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Why do tomatoes have salt

salt for tomato

Salt in the garden and in the garden are used by many experienced gardeners. The substance effectively affects garden crops as a top dressing and protection from harmful insects and diseases. Novice gardeners will be interested to know what salt is useful in growing tomatoes, how exactly it helps to grow healthy and tasty tomatoes.

Salt: what it is and its beneficial properties

The scientific name of the substance is sodium chloride. Salt is obtained by special evaporation from salt solutions. After cleansing it can be eaten, in this form it is called food or table salt. It is needed for many metabolic processes occurring in the human body, and for plants in the garden, it is simply indispensable. The crystals that make up the powder, are large and finely ground, used in horticulture coarse salt.

Inexpensive and affordable product is able to solve many problems when growing a naughty tomato. Processing plants contributes to:

  • getting rid of many harmful insects;
  • improving the quality of tomatoes;
  • soil enrichment and plant nutrition;
  • speeding fruit set and yielding good yields.

Applying sodium chloride in the cultivation of tomatoes, consider some of the harmful qualities of salt. Overdosing in the preparation of salt solutions can adversely affect the soil and plants. Observe the measure, do not allow a high concentration, it is better not to report a little bit, than to lose seedlings.

How to apply solutions

In different cases, salt and water are used for the preparation of agents in different quantities, in some mixtures other components are added:

  1. To feed tomatoes, during the period of onset and during the entire fruiting period, a solution is prepared: for 10 liters of warm water (t = + 20-25 ° C) take 1 cup of ash and a tablespoon of salt, mix thoroughly and water the bushes once every 5-7 days
  2. To improve the taste of tomatoes (increase sugar content) it is recommended to water the bushes with a solution of salt once every 10 days: 1 tbsp. spoon on a ten-liter bucket of water.
  3. To prevent and stop the spread of phytophthora on tomato bushes, plants are sprayed with a highly concentrated solution: water - 10 liters, salt - 250-300 grams (1 cup). Processing can be carried out no more than 1 time a month.

Treatments are best done in the evening, after sunset, so that the plant does not get burned. For better adhesion of the solution to the leaves and fruits (with late blight) they add a liquid laundry soap, it can be planed from the wicker box. It will need only 20-30 grams.

In the fight against insect pests, salt acts as a deterrent. Tomato leaves and fruits will not be eaten by parasites; the pest does not like the salty taste. The bushes of tomatoes when treated with salt solutions are covered with a thin film through which the spores of fungal diseases do not penetrate.

Opinions for and against

The use of salt in the garden causes controversy among gardeners. Some accept this method of dressing as effective, but others disagree. They claim that watering with salt solutions worsens the structure of the soil, and plants get chemical burns. We invite you to try out the method of using salt for growing tomatoes, but for now get acquainted with the mixed opinions of experienced gardeners and beginners.

Andrei Romanovich Sviridov, 56 years old

Salt solution, I process fruit trees and shrubs from pests. I make the solution saturated, 300 g of salt are buried in a bucket of water, the bark of the trees does not suffer, the pests disappear. To process tomatoes with this solution is unacceptable, a weak concentration is needed here, 30-40 g of salt per 10 liters of water, otherwise the bushes will simply “burn”.

Vera Ivanov, 34 years old

Recently I tried to water the tomatoes with a saline solution, they had already begun to rustle, and the neighbor advised to do it for sweetness. I decided to listen to her, but I did it my own way: I used to water some bushes, but not others. A week later, I took a sample from various bushes, but did not notice anything different. Thoroughly, she did not study the cause, but I will continue the experiment.

Svetlana Petrovna Beautiful, 43 years

A week before picking up the fruits of tomatoes, I always water the bushes with a solution of salt, as my mother did. She said that from this tomatoes remain fresh longer, and during heat treatments for winter preparations, the skin does not burst. In my experience, this is what happens, they are stored for a long time, they do not burst.


The use of salt in the beds with tomatoes will be effective and will not harm the plants if you strictly follow certain rules, namely, to prevent high concentrations of solutions, water and process the bushes no more than 1 time in 7-10 days, use such tools only when necessary.

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salt for tomatosalt for tomato

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