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Sweet tomatoes with very tasty pickle for the winter

Sweet tomatoes for the winter

My friend does not like salted tomatoes, she is also a sweet tooth. And especially for her, I close several jars of sweet tomatoes with a very tasty pickle for the winter. Procurement is a long process and takes almost all seasons of the year, since it starts in early spring and ends in late autumn, when pumpkins and the last green tomatoes are picked in the gardens.

In the middle of summer, you can safely roll up cucumbers and tomatoes for the winter. I cook them in various ways, but today I decided to share with you a simple but delicious recipe for sweet tomatoes.

Tomatoes with delicious pickle

Required products for 1 liter of water:

  • 1.5 kg tomato,
  • 3-4 sweet apples
  • 6 tables. l sugar,
  • 1 tables. l salt,
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic,
  • to taste dill umbrellas,
  • 6-8 pieces peppercorns,
  • 3-4 pieces bay leaf
  • 1 tables. l 9% vinegar.

Ingredients for Sweet Tomatoes

How to cook sweet tomatoes with very tasty pickle for the winter

Before steaming, I can wash my jar by adding a little soda to the water. Then a few rinse cans with running water. Glass jars steamed 8-10 minutes, so we prepare containers for winter blanks. It is fashionable to bake the cans in the oven, but most often I stew over the kettle, which is more convenient for me, since large cans do not always fit well in the oven.

Sterilized can

Banks have cooled down, and we turn them over, put garlic cloves, bay leaves, an umbrella of dill and black peppercorns on the bottom of the peeled garlic. Do not overdo the dill, otherwise it will make the tomatoes bitter, one umbrella is enough for 1 liter of marinade and water.

Put dill and garlic in a jar

Washed tomatoes are laid in jars, and the space between them is filled with slices of apples. They will give the marinade and tomatoes an extra flavor, taste some sweetness.

we stack tomatoes and apples

Cook marinade: pour boiling water, salt, granulated sugar. Spoon stir until they melt, it is a matter of seconds. Then pour in the vinegar and immediately turn off the fire. Marinade is ready, it is sweet and tasty. Marinade is convenient to cook in a large bowl or saucepan so that nothing spills. This amount of sugar let you not confused, it will not be strongly felt. Just tomatoes will be pleasant to the taste and many will like it. Vinegar and salt neutralize a large amount of sugar.

Sweet tomatoes for the winter

Tomatoes in cans are filled with delicious marinade, rolled up with covers and covered with a blanket. To check if the lids are tightly closed, simply turn the cans upside down, start so that they stand and cool, then everything will be clear and visible. In winter, these tomatoes will be the first to fly on the table, especially the female half at the table loves them. Tomatoes are sweet, have a rich taste and very fragrant. Bon Appetite!

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Sweet tomatoes for the winterSweet tomatoes for the winter
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  1. Alina

    And I make tomatoes in apple juice ... .. a budget option ... salt juice and tomatoes ... open a jar, eat tomatoes and drink juice ... production is wasteless and ochchchchchchen tasty ... did not eat anything tastier in life and I advise you


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