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Universal grade tomato "Liana"

To make it easier for you, we tell the main useful information about a particular variety. Today, for example, we will talk about tomato "Liana". Reviews, photos and descriptions will help you decide the right choice.

Immediately I must say that this tomato is valued among experienced agronomists. Its varietal characteristics, excellent taste and unpretentiousness in terms of care, help tomatoes to keep their place among the best.

Characteristic and description

  • This type gives compact in size fruits, which is very good and convenient for making winter twists.
  • The color of the skins of tomatoes "Liana" is scarlet and saturated.
  • The mass of fruits is small - 70-90 grams.
  • The skin has medium hardness parameters.
  • The flesh in the fruit is dense, which is also convenient for conservation, because tomatoes will not burst if they are twisted whole.
  • The taste and aroma of the fruits of this variety is pleasant, slightly sweet.
  • Tomatoes differ in that they can lie for a long time without losing their presentation, which means that they can be planted for sale. Also here can be attributed, and the advantage in terms of transportation - the fruit can move over long distances.
  • Studies have shown that these tomatoes have a rich vitamin composition, contain high percentages of nutrients and carotene. But if the harvest of tomatoes is not long harvested or stored, the percentage of fruit usefulness decreases. Therefore it is better to do everything on time.
  • Purpose of a grade is universal - it is intended for food in fresh and after heat treatment.
  • "Liana" highly resistant tomato to all sorts of diseases.
  • Fruits form early, that is, is early ripe.
  • The variety of tomato "Liana" yields good. If he is provided with good care, then from one square meter it is possible to gather about 10 kilograms of fruit.
  • "Ljana" is short. Its compact bush does not exceed a height of 50 cm. It does not require garter formation.
  • It can grow in greenhouses and in street conditions.

Video review of the bush and fruit varieties tomato "Liana"

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Growing tomatoes "Liana"

lyana1-300x182This variety loves warmth. Therefore, it is better to grow it with seedlings, but if the climate in your region is warm, you can sow directly into the ground. Planted seeds in March or at the end of February. It is better to immediately place them in a peat tablet, and then in a peat pot. They are cheap and the plants provide everything they need in the first stages of their life. After placing the seeds on tablets or on the ground in a common container, they are covered until the moment of emergence with a film. Put the container on the window so that the light is good.

In the first week sprouts will appear, if the room is cool and there is little light, then the shoots may be a little later. If the lighting is very poor, then you will need lamps. As it grows, the soil should always be hydrated.

In the greenhouse or in the open ground transfer seedlings when they are 50-60 days. This is usually done at the end of May, but if the weather is warm and the frosts have passed, then you can plant it earlier. Planting scheme - 70 to 60. Cabbage, legumes will be good predecessors.

"Liana" loves loose soil, in which a lot of nutrients. Therefore, as it develops, it must be fed with organic fertilizers or complex mineral fertilizers. The first harvest will be in about 105 days.

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For higher yields, do not leave more than two stems on a bush.

Reviews about tomato "Liana" are good. People like that it is not enough to mess around with it, and the fruits have a universal purpose.

Perhaps you have never heard of such a variety, and this gives you the opportunity to get to know him better. Our article has partially helped you with this.

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