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Tasty tomatoes marinated with citric acid

Marinated tomatoes with lemon

This is a great option for harvesting pickled tomatoes for the winter without using vinegar. Such a snack is preserved for a long time, due to citric acid, which we add to the marinade. Using a step-by-step recipe, you can easily close the tomatoes in 1 liter jars.

For taste these tomatoes are very decent level. They will perfectly complement your side dishes and main dishes, as well as decorate the table in the winter frosty evening. This preparation does not require additional sterilization, it is enough just to pour boiling water on the tomatoes for a few minutes, and for the second time pour the already prepared brine and roll it up. So this is a simple recipe for very tasty, spicy tomatoes, the taste and smell of which is not spoiled by vinegar.

Ingredients (finished snack yield = 1 liter jar):

  • tomatoes - 700 g,
  • Bulgarian pepper - 2-3 slices,
  • garlic - 2 cloves,
  • Dill greens / umbrellas - 4 sprigs,
  • black pepper-peas - 4 peas,
  • dried laurel - 1/4,
  • water - 1500 ml,
  • salt - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • sugar - 3 tbsp. l.,
  • citric acid - 1 tsp.

marinating products

Cooking pickled tomatoes with citric acid

Tomatoes are better to take tight and dense, free of defects. We wash them and make several punctures on each of the fruits so that they do not crack on exposure to boiling water.

puncture of tomatoes

In a sterile container (it is better to use liter jars) impose dill, plates of garlic, spicy peas and peas and a fourth of bay leaf.

spices, dill and garlic in a jar

You can also add a slice of hot peppers or leaves from berry bushes / trees. Fill the container with tomatoes and pieces of bell pepper. We fold them more tightly, but carefully so as not to damage.

laying tomato and pepper

Fill with boiling water (without spices) for 10-15 minutes, then drain the water and prepare brine from it.

boiling water

Add in a saucepan a tablespoon with a mountain of kitchen salt, granulated sugar, citric acid.

cooking marinade

And pour in water.

Boil a couple of minutes and pour into the container. Next, we cork the blanks of pickled tomatoes with citric acid lids and leave to cool in a wrapped form.

we twist the jar lids

Enjoy your meal.

tomatoes for the winter

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Marinated tomatoes with lemonMarinated tomatoes with lemon

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