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Characteristics and description of the variety "Blagovest F1"

So, we will help you to find excellent varieties, and this article will be on the topic: “Blagovest” tomato, about which excellent reviews. Photos, yield - all this you can find below.

general description

This greenhouse variety gives good results. Why greenhouse? Because the bush grows high, powerful, of course, it can be planted in the open field, but the results will not be as they can be in a greenhouse.

Summer residents love this variety for their unpretentious temper, very tasty and fragrant fruit, for good yield of the crop. What kind of tomato "Blagovest", what are the characteristics and description of the variety. Let's get a look.

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Culture characteristics

  • Culture has an early ripening period, for which it is valued by gardeners. The first crop can be harvested approximately 90-100 days after sowing.
  • The variety grows up to 1.8 meters in height, which makes it clear to us that it will be necessary to make a device for the garter in the greenhouse. The easiest thing is to make a bar at the top, to fill studs, on which to tie ropes or wires. Then lower them to the seedlings.
  • The tomato has a good yield - 5 kg or more from a bush. But seasoned gardeners boast great results.
  • The tomato is unpretentious, tolerates coolness and temperature drops well, but it is better to get rid of moisture in the greenhouse by airing. During the cultivation of this variety, you can always keep the greenhouse open at all.
  • The bush forms many brushes, each of which can form up to 10 fruits.
  • The color of the tomatoes is scarlet, the surface is even, they ripen evenly. Photo of tomato "Blagovest" clearly shows you what the crop looks like.
  • The weight of one tomato varies from 110 to 120 grams.
  • The variety has a universal purpose. That is, it can be used for winter pickles, you can eat fresh, tearing from the garden. He will perfectly give up his taste qualities in tomato paste or juice.
  • Bushes need a garter, shaping, pasynkovanii.

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Description of tomato agrotechnology

tomat_blagovestGrowing a variety does not differ in any complex techniques. Sowing seeds for seedlings carried out around the beginning of March. Seeds before planting are tested for germination, so it is better to buy more for a package. After which they are pickled, put in a nutrient solution and sown to a depth of about 1 cm.

The containers are covered with a packet, having previously been well moistened, after which they are placed on the window sill. Soon shoots will appear.

After the appearance of 2-3 true leaves, saplings dive into a separate container. It is best to take the peat pots, since together with them it will be possible to plant seedlings in the ground. By the way, this is done when the seedlings are 40 days old.

The greenhouse is pre-cooked. The soil is sprinkled with boiling water from parasites, they process the walls, the ceiling, air, fill the nutrient layer. Seedlings are planted at a distance of 50 cm from each other. They are lowered down the rope, which they will soon begin to crawl.

Agrotechnology is simple - you should water the bushes as the soil dries, but no more often, remove weeds and stepchildren in time. Always aerate the greenhouse. After 2 weeks you can apply fertilizer. This may be mullein or complex drug. Some agronomists prefer only organic. Feeding is best done 2-3.Watering during fruiting should be more abundant.

Shrubs need to be shaped. This is done in one stalk. This means that until the 3-4th inflorescence appears, all stepchildren are removed, only the main stem should grow. He must be alone. When the inflorescence has appeared, the vowel stem is pruned, and give rise to one side stepson. Subsequently, he will become the main stem. You can not wait until the inflorescence appears on the stem at the top, until pinching, otherwise the crop will be low.

Here he is such a grade "Blagovest". We described the main characteristics, told about how to grow it. As you understand, you will have no difficulties.

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