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Summer cottage tomato: characteristic and description of the variety


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This species has recently become very popular, due to a number of positive characteristics of this tomato. It is noteworthy that "Summer resident" is a universal variety that can be grown in greenhouse conditions, in open ground, and even on a windowsill. The latter is possible due to the compact size of the bush. After exploring the culture, people leave excellent reviews about tomato "Summer Resident" reviews. Photos of tomatoes, who planted them in different conditions, can be found on the Internet. In our article you can also get acquainted with the appearance of this culture and its varietal characteristics.

Previously, growing tomatoes in cold climates was problematic, but breeders every year create new varieties that are able to withstand the coolness without harming the crop. “Summer Resident” is a variety that has worked well even in cool climates.

“Summer resident” tomato: Characteristics and description of the variety

  • This variety is considered determinant.
  • The bush has compact dimensions, on average the height does not reach above 50 cm. The stems do not take up much space, which is convenient for small areas. Also, the branches do not cover the abundant green mass, which is also a plus for the variety, because fruits can ripen more easily and quickly in the sun, and moisture accumulates from excessive greens and, as a result, parasites and diseases.
  • Grown in different conditions from house to street.
  • The grade has a difficult type of inflorescences. Each brush forms during fruiting 4-5 tomatoes.
  • "Summer resident" refers to tomatoes with early ripening. The period of its growing season, depending on the conditions of a region, is 97-115 days. They give an early harvest even in the open field under cool weather. This has a very big advantage of the variety, as it manages to bear fruit before the onset of late blight - a typical disease of tomatoes and potatoes.
  • With regards to predecessors, the "Summer Resident" grows best after bulbous, carrots, beans, cabbage. It is not necessary to plant tomatoes in places where pepper and potatoes used to grow, as the risk of late blight increases significantly.
  • Tomato likes well breathable, light soils. During planting, you can add to the sand sand, humus. The distance between the tomatoes is better to leave about 40 cm.
  • According to reviews, the grade gives the average yield. About 3.5-4 kg per square meter. But the bushes are always covered with tomatoes. As a rule, before the beginning of autumn the variety gives all its fruits.
  • It is possible to land in open ground in early or mid-May, but when it is already in the region, the threat of frost is over. Seeds of tomatoes "Summer resident" for seedlings are sown in March according to the lunar calendar. As a rule, crops are carried out 45-50 days before transplantation into open ground.
  • "Summer resident" responds well to dressing. They will need 2-3 for the season. Also, tomatoes like well-moistened soil, so the ground should not dry out, but not soak. After each watering do not forget to loosen the soil for access of oxygen.
  • Tomatoes can be used both for fresh food and for preservation. They can also go for the manufacture of tomato juice.
  • Disease resistance is average.
  • Tomatoes weigh an average of 55 to 150 grams. Most often gardeners harvest tomatoes weighing 100 grams. Their shape is rounded. Compact dimensions make them comfortable to twist. Tomatoes have a bright scarlet color. The fruits have a pleasant taste, a little sour, why not get worse. The aroma of tomatoes is appetizing.
  • "Summer resident" is perfectly stored in the refrigerator.According to reviews, tomatoes are three weeks, but the period may be extended further.Tomato

Description of the characteristics of tomatoes "Summer Resident" shows us the variety as cold-resistant (fruits even if it turned out to be a cold summer), universal for cooking and for growing. These parameters for many gardeners are very important, so you should look at this tomato. Also, gardeners often compare this variety with tomato “Sanka”, as they are similar to each other.

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