomatoes

The method of growing tomatoes with the least effort appeared and proved to be in the Leningrad region, and then began to be applied in other regions. The main advantage of the method is to reduce the time for planting and caring for the culture.


The application of the technique has shown that lazy tomatoes grow intensively and bear fruit, and are also less susceptible to diseases.

The advantages of the method

ripe tomatoesThe technique is well established among gardeners. The advantages of the lazy way are:

  • rational use of time and effort;
  • no need for frequent watering and feeding;
  • optimal use of soil for greater yield;
  • environmental friendliness.

You do not need to spend time and energy on digging large areas, watering and fertilizing plants plentifully. The above method takes into account all the necessary conditions for the full growth of tomatoes with the least effort.

How to plant tomatoes for the lazy

The initial stage of tomato cultivation is soil preparation with fertilization in the fall or early spring and planting of seedlings. In the lazy way of vegetable growing there are no requirements for the variety of tomatoes. The first important step is the preparation of the soil and wells. Further, it is necessary to mulch the soil and garter culture - all bushes with one tape. Mulch will ensure the preservation of moisture for a long time, the worms loosen the soil around the plants. Top dressing during the growing period of lazy tomatoes is not required, since all the necessary minerals and components are added during the soil preparation stage.

Preparation of holes for lazy tomatoes

The sequence of planting seedlings is as follows:

  1. Prepare holes at least 30 cm deep and at least 50 cm in diameter. This arrangement is optimal, as proven by experts. Distribution at a distance of bushes from each other of not less than 120 cm allows the root system to fully develop and obtain a sufficient amount of moisture and nutrients from the soil. Eliminates the need for frequent watering of tomatoes.
  2. Soil, taken out of the hole, have around the perimeter of the fossa. This soil will be needed to cover the hole after all the plants are planted.
  3. A peg not less than 200 cm long is installed in the center of each hole. It is more expedient to use for this purpose metal or strong wooden long bars, to which later it will be convenient to tie up a bush of tomatoes.
  4. Fertilization in each well.The optimal complex, which will provide all the necessary seedlings for each bush, is the addition of 10 liters of manure, 5 liters of humus and sand, 500 g of ash and 85 g of nitroammophos to the hole. After all the ingredients are added, the mixture is loosened and mixed.

For digging dimples fit a small shovel with a pointed end. Up to 5 tomato bushes can be planted in each well. Nutrients and moisture in the prepared hole will be enough to ensure the full growth of the culture.

Preparation and planting seedlings

tomatoesTomatoes shall be planted with a height of not less than 60 cm, which are in the flowering stage. It is important that the plants are strong, healthy and blooming. You can both buy ready-made seedlings and grow seedlings on your own.

The lower leaves on each bush are cut off or pruned. They are not necessary, as they only take away nutrients and moisture from the plant and do not contribute to setting and fruiting. After placing the culture in the dug hole, pour plenty of warm water over the landing site.

It does not matter the variety of tomatoes for growing in a lazy way. The main thing is that these should be tall plants that should be grown in a greenhouse or at home on a windowsill before flowering.

Mulching and spraying

After placing the seedlings of tomatoes in the prepared well should be made mulch. It can be prepared from last year's foliage, grass, old straw, sawdust, newsprint. This will help retain moisture inside the soil, and when rotting and overheating, release heat and nourish the soil and plants with nutrients.


Mulch also contributes to the formation of an optimal environment for the activity of earthworms. The gardener does not need to spend time and effort on loosening the soil. This will be done in a natural way without human intervention.


tomatoes on the gardenAfter you have planted in a circle several bushes in one hole around a stuck peg, you need to tie up the plants. For this, a narrow ribbon, rope or twine is suitable. Tomatoes will independently support each other. As you grow, the tape or rope will need to be moved or made another garter taller.

Care for tomatoes for the lazy

In a lazy technique, there are only a few recommendations for caring for tomatoes:

  1. Top dressing bushes, if they produce a lot of fruit. For fertilizer is well suited solution of manure with water. You can use chicken dung, cow or horse manure. Bird droppings need to be diluted with water in the ratio of 1 to 50, manure - 1 to 25. The mixture will additionally feed the plants and provide all the necessary nutrients, macro- and micro minerals. This will provide optimal conditions for fruiting, both in open ground and in growing conditions in greenhouses. The procedure should be no more than 1 time in 2 weeks.
  2. Sprinkle tomatoes 3 times. The first time the plants must be sprayed before planting seedlings in the ground. The second spraying is carried out after 14 days. The third spraying is necessary for 45 days after transplantation of tomato seedlings. As a solution for the treatment of suitable 1% Bordeaux liquid or oxyfine.

Husbands with plant growth do not need to break off.

Growing lazy tomatoes in the Leningrad region

The above method for planting seedlings of several bushes in one fertilized well is suitable not only for the Leningrad region, but also for other regions of the Russian Federation. If you seriously approach the preparation of the soil and adhere to all the recommendations, in any area other than the Extreme North, it is possible to get a rich harvest of juicy and environmentally friendly tomatoes.

The resulted method according to reviews of gardeners brings a harvest from a season from 20 to 40 kg from one hole. It does not require much time and effort to enjoy an environmentally friendly and juicy tomatoes.


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