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Boric acid solution for spraying tomatoes

But no matter how much we want to grow good vegetables, the main thing for many gardeners is to get a rich harvest, which you can boast in front of your neighbor. And often at this moment people make a mistake - they begin to enter the garden with different purchased preparations. Most often it is, of course, chemistry. Of course, such methods give results - the crop is formed in large quantities, but is there a benefit? Of course not!

So, one of the most popular vegetables in our beds are tomatoes. And there is one method that involves spraying a tomato with boric acid for the ovary, which has become very popular in recent years. Let's get to know him better.

Is there any harm from boric acid solution for tomatoes?

spraying tomato boric acid to the ovaryNo, there will be no harm to seedlings and human health from boron. This element is necessary for seedlings for its good growth and development, as well as for abundant and uniform formation of ovaries. At the same time, boron is often used specifically for feeding outside the root. That is, for spraying the aboveground parts. This helps tomatoes in a short time to absorb and assimilate the necessary element.

How to process tomatoes boric acid? This should be done more than once per season. So, you guarantee the result - better formed inflorescences and, accordingly, the harvest.

Experience also shows that after processing tomatoes, not only the ovaries begin to form more quickly, but already formed ones do not crumble, which often happens in unfavorable seasons. It is also noted that the fruits themselves become more resistant to diseases, they do not rot and are stored longer, and the taste and aroma become much better. And most importantly, the main enemy is retreating - this is late blight. Also the pulp is more dense in tomatoes.



If you often encounter on the site with blight on crops, the plants will need to first be treated with a solution of manganese and after a few days after that, apply boric acid to tomatoes. Spraying will fix the result, and experienced gardeners are advised to use iodine for working off.


When is boric acid used for tomatoes?

  • The first time, of course, you need to podkomrit this solution seedlings before flowering. This will help to stimulate him.
  • Further, when the tomatoes have picked up color, they also use boric acid solution for spraying the tomato.
  • Well, the final stage is the processing when the bushes begin to actively form the crop and are sown.


An important point!

If suddenly after the first spraying you notice that the saplings have become more sluggish, their appearance has deteriorated, and the growth has slowed, then stop spraying and do not spend it more. You may also have been sprayed at the wrong time. It is possible to spray crops only in the evening or early in the morning, but not in the afternoon or in fog.


Between all treatments, you must comply with the time interval of 9-12 days.

How to dilute boric acid for spraying a tomato

631_bigEverything is very simple. First you need to make a solution of boric acid in hot water, then wait for the tool to cool and then continue to use for spraying. Understand that for one bush enough solution, it is possible by the fact that it becomes wetted abundantly, droplets are evenly distributed on the leaves.

For tomato ovary, boric acid can be diluted according to the following recipe: 5-10 grams of the preparation for a bucket of water. To get rid of diseases and carry out maintenance work, take a spoonful of table acid and combine it with water in the amount of 10 liters. Then mix well, mix in the sprayer and go to the garden. Without forgetting about the time frame. Also, never spray crops if you see rain soon. You waste your time and money. If you spray the tomatoes and not only begin to water afterwards, or if it starts to rain, there will be no effect at all or it will be minimal.

You can use another recipe - it is to take the drug in the amount of 10 grams, dilute it in containers with a small amount of water. Mix well, then connect in a container with the rest of the water so that the total number is not less than 10 liters.

On average, it is recommended to spray about 1 liter of equipment per 10 meters of square landings on the site. It is very economical and budget, and one bucket you enough for a lot of bushes.

Agree, a very simple recipe, which knowingly gained such popularity. It's so easy and budgetary you can not only increase the harvest, but also protect your favorite crops from diseases.

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