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Sweet Tomatoes Sweet Tomatoes Series: variety description

The name of a tomato implies an unusually sweet taste of the fruit, and indeed, those who have already grown tomatoes, speak of a high content of sugars in the fruit. However, not all reviews are straightforward. This is most likely due to the fact that such a variety is not in the register of the Russian Federation, and it is sent to the seed market by the company Ural summer resident, which packs up what it considers necessary.

However, “Sweetie” does not mean the name of the variety, but rather characterizes the entire series of tomatoes which:

  • sweet
  • delicious;
  • small-fruited;
  • carpal.


The one who has packed the seeds, giving information, describes that the variety is mid-season, high-yielding and suitable for cultivation in greenhouses and under film covers.

However, vegetable growers successfully grow tomatoes without any shelter. The photo of the bush indicates that the plant is tall, up to 180-200 cm in height, is indeterminate, and is branchy in average.

Fruits hang beautiful tassels of 30-40 pieces. Tomatoes are round, red (although the packer indicates all other possible colors). Mass of tomato in the range of 3035

And what does the registry of breeding achievements offer to the market from small and sweet tomatoes?

"Sweet tooth"

Tomato presented to vegetable growers Agrofirma Cedek LLC, Moscow region.

The registration commission recommends growing the variety in all regions of the country, both in open ground and under temporary film greenhouses.

Tomato salad and whole direction.

The plant is very tall, requires timely pinching and tying. The leaf of the vegetative form is small, dark green. Tomatoes are well lit by the sun and can fully absorb its rays to accumulate the proper amount of sugars.

The plant is early ripe and soon after transplantation into the open ground begins to delight the vegetable grower with fruits. Fruiting is long, stretched, you can enjoy sweet tomatoes until late autumn

Fruits are round, leveled, weighing 35-40 g. The skin of a tomato is smooth, not dense in consistency. Red, saturated color makes the clusters very attractive.

Taste of tomatoes corresponds to the name.

Yield in the range of 4-5 kg ​​per square. m


  • early maturation;
  • prolonged fruiting;
  • good taste;
  • high product yield;
  • product evenness.

"Sweet pearls"

In 2015, the variety presented to the market OOO Agrofirma Aelita, Moscow.

To grow a tomato is recommended both under film covers and in open ground. The variety of average ripening period is suitable for fresh consumption and processing.

The growth force of the vegetative form is powerful. The plant requires the formation and regular tying.

Grade is not without reason called a pearl. Its fruits are very small within 5 g and have two nests. They look great in the form of decoration on cold snacks and canapés, and for children are fun.

Tomatoes have a good taste, sweet and aromatic.

Productivity varieties in the range of 7-7.5 kg per meter of garden area.


  • good taste;
  • unique size;
  • high yield.

"Sweet bunch"

The originator of the variety is Agrofirm Cedek LLC, Moscow Region.Tomato entered the roster in 2009 and has already gained popularity.

Recommended variety for all regions of the country for greenhouses, greenhouses and garden personal household farms as an early ripe salad product. Surplus is perfect for canning, both independently and in assorted with other vegetables.

The plant form is tall, indeterminant, the leaf is very large.

The fruit is round, dense with a smooth skin of red color.

Tomatoes with an average weight of about 30 g and two seed cavities filled with juice and small seeds.

The yield of the variety is not high up to 3 kg, but the wonderful taste compensates for this disadvantage.

"Sweet girl F1"

The earliest hybrid of all small-fruited. Agrofirm Cedek, a company from the Moscow region, gave the seeds to the market back in 2008.

The yield of the hybrid is not high, but the rapid flow of small tomatos is very pleasing to the growers, and therefore it remains in demand.

Super precocity hybrid obliged determinism. Stunted bushes begin to lay their fruit clusters in the seedling period, and once in the open ground they begin to ripen quickly.

The yield of marketable tomato is registered at the level of 3.5-4 kg, but the bushes bearing fruits weighing 10-20 g each seem to be covered with small red "olives". The fruit has the shape of an ellipse, smooth, shiny skin and good density.

Mistresses love this variety because it behaves impeccably during heat treatment. Once in the tin can, it fills it very tightly, and the finished product will create competition for the olives on the holiday table.

Fresh taste of tomato has an “excellent” rating, and canned tomatoes are just perfect.


  • very early ripening;
  • short stature;
  • great taste;
  • interesting form;
  • impeccable canning properties.

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"Sweet Baby"

The early ripe varietal novelty was filed by Euro-Seeds LLC in Moscow in 2015. The variety successfully passed the test and was recognized for growing in all regions of the country in vegetable gardens and garden beds of vegetable growers.

The plant is tall, requires attention and tying.

The fruits are red, small, and the weight does not exceed 8 g. The taste is very sweet, with a pleasant aftertaste. The form is round, the peel is tender, two seed nests.

Productivity grade in the range of 3.5 kg / m2 garden area.

"Sweet Fountain"

Distinguished respect LLC Agrofirm Search Moscow region. The village of Vereya and the Federal Research Center for Vegetable Growing, Moscow Region, in 2015, after long-term varietal tests, put on the market a tomato hybrid, which has a number of undeniable advantages.

The tomato is recommended for all regions of the Russian Federation for cultivation in greenhouses. After planting tomatoes in the greenhouse, you must immediately take care of the fixation and tying up, as the plant quickly begins to grow and its strength is great.

Plant of early term maturing with a middle leaf.

The fruits of the shape of an ellipse, very small not exceeding the weight of 20 g. Tomato peel is smooth, of medium density. At the stage of ripening, the fruits have an extensive green spot at the base. Moving into a phase of biological maturity, the stain disappears.

The tomato has two seed nests with small seed.

The taste of small tomatos is excellent. Fruits are sweet, pleasant and fragrant.

The yield of commodity output within 7 kg per square meter square.

The hybrid has a high resistance against most tomato diseases, including such dangerous as fusarium wilt.

"Sweet Million"

Considering a series of tomato sweetened, reviews photo yield, it is impossible not to consider the tomato, which has long been known to vegetable growers due to its merits.

Thanks to Agrofirm Aelita LLC, Moscow, in 2001, the variety was entered into the register and recommended for all regions of the Russian Federation. Cultivate the variety can both farmers and growers in their garden plots under the film shelters.

Early variety, on the 100th day after germination, you can begin to feast on ripened fruits. Salad, small fruit up to 20 g tomato can be used both as a salad product and for canning.

Although it is an indeterminate plant, it is of medium height and rarely grows above 150 cm. The laying of the first inflorescence occurs above 8 leaves, and then after 1-2.

The fruit formation is round and smooth, red-scarlet in color with 2-3 nests.

The taste of tomatoes is excellent, balanced, fragrant with a slight zest, which makes the tomato recognizable.

Yield varieties within 7 kg per square meter of the greenhouse.

The plant is very resistant against the main contagious diseases of tomatoes.


  • early ripening of the crop;
  • excellent taste;
  • compactness of a vegetative form and brush;
  • ripening is friendly and generous;
  • disease resistance.

"Sweet meeting"

The variety was presented to vegetable growers by Agrofirm Poisk LLC, Moscow Region. The village of Vereya and the Federal Research Center for Vegetable-Growing, Moscow Region. After the coming of tests, in 2015 the variety was entered into the varietal register of the Russian Federation.

Take advantage of the gift of breeders can all regions of the country, for growing tomatoes under the film shelter.

The determinant plant, however, requires garters and formations, because the bushes tend to thicken and turn into wilds, although its foliage is small.

Variety of early ripening and salad destination.

The fruit is very small, about 17 g. Small pink tomatoes are quite rare and this variety is one of the few that pleases with its color.

There are two nests in tomatoes, fruits are round with smooth skin and medium in density

Tomatoes are very tasty. The balance of acid and sugar makes them desirable to taste again and again.

Commodity yield varieties of about 5 kg / sq. m

The variety is resistant to tomato diseases and does not require additional treatments.


  • great taste;
  • pink, rare color;
  • disease resistance;
  • early maturation of products;
  • not a big height.

Describing a series of sweeteners it is impossible not to mention the tomatoes, which have an interesting color, but are as small and sweet as their counterparts.

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"Zelenushka F1"

The name of this hybrid, most likely, was not very attracted to the packer and was renamed the tomato “Green sweet tooth”.

The hybrid was entered into the register in 2007, and its originator is OOO Ilyinichna Breeding and Seed Agrofirm, Moscow Region. Mytischi.

The hybrid is recommended for cultivation in the North, Central, North-West, Volga-Vyatka, Central Black Soil, North Caucasus and Mid-Volga regions.

The tomato is intended for greenhouses and light film shelters of private farms of vegetable growers.

Having landed in the greenhouse, it will be possible to taste the harvest already for 115 days. The plant is determinant, and the leaf plate is recognizable, it is unusually wide, short-truncated and light green in color.

The fruit is round, dense, I can even say hard, with a smooth, pleasant skin. During the period of growth and technical maturity, it is green with a bright, saturated, dark green spot near the stem. Ripening, dark greens are absorbed, and the tomato becomes light amber shades. In the stage of biological maturity the fruits are emerald-amber in color.

The fruit has 2 seed nests, and the average weight does not exceed 12 g.

Tomatoes have a great taste. Having an interesting color, they resemble a large gooseberry, which attracts kids to the bushes.

The commodity shaft of a tomato is within 4 kg, but the high commodity output, compactness on brushes and excellent keeping quality puts a hybrid in the first lines of the desired tomatoes.

The hybrid is very resistant to diseases. Tobacco mosaic virus, kladosporiosis, fusarium never affect the hybrid.


  • great taste;
  • interesting color;
  • excellent quality;
  • good product yield;
  • high transportability.

"Nastya sweetened F1"

Tomato "Nastya sweeten" reviews, characteristics and description of the variety has long been discussed by vegetable growers on the forums of tomato lovers.

Hybrid entered the registry in 2008. Originator OOO Agrofirm Sedek Moscow region, Domodedovo for growing throughout the country, both in greenhouses and in vegetable gardens.

The tomato is intended for consumption in the form of salad products, and conservation.

The plant of early maturity is indeterminate and reaches a height of 160-180 cm. The leaf of the plant is small and dark green in color.

Fruit “Nasty sweetened” cylindrical, very smooth and dense, leveled red color with two seed nests. Weight within 15-20 g

The excellent taste of the tomato allows the hybrid to be in demand in the gardens.

Fruits tolerate heat treatment and do not lose their integrity. Conducting preservation, varying with flavoring additives, hostesses create masterpieces worthy for tasting by gourmets.


  • great taste;
  • good product yield;
  • interesting, original form.

Tomatoes, which has all the advantages of the above varieties and hybrids, may well enter the “Sweetened” series. Originator OOO Agrofirm Sedek, Moscow region, created two hybrids, growing which vegetable growers can enjoy taste, sweetness and forms.

"Red caramel F1"

In 2007, the hybrid was entered into the register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation for all regions of the country.

The tomato is excellently successful both in greenhouses and vegetable-growing vegetable gardens, having a prolonged, long-term yield of marketable yield.

The plant is indeterminate, early ripening, requires tying, cracking and shaping.

Hybrid fruits are round and smooth, very dense to the touch. One brush ties up to 25-30 tomatoes, sometimes their number reaches 50 pieces.

Red, leveled tomatoes weighing up to 30 g have an excellent taste and long retain commercial quality.

Hybrid yield in the range of 5 kg / m2.

"Red Caramel" perfectly tolerates weather fluctuations and does not stop tying under any circumstances.

The hybrid is resistant to corking roots, verticillosis, gray spot, powdery mildew, summit and root rot.

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  • excellent taste properties;
  • excellent product quality;
  • good yield;
  • high disease resistance;
  • resistance to temperature extremes.

"Yellow caramel F 1"

This "caramel" is also designed for the garden, garden beds, and for the film cover.

Being similar to its “sister”, “Caramel Yellow F1” is distinguished by the shape of a fruit which completely repeats a small ellipse.

In technical ripeness, small “caramels” are dark green with dark green spots at the base. When ripe, the green changes to a beautiful yellow color. The remaining figures coincide with the red "caramel".

It is not difficult to choose the “Sweeteners” variety, and by growing it is not reproachful enough to follow the rules of agricultural engineering, and the tomato fruits will be tasty, and the bushes will be fruitful.

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